How to turn failure into success?

How many times have you been defeated, lost or out of work? Dozens, if not hundreds of times. But how many times have you not given up, persisted in trying, followed your dream to the end and achieved what you wanted? Well, if a couple of times, but most people have never gone to the bitter end. Defeat is the path to success, which will be only if there is a subsequent attempt. How to succeed in defeat?

Yet another SpaceX rocket explosion is not a defeat for entrepreneur Elon Musk, but only part of the path to success in space exploration. The first Xerox xerographic printer performed terribly poorly, but after a while the company became the world leader in printing. The first Ford cars were huge and sold poorly, but the company learned from the mistakes and later succeeded. But how many companies and people have stopped trying and striving for a goal? A lot, but they all remained on the sidelines of history.

Usually we take another setback or slip as the final verdict. We suffer one defeat, then a second or a third. We always give up after some mistake, losing hope and giving up. But the scientist Thomas Edison, along with his team, did thousands of experiments to get what he wanted.

However, most people prefer to give up as early as possible. No one achieves the goal, but simply gives up ahead of time at some next dead end, slip or mistake. Perseverance, discipline and confidence are what all unsuccessful people lack. And the successful have more than enough of this.

How to turn your failure into a long-awaited success?

Successful entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers make as many mistakes as you do. Successful people have no less bad ideas and misses, but they try much more often. Where the average person gives up after 10 tries, successful people step on the gas and keep trying. The more experiments and attempts you make, the greater the chance of success.

What is the success of the big five multinational companies? In a huge number of experiments and attempts that they make every day. This is where the success of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft is measured. I think these names are familiar to you. The well-being of companies lies in the fact that they are constantly trying something new and experimenting. Companies lose a lot of money and time, but this allows them to find new growth points. You can't move forward without experimentation.

Failures are instructive, provide experience, and show hints of future prospects. In failures, reflections of future victories are visible, the main thing is not to lose attentiveness and perseverance. Failure is not a constant of bad luck that haunts you. Failure is just another step on the way to the top of your success. Take it step by step until you get what you want.

You should not take any defeat as the final result or verdict. You are playing a long game where it is important not to give up and move on. Life is a tiring marathon of perseverance, not a short sprint.

Do your 10,000 tries

You don't have to work 10,000 hours at a bad job, but make 10,000 attempts to change it. That's when you get what you want. You can be the best hard worker and wear pants on a skeleton, or you can change a robe for an expensive suit. Do your 10,000 tries.

Are you afraid to take risks and seize opportunities? Everyone is afraid of making a mistake and getting bumps, but this cowardice does not justify itself in the long run. Don't be afraid to take risks. It's okay if the risk is not justified and you crash. This will be another attempt, but not the last. But if you don’t try and take risks, you won’t achieve anything at all. This is why many successful people are comfortable with failure. This is just one failed attempt when you have many more opportunities. It’s just that you don’t need to slow down or wind snot around your fist.

Often, failure reveals other options and possibilities that we never imagined. For example, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer was making a drug to treat a sore throat, but found a side effect that made men feel "uplifted." So later, the drug Viagra appeared, which became mega-popular and brought colossal income to the company.

Any failure can bring an unexpected result or show a new opportunity that you have not even thought about. As you move forward, new people, events, and ideas will come your way. All this will give a chance for a breakthrough that you did not see from the starting point.

Accept the fact that your progress will not be linear. Ups and downs, victories and failures, joy and despair. Every winning story and every great career story is a series of mistakes that have been turned into success over time.

How to turn failure into success? Don't give up, just keep trying. Dreams are achieved only by the stubborn and stubborn. [thirty].