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How to travel and earn money

Would you agree to travel for pleasure in different cities and countries and earn money at the same time? Surely many will answer in the affirmative. If you want to start making money while traveling, welcome!

Would you agree to travel for your own pleasure in different cities and countries and earn money at the same time? Surely many will answer in the affirmative. But here's the problem: there is no means, no opportunity, not even an idea how this can be implemented. But it’s too early to despair: Daria Bikbaeva, author of the book “Turn on your heart and brains,” will help you figure out the last point.

And you know the most important secret is that when an incendiary idea appears, everything else will be attracted by itself. This is the law of the universe. Should we argue with him? So, if you want to start making money while traveling, welcome.

What are the types of travel and what to do in them

No matter why you went to another city or country, think about how to combine pleasure and business, or set yourself the task of exploring this region during your trip in terms of opportunities for your professional activities.

The most popular types of trips: — trip on a tourist package; – an independent trip to another city/country when you buy a ticket and book a hotel on the Internet; - visiting friends or relatives; - business trip, trip related to professional activities, attending a conference or exhibition; – photo tour (trips for those who like to take pictures or be photographed); – study trip (language courses, master classes (workshop) of specialists who have achieved success in a particular industry); – advertising tour (such trips are organized specifically for employees of travel agencies, event specialists).

For an efficient trip, take a look at your "I can do" or "I love to do" list of your favorite activities.

Brainstorm before the trip to determine what your favorite activities can be useful for you and others on the trip: - what you can teach; — what can you sell/offer as a service; — what talent of yours allows you to work remotely, being in any city or country.

Daria Bikbaeva says: “One of my acquaintances was very fond of traveling, going to restaurants, shops, markets and cooking delicious food. I think many share her hobbies, but they will express doubts that it is possible to build a business on such hobbies. Now my friend lives in Istanbul - this is her favorite place on the planet. She leads amazing gastronomic tours around the city of her dreams, starting with small cafes, continuing at the market, and ending with a master cooking class in her home. She has all the days scheduled, and the cost of her excursions is much higher than that of ordinary guides.

You just have to think about what you are as good at as this girl. Need an idea. And then it's a matter of technology.

Being a freelancer is great

The most “mobile” professions today are a programmer, a wedding photographer, an artist, a writer, a designer, a content marketer and other “Internet professions." People of these specialties are not afraid of borders - the main thing is that they and their families feel comfortable.

We at MIF work remotely: for example, Yulia Skripnik lived in Bali for a long time, and Sergey Kaplichny lived in China. This is not freelancing in its, let's say, original form, when a person works with different customers and looks for projects on his own, but remote employment is home office. And for many, there are much more advantages in such a model than in “pure” freelancing.

Therefore, choose what you like, stop being afraid and start making plans and dreaming - and you will definitely succeed!

Take pictures and record

On any trip, even tourism, try to keep professional notes: would you like to hold an event here? Master Class? borrow experience? Take pictures of places and caption your shots. Look around, ask questions, write down contact numbers.

Here is how Daria Bikbaeva applies this advice in the event organizer profession: “In Montenegro, I once drew attention to the screen hanging on the territory adjacent to the restaurant. After talking with the bartender, I found out from which media the video was being broadcast, and even wrote down the contact phone number of the manager who is responsible for the operation of this screen. A year later, all this information came in handy for me: my friend decided to have a wedding in Montenegro. On the day when she was waiting for the arrival of her beloved, we went to the same restaurant. A surprise awaited her there: a video clip was broadcast on a large screen installed right on the street, the main character of which was my friend’s chosen one, who heartily read a poem dedicated to her.

If you do not keep notes, then after a while you will forget all the useful information about the place that you managed to visit. At the same time, one should not just write down and put notes on the back burner, but immediately form a commercial offer related to this country in order to, if necessary, imagine the order of prices and conditions for the provision of services in this place.

Use the power of weak ties

If you are just going abroad (for example, on vacation), let us know about it on your social media pages. Say that you are ready to organize a photo shoot, family movie shooting, an art project, a romantic date, a symbolic ceremony, a master class "Artist in one day". Yes, whatever!

Describe the product, attach an emotional picture, set dates, send to potential customers, ask friends to repost. For starters, these projects can be free, non-commercial. The path to success begins with the first step, so you just need to step forward.

When traveling, actively keep news feeds in your social networks, but do not fill the feed only with gastronomic photo reports. Publish "selling" posts, only unobtrusively.

Try to talk about your movements every day, post “delicious” pictures. By doing this, you will attract your readers, and it will be easier for you to collect customers on your next trip.

Meet and chat

The easiest way to find answers to many questions is to ask a guide. Find a Russian-speaking guide and arrange a personal tour. During such a walk, you can not only hear a story about the history and sights of the country, but also find out all the information that interests you from a professional point of view.

The uniqueness of such people lies in the fact that they are well aware of the "Russian soul" and the needs of the Russian people, but at the same time they understand the laws and rules of a foreign country.

And they also know a huge number of people, places you need, and for any task they will offer the best solution. If you are unable to hire a personal guide, do not miss the opportunity to ask your questions as part of a group tour or a standard airport transfer.

A more difficult way to get acquainted is to find industry professionals or “guides” in another country. Ideally, again, speaking Russian - this will help to avoid many problems and nuances.

Introduce yourself

When you travel, talk about yourself and your business at every opportunity. If you have an iPad or other gadget with you on which you can show what you are doing, be sure to do it. Believe me, even if a person does not become your client right away, there is a chance that he will remember you when your services are required.

In this way, in waiting rooms, planes, trains, during transfers, at friendly dinners, you can find a lot of cool customers.

Find out about the hot seasons

The best time for projects and promotions on vacation is, of course, the high tourist season. So, family events - photo shoots and master classes - are most effectively carried out during school holidays. If you are going to do business in another country, be sure to check when the influx of tourists is expected. Also, find out the top family travel destinations from your city and offer your services on the road.

Do not discount the low season. As a rule, this is the time before holidays and vacations and immediately after them. Start collaborating with travel agencies. Find the cheapest tours or the cheapest tickets and offer a ridesharing experience to friends and past clients.

Do not just offer a tour, but fill it with interesting events with your participation. The travel agency will be happy and, of course, will be able to be of service to you in the future.

Seven Steps to a Bright Life Checklist

1. Start enjoying every moment of your life right now. 2. Put in good hands all the affairs that depress you. 3. Make a list of things you enjoy doing. 4. Start building your life, new business, new relationships, including your favorite things in your daily schedule. 5. Dream, make plans, set goals. The bigger and cooler they are, the brighter your life will become and your brand will be stronger. 6. Stop being afraid that you will be judged, that others are more talented than you. Gain courage and take action. 7. Infect with the "cool idea virus" the talented people around you.

And the last piece of advice. Ask yourself the question: “If you had absolutely everything and no longer needed to earn money, what would you be doing?” The answer will tell the heart.

Based on the materials of the book "Turn on the heart and brains" Publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"