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How to understand the essence of life? Life is like rafting on a boat

How should we perceive the life that is given to us? How to understand the very essence and meaning of life? How to make more clear and understandable what seems confusing and complex to us? Life, values, rules, goals and dreams are much easier to comprehend if you think of life as rafting down a river on a boat.

How to understand the meaning and essence of life? Life is like rafting on a boat. Time is water that flows downstream. You are sitting in a boat that moves under the force of the current. You cannot swim against the current, but you can maneuver along the course of the river of life.

You don't see or imagine what lies beyond the next life spell. And for this reason, you cannot prepare much or do something. There are many places where the water barely runs, the sun warms pleasantly and it is very pleasant to swim. But somewhere there are rocks, rapids and all sorts of dangers. You can't be careless.

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Sometimes you will miss the absence of bright events, and at other times you will dream of peace. Sometimes you will enjoy the atmosphere and the situation. But sometimes you have to actively fight for your existence and survival in the difficult rapids of a dangerous river. In some cases, you will be beaten against stones, and you will not be able to do anything but simply look at the producer and accept the blows of fate.

How to understand the essence of life and the influence of people? You can have a pretty big boat in which you can invite other people you like. Someone will agree to sit in a boat with you, and someone will refuse. Someone will demand a bigger boat or pay for their presence. You yourself decide to look for volunteers or buy yourself a partner for a person for resources.

You will sail in tandem. The other person will be your partner or partner in the boat. Another person will row, repair the boat, fish and help you survive in difficult situations. This is much easier and simpler, but sometimes you will have conflicts and problems.

Sometimes a companion or companion will only get in the way, trying to rock the boat and doing nothing to help. Sometimes a partner or partner can leave you. They can transfer to another boat that they like better. It can happen at absolutely any moment when you count on them the most.

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A partner or partner can break your boat with good intentions. They may take supplies or steal part of your boat for their own. And you will be left alone to die in a sinking boat going to the rocks.

Partners and partners are different. Some people will help you in a difficult situation and never leave. They will sink with you, but they will fight to the end. They will save the boat and row alone when you have no strength at all. When a wave knocks you off the boat, they will grab you by the collar and pull you back out of the water. You can win, enjoy river rafting and settle down in a quieter harbor.

What is the essence of life? The main thing is to choose your partners or partners wisely. Choose not by the brilliance of the boat, the beauty of the oars, or the sparkle of ammunition. Choose by character, decency, optimism, desire to be together and fight for happiness. There are few such excellent partners or partners, but they exist. Look for them and appreciate if found.

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But do not look at the neighboring boats when you have already found a soul mate and work with someone in tandem. You yourself will be the one who destroys the boat. Who takes supplies, betrays and acts meanly. Life is the course of a river, where we must understand the main meaning. This is not the essence of life. No need to chase glitz, glamour, and tinsel. It's not the most important thing in life.

At some point you will have children, and you will become more careful to manage the boat. You will teach them to row, fish, not be afraid of obstacles and understand life. But soon they will become adults and will want to row to their own destiny. The other kids will sit stubbornly in the boat with you, and you will have to push them out to make them more independent.

You will teach your children, but in one moment they will all sail away. You yourself will break part of your boat, making new boats for your children. You will give everything to them so that they can resist the flow of life. You will even give them your paddle. You don't feel sorry for them.

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And you will be alone again with a partner or partner. You will be sad, but you will understand that you have sailed along the river of life not in vain. After you there will be someone who will continue to swim on. Who will remember you with a kind word when you go to the bottom.

How to understand the essence of life? Life is like rafting on a boat on an unpredictable and dangerous river. You can't get out of the river or swim against the current. You are waiting for a long or short trip. But no matter how long it lasts, in one moment everything will stop.

Some obstacle will sink the boat or knock you out of it. You will go into the depths, suffocating and losing consciousness. It may happen that a partner or partner will die first, and you will again remain in sorrow and loneliness. But all of us will once feed the fish at the bottom. All without exception.

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What is the essence of life? Life is a boat ride on the river of life. You never know what's waiting for you around the corner. You don't know if you can swim to the desired point called "dream". You can immediately throw the oar and hope for a miracle. But this is how many naive rafters perish.

An encounter with fish is inevitable, but this is no reason to give up. All you can do is go with the flow. Grab the oar and control your destiny as you sail the river of life. Choose as companions or companions those who deserve it. Life is too short and unpredictable to be weak-willed, naive or weak.

Life is like rafting on a boat on the river of life. Grab the oar…