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How to understand what you want from life?

Are you sure you do what you want and what you dream about? The problem with most people lies in the fact that we do not fully understand what we want to get from life. General terms like a cool job, a lot of money, and a luxurious life don't work. How to find your way to self-realization and happiness?

Life quickly becomes empty as we cease to understand our direction and path. Usually this happens for the reason that we cannot understand our goals and dreams, or we meet constant failures in business. You can talk about a dizzying career, wads of money and other attributes of a luxurious life, but this is not a specific answer to what exactly you want.

When you don't have a big goal or plan, life becomes dull and hands down. The reason for the eternal discontent, depression and indifference lies in the absence of goals. We don't know what we want. Or we know, but we are afraid to dream, so as not to be disappointed as usual. How to find your own path?

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How do you know what you really want from life?

Why do some people succeed in life, while others do not? The former are able to dream, set clear goals and make plans, while the latter are always in search and prostration. You should decide what you want and where you are going to move, otherwise you can spend your whole life in vain.

Write down all your dreams in a list

How do you know what you want if you don't think about it? How to choose goals? Give yourself time to think every night until you understand yourself. The goal should be really grandiose, large-scale and bold, and not one that is easy to accomplish in a month without straining.

Get a piece of paper or Microsoft Word on your computer, and then write down everything you dream about, even if deep down. Don't be afraid to be bold when you fantasize and dream about your beautiful future. Think about your life a year, five, ten and twenty years ahead. Write down all your dreams in a list, arranged in order of priority.

Dreams can be very different. It is to get a job as a programmer, to become an entrepreneur or to find yourself in design. Describe the place where you want to live and what to see from the window. Maybe it will be the sea, mountains or a big metropolis? Do you want what car and what things? With whom do you want to communicate, with whom to be friends and with whom to be in a relationship? What do you want to do and how to live? Paint all your future life in all colors.

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Make up your “dossier” for each dream

Write down each dream separately, making a dossier or personal case. Write down your dreams in order of priority and importance. First, write down the name of the dream, and then everything you need to know about it to make it real. A dream differs from a goal in that it does not have a specific plan.

  • Name of the dream
  • Description of the dream and its drawing
  • Reasons for the desirability of the dream
  • Adequacy of the dream in percent
  • Time for implementation dreams
  • Necessary actions for implementation or plan for implementation
  • Required resources, experience and knowledge to fulfill the dream
  • Intended helpers, like-minded people and companions
  • Actions for the day, week, month and year

When you have a personal dossier on each dream, then everything becomes more clear. Now the path, plan and options are clear.

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How to follow your dreams?

The goal should lead to a change in lifestyle for the better, making it more fulfilling and vibrant. It is worth it to fight for it with all your might and soul. When you understand what you want from life, start acting decisively and boldly. Only by going beyond the comfort can you get what you never had before.

The goal will be a grand challenge for you and your environment. You will be dissuaded, interfered with or criticized, but this is usually the case. Pay no attention to resistance, barriers and interference. On the way to dreams, it’s always like this, and the steeper it is, the more.

When choosing a dream or goal, define for yourself an example of someone who has already succeeded. Find people who could and won in their aspirations. Follow them on social networks and listen to their advice. Listen to those who have already passed this way and have some experience.

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Dream and visualize that you have already achieved what you want. Feel the taste of victory, the path is only the future. Visualize the dream more often to recharge yourself with potential and passion for action.

How to understand what you want from life and how to achieve it? Find your most desired dreams and then follow them.