Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How to truly live?

Sometimes we get too immersed in work and life routine that we forget to be happy. Enjoy life every day, and don't put it off until later. Then it might just not be. How to truly live?

You won't have enough money all your life unless you don't care about it before you die. You will have 1000 things to do every day, no free time and a head constantly clogged with problems. But this is not a reason to mope and put off happiness until later.

When will you be happy? When will you go to university? Can you find a good job? Will you earn a lot of money? Will you buy an apartment? Will you buy a car? Find your perfect other half? When will you be very rich? All this is nonsense. You are either happy right now, or you will spend your whole life waiting for the real life.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to end. Life is learning to dance in the rain." Vivian Green

How to truly live?

1. Always be a student

Set aside part of your time to learn something new. Be curious and inquisitive. Without constant self-improvement, you will not be able to challenge the world and your goals. Do not stop developing and it will make you happier.

2. Build relationships with people

Communicate regularly with loved ones. Maintain relationships with friends and find new friends. Expand your circle of acquaintances, communicate with like-minded people and those who are not at all like you. It is through communication with new people that many interesting opportunities and chances appear. New companies and people will draw you into interesting endeavors that you will definitely like.

3. Travel

It's hard to look for inspiration being in the old place. Get out to other places, cities or countries more often. You can travel even without a lot of money. But it is these journeys and moments of life that you will remember the most. At such moments, you will breathe deeply and feel happy.

4. Do not drive in vain

Often the circumstances in life do not depend on us. The only thing you can control is how you react to the situation. Fears, problems, experiences of the past and other difficulties. All this is temporary. Smile. Often the best and happiest moments in life happen in "troubled" times.

5. Fall in love

Do not be afraid to fall in love again and again, despite the once broken heart. It is relationships, love and sex that will make your life complete. Do not put off dating, relationships, love and sex for old age. Love now and enjoy it 100%.

6. Grab opportunities and chances

Do not refuse gifts of fate when she offers you something new and interesting. Use the chances so that you do not regret the missed opportunities later. In old age, most of all they regret not about perfect deeds and mistakes. Most of all, they regret that they once did not dare and missed interesting chances. After all, they never knew what would happen if they took the risk.

Live for real, don't eke out an existence…