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How to travel in time?

This paradox has been the subject of many popular science articles, books, and films. But time travel is possible in our minds.

Usually, a time machine is understood as a transfer of consciousness into the past or future in such a way that your current consciousness can experience emotional sensations and thoughts related to the moment that you experienced in the past or will experience in the future. There is no point in discussing the possibility of changing the past or the future, since any possible changes that you can make in the past or future make the present impossible, from which you travel to the past or future.

There are many popular science articles, books, and films devoted to this paradox, the best of which, in my humble opinion, are the works of Stephen Hawking.

However, I'm not talking about that now - not about the physical replacement of reality, which, as physicists know, is possible only on a miniature scale and in extraordinary conditions. I'm talking about real, feasible time travel. About the opportunity to feel in the present a significant part of what you feel in the past or feel in the future. What you need to do:

1. Understand that time travel is possible in our minds.

2. Time travel actually always takes place simultaneously in the past and the future in the present.

3. You need to be healthy to experience true time travel. This means that your current consciousness is not identified at the moment with the actor and the events taking place around - and your body automatically does what it should (according to our scientific physiological knowledge) do - that is, it repeats the best experience of life, studying its new manifestations.

Ready? Let's go!:

4. You can actually feel the thoughts and emotions that you felt, for example, in the recent past. This is easy to do in an experiment - for this you need any video device - for example, a computer with a webcam or a phone with a video camera.

5. Let's take an ordinary day, for example, a day off. It is quite obvious that, for example, when I write this post, my clock is 16 hours 45 minutes. In exactly 15 minutes, I will be in the future, which will be 17 hours. I can now, at 4:45 pm, record a video - a greeting from the “me” from my past to the “me” in my future. At the same time, by recording this video, I can really honestly address myself in the future - and, for example, feel how the future, more experienced and wise “I” will feel, already participating in the “your local time machine” experiment, having received this message, at this moment you can feel what you will feel in the future, viewing this message to yourself - and you will feel it exactly in the present in which you will record this video.

6. Thus, at the moment of recording the video that I just spoke about, for your thinking for a very short time (the time while you communicate with yourself) a tunnel will form, connecting at the moment of the present, your past and your future – all of you “three” participating in this experiment – ​​present, past and future will have the same experiences… And, by the way, quite original. It is very interesting to get to know yourself this way.

7. And finally, the most important thing. For this to work, it is necessary that between all the “three” participants in the experiment - the “me-present”, “me-past” and “me-future” - there are honest relations - if you agreed on the experiment, you need to perform it - and in the designated time, the “me-real” should set your time machine into action when the future comes and the “me-real” will live the “me-future” – it is at this time that the “me-real” must necessarily watch the video greeting.

This will create a time loop - with the help of the "I-present" you will experience in your present two interesting moments of your life - in the first - you will be able to go in the present from the past to the future, and in the second - you will complete the experiment and feel your past from the future present. Experiment - no big deal - just a very interesting thought experiment that opens the door to the true nature of thinking and its meaning for your life. As soon as you learn how to travel short psychic distances, the doors to real travel will open before you - and miracles will become a reality.

Enjoy your time travel!

Source: Dmitry Shamenkov "Private Correspondent"