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How to understand by clothes that you don’t need to mess with a girl

What kind of girls should not even be approached to get acquainted? Why waste time, nerves, money and effort on girls who are not worth it? How to understand by clothes that it’s better not to try to stir up a girl, as well as signs of clothes of an affordable beauty. A donkey is known by its ears, a bear by its claws, a fool by speeches, and an unsuitable girl by clothes. The bright colors of the frogs tell the predator that it is poisonous. So by the clothes of the girls, you can determine their character in advance in order to get around.

Tasteless clothes of defective girls

Tasteless clothes distinguish defective girls. A good girl will look decent in 95%, unlike girls who are better to bypass.

• A girl's bad taste in clothes speaks of her low level of intelligence, collective-farm thinking or stupidity.

• Tasteless clothes can be a sign of childish thinking and infantilism of a female person.

• Bad taste can indicate that a girl is a loner, a white crow or a loser.

• Girls with low social responsibility are easily recognized by their style of dress.

Signs of a married girl

Mistakes in the style of girls who betray them with their heads.

• Many different colorful flowers, like a rainbow or a scarecrow. This is only forgivable for children.

• A lot of jewelry at the same time, like a gypsy or a woman from the east. It's definitely bad manners.

• Animal prints that have long gone out of fashion. Leopard clothing is the height of bad taste.

• A combination of clearly incompatible colors, several bright things at the same time.

• Tights instead of pants, when it is completely inappropriate.

Signs of clothes of an accessible girl

Do you want to have fun and find yourself a girl for quick pleasures?

• Underwear for show. Sticking out thongs or black bras under a white blouse? Such a trick with underwear speaks of the tastelessness and frivolity of a woman.

• Bright make-up, red lipstick, short skirt, stockings, leather pants and other provocative sexy clothes. If the style of a chick is similar to a prostitute on the panel, then the girl is clearly of light moral standards.