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How to survive a terrorist attack on the subway

How to survive in a terrorist attack or a fire in the subway? Principles and rules of survival in the metro, on the basis of which you need to act depending on the situation.

For those who have ever been in the subway during rush hour, there is no point in explaining what the subway is. On weekdays, the subway is a closed space crowded with people, in which pandemoniums and “traffic jams” form almost daily: carriages and passages are clogged with people, sometimes there is not enough fresh air. In short, there are not just a lot of people in the metro, there are VERY many people in the metro. And any sabotage in the metro necessarily leads to numerous victims, the number of which increases due to the peculiarities of this type of infrastructure.

How to survive in a terrorist attack in the subway? It is difficult to give a universal recommendation, everything depends on the conditions of the terrorist act and the consequences. The main thing is to remember the following principles and rules, on the basis of which and act depending on the situation:

Do not panic

In the event of an explosion or fire, the most important thing is not to give in panic. You have to be sure that you will be rescued. It helps a lot to calm down a little. The Ministry of Emergency Situations conducts trainings at each metro station.

Train drivers have special instructions in case of fires and explosions. Most likely, the driver will try to bring the train to the platform. If this is not possible, then he will ask to de-energize the rails. In any case, you cannot try to get out of the train yourself. Suddenly, the rails have not yet been de-energized or the train will move.

To break or not to break windows? If the car in which you are on fire, it is better not to do this. Because as soon as air gets inside, the fire will flare up even more. And if the neighboring car is on fire and you have nothing to breathe, then you can try to break the window. In order not to suffocate from the smoke, you need to squat down. Smoke is lighter than air, so it accumulates at the top. If possible, wet some cloth and breathe through it.

Choice of direction after the terrorist attack in the subway

When choosing the direction in which to go to the station, go towards the wind, there is always air flow in the subway tunnels. The wind will blow back the flames and poisonous gases produced during combustion. You need to go strictly in the middle of the path, you didn’t forget about the contact rail, did you? Elmin Abyshev, who survived the fire in the Baku metro in 1995, recalled that it was the wrong organization of the movement that killed many passengers who rushed against the train and suffocated in the smoke.

Evacuation from the affected area

After the onset of an emergency, your main task is to evacuate from the affected area. Be prepared that the escalators may turn off and you will have to quickly run up the stairs to the top. If there are too many people and the escalators “stand up”, and the station will be in full swing, a fire or other dangerous situation will develop, you will have to escape in other ways, namely, jump onto the rails and go into the tunnel. The main thing to remember is that the rails themselves are not energized, only the contact rail is energized, which is located on the left in the direction of the train (at the stations it is under the platform).

Touching the contact rail is highly discouraged. To climb to the platform from the tracks, there are stairs at the beginning and at the end of the platform.

Therefore, theoretically, it is possible to evacuate along the tracks in any direction - to the nearest station or to the nearest technical room. The main thing is to avoid the contact rail, which for some time after the onset of an emergency may still be under high voltage.


As already mentioned, the metro is almost always crowded. This is what terrorists are counting on when they commit terrorist acts. Panic and uncontrolled behavior of the masses underground is your worst enemy. Try to take all measures in order not to suffer from a crush:

Try to stand firmly on your feet and in no case do not lie down completely on the ground if circumstances so require. If you find yourself on the ground, you will simply be trampled.

Try to get out of the middle of the crowd. In the event of a crush, it would be better to jump onto the rails and go into the tunnel than to be crushed by the human mass.

Helping the injured

If you are not injured and keep yourself "in control", immediately help the injured! Do not be like the majority, which in the first minutes of the tragedy, instead of trying to help people, starts cold-bloodedly and indifferently filming what is happening on a mobile phone. On the forum after the terrorist attack in the Moscow metro on March 29, 2010, a CSX user described his opinion on the proper behavior of a person who is not injured and has the opportunity to help those in need: belt, scarf) (after 20 minutes they will still be removed) - there will be a better use. With sadness, I look at the video of the first minutes after the tragedy, where 10 people injured are sitting along the walls, apparently waiting for doctors, and morons are walking around and making movies on mobile phones, and only one person is helping... Well, come at least, take your hand and say: “ Everything will be fine". From kind words and human participation, it really becomes easier - this is an effect on the nervous system, which in turn is connected and affects the rest of the body systems. If you look at a person with disgust, take pictures on a mobile phone or turn away from the sight of his wounds, this really worsens his condition.

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