Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How to survive in an emergency

Man is mortal, and sometimes he is suddenly mortal! Today, in any place and country in the world, one cannot feel completely safe. How to behave and how to survive if you find yourself in the epicenter of an extreme situation while you are still alive?

“Yes, man is mortal, but that would be half the trouble. The bad thing is that he sometimes suddenly dies, that's the trick! - said the devil Woland in the book "The Master and Margarita".

How to survive in an extreme situation?

1. Be careful

Being 100% sure of your safety is stupid. Any place can be life threatening. Cars hit pedestrian crossings, sturdy-looking houses collapse, safe streets are robbed, and terrorist attacks occur in all parts of the world. Try to look around and be moderately careful. You have one life, and losing it or becoming a cripple is very easy. Enough to be careless. Pay attention. God saves man, who save himself.

2. Find a way to escape in advance

It can be a bar, house, street or any other unfamiliar place. A man, unlike women, always tries to evaluate the place where he is. Try to identify escape routes and emergency exits in case of an unforeseen situation. Once in unknown knowledge, pay attention to the map of evacuation and emergency exits. Such curiosity can save lives in case of a terrorist attack, fire, cataclysm or other extreme situation.

3. Trust your intuition

Did you notice a suspicious person, an unknown object or an incomprehensible situation? Stop and leave the place. Intuition has saved many people and it is better to trust it than to be in a death trap with no way out.

4. Learn First Aid

Learning to give chest compressions and dressing wounds can save someone's life. Maybe you or your loved ones. For artificial respiration and indirect heart massage, you should tilt the head of the victim as much as possible, free the oral cavity from foreign objects and proceed with the operation immediately. It is necessary to push the chest by at least 3-5 cm with a frequency of 60 times per minute and take one breath every 30 seconds.

5. Rely on Yourself

Professional help from the police, firefighters or doctors will not always be on time. Sometimes they arrive too late. You should count on yourself first.

6. Use improvised means

If there are no firearms or bladed weapons at hand, then you can always find something that will help you defend yourself. If there is nothing to bandage the wound, then it can be ordinary clean clothes. Use improvised means, half of them can be used for other purposes. Suffice it to recall the films of Jackie Chan, although in real life the actor is no less cool. When his close people threw him for money, and the bandits demanded to pay off debts, Jackie walked with a pistol and a grenade in his bosom for self-defense.

7. Consider the secondary danger

In addition to the obvious first danger, there is the possibility of others, no less deadly. Consider the high possibility of a second terrorist attack, after the first. Often terrorists plant bombs that explode after a certain period of time.

Consider the appearance of new hooligans on the street, in addition to those in front of you. Their friends can always attack from the back. Consider the secondary danger.

8. Be decisive

Do not rush from side to side, doubt for a long time and think about what to do. We often see in movies or on TV programs how indecisive people die or are on the verge of death. Immediately leave the dangerous place, defend yourself from the attackers and act decisively in an extreme situation. Do not chew snot, stand with your mouth open, or panic. Be determined while you're still alive.