How to take a naked selfie

Stars and models look great without clothes. What are you worse? How to take a nude photo of yourself so that the photo is intriguing, beautiful and sexy?

TV star Kim Kardashian, TV star Kylie Jenner, model Emily Ratajkowski and other stars have started taking naked selfies. What are you worse? How to take a nude selfie that everyone will love?

We have already learned how to take regular selfies from all angles, but we haven’t gotten to nude selfies yet. How to take a good naked selfie that you can send to your significant other? This guide is for both men and women.

How to take a naked selfie

1. Get rid of clothes in advance

A nude selfie is good when you prepare for it. Get rid of clothes in advance before shooting. Underwear and outerwear leaves marks on the body. For half an hour, take off your underwear and put on loose clothes. So there will be no unsightly marks from clothes.

2. Use natural light for nude selfies

Always use natural light for nude selfies. Light coming from the window through a light curtain fits perfectly. Natural soft light highlights the healthy beauty of the skin and does not create unnatural shades.

3. Lighting direction for naked selfie

Naked body does not like light coming from above. Sources located on top create unnatural shadows under the nose, chest and other parts. The light source is best placed on the side and slightly above.

4. A beautiful background for a nude selfie

The beauty of a naked body can be spoiled by an incorrectly chosen background. A dirty bathroom, toilet, or messy room makes a naked selfie look terrible. Try not to let things stick out of your body that might be hidden in the background.

5. Posing for a naked selfie

You should not take pictures of yourself sitting or lying down. The body flattened on the surface will look ugly. The body will appear thicker and uglier. It is better to be photographed naked while standing.

6. Nude selfie angle

Photograph yourself from the right. This will make the photo look prettier. It is better for a girl to be photographed at an angle, the figure will be thinner and more elegant. Men can take selfies a little from below. This will give strength and grandeur to the figure.

7. Selfies and genitals

Sometimes it is better to hide the genitals with another object or retouch. So the photo will look more interesting. Open nudity is sometimes repulsive and looks too vulgar.

8. Number of nude selfies

Taking nude selfies is an art. Don't spare shots and make more attempts. So there will be plenty to choose from.

Have you already taken a beautiful nude photo? Swap nude selfies with your girlfriend. This is a great sex game.