How to survive when meeting with a white bear. Military instructions in the Arctic

The polar bear is the largest and most dangerous land predator on the planet. The polar bear can run at a speed of almost 42 km / h, and the length of the jump from a place reaches 7 meters. Instructions for the military in the Arctic on survival and existence next to polar bears.

A memo about safety measures when meeting with this predator hangs from the military even in the toilet! At the Central test site, located on Novaya Zemlya, the polar bear was studied thoroughly. How to behave with the "master of the Arctic", and most importantly - how not to meet him, Anastasia Voskresenskaya found out from our military.

The polar bear rightfully feels like a master in the Arctic, because it is the largest and most dangerous land predator on the planet. And given that it is forbidden to shoot at a bear - it is listed in the Red Book - it is impossible for a person to win in a fight with an animal. And if for most people all these are just words, then for those who guard the northern borders of our country, this is an everyday reality.

A polar bear feels at home in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago beyond the Arctic Circle. True, here he has neighbors - the Russian military, who serve at the Central training ground. The main rule of a good neighborhood - not to disturb others - is not always observed here: the beast sometimes looks into the village without an invitation. Probably this happens because they don’t tell him that it’s impossible to do this and that when meeting people you need to follow a number of rules. But they tell the military.

The first thing they explain to conscripts who have arrived to serve in the archipelago is that the bear poses a real danger to life. They not only tell, but also distribute memos “on actions when meeting with a polar bear.”

A pocket memo is similar to the tactical and technical characteristics of military equipment: the size of a bear is up to 3 meters in length and up to 1.5 meters in height, weight - up to 1.5 tons; on land, he can run at a speed of almost 42 km / h, and the length of the jump from a place reaches 7 meters.

Separately, it is said that a bear can track down its prey for several days, and having attacked the prey, does not let it go, even if its life is in danger.

Everyone loses their desire to look at the northern bear after such information. But it’s one thing not to look for a meeting with a bear, and another thing is to protect yourself from an uninvited guest in the village itself. In summer, the beast does not come to people, but in winter, during the polar night and a strong blizzard, it sometimes wanders into the garrison. Then the “polar bear” warning signal is triggered in the village, which means that you can’t leave the buildings, and you can only move around the territory in groups, and even then on caterpillar vehicles. Yes, by the way, a special duty service drives the bear away - with large cars and signal rockets.

It is forbidden to shoot an animal, both in hunting and in self-defense. In extreme cases, rubber bullets are used, which can only be fired at the back of the predator's torso.

In Novaya Zemlya they say, “If you don't see a bear, that's very good. But that doesn't mean he doesn't see you." It is known that a bear can track down a victim at a distance of two kilometers, disguising itself under the snow or hiding in abandoned buildings. And if a predator nevertheless ambushed a person, then there are a number of rules on how to act in order to save life.

The main rule is not to run away. This will further provoke the beast. When meeting with a predator, you need to slowly back away. A man has an advantage over a polar bear - the "master of the Arctic" does not see well. You can distract the bear by throwing some of your clothes aside. This will help buy you some time. After waiting for the bear to go to the smell to the side, you need to slowly move back towards the shelter. Having recovered from the fright - and the locals assure that it cannot be avoided - you must immediately report that you saw the beast, so that the signal "polar bear" will be given to the garrison.

All this information is given to those arriving beyond the Arctic Circle on the first day. In addition, posters with the rules of conduct when meeting with a bear are hung throughout the garrison. Even in the toilet of the fire station there is a memo about safety measures in case of a casual acquaintance with a predator.

The military, who have been serving on Novaya Zemlya for a long time, say that often in a year of service, recruits do not get the opportunity to get to know a bear.

According to the officers, this is one of the main tasks of the command - to create such conditions of service so that the recruits are not in danger.

Author: Anastasia Voskresenskaya