How to understand that a woman wants you?

The fair sex can be difficult to understand, even if they want to sleep with you. A few signs that a woman wants to move on to a closer contact called "sex".

Let's talk about the behaviors that will tell a man that a woman wants to move on to close communication.

1. She carefully looks first at you, and then into your eyes, without looking away. A gaze that wants to be noticed can be regarded as a call.

2. You caught her eye and she smiled or laughed at you. Thus, women try to attract attention and pre-position. to yourself.

3. You meet and she compliments you. Listens carefully and is interested in the conversation. The girl wants to please you, interest you and emphasize that she likes you.

4. She enjoys being in your company. She doesn't say it out loud, but she acts relaxed.

5. She sits closer to you, trying to say something in your ear. A woman closes the distance and tries to get closer, which means that she clearly likes to feel your presence.

6. Asks if you have a girlfriend or wife. Has views on you, and not necessarily serious ones. He just doesn't want trouble.

7. When he finds out that you do not have a girlfriend, he tries to touch you more often. Touches the knee or elbow. If you don't like her, she wouldn't do it.

8. Asks for help to be provided at her home. Clean your computer from a virus or fix a faucet.

9. A woman gives you small gifts. This is a clear hint of a close relationship.

10. Turns all conversations to sex, and tries to find out your preferences and desires. If she constantly talks about sex, then you simply have to give it to her.