Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How to stop postponing for tomorrow?

Why do we constantly reschedule events or actions that we need to take to improve our well-being? How to stop hesitating and start living fully?

“Putting off until tomorrow” and pushing back deadlines is a negative trait that many people have. Such people either never begin to act or do not finish what they started.

Why do many of us "save until tomorrow" day in and day out? Why do we delay and postpone events or actions we need to take to improve our health or well-being? Why do we hesitate, hesitate, and hesitate to start or finish something?

Look at your past. Where were you 3-5 years ago? What did you do? How were your finances, health, relationships, weight? Look at your current life. How many opportunities have you missed because you waited for the right moment or waited for a certain person to come into your life?

Reasons for “postponing until tomorrow”

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is one of the main reasons for “postponing until tomorrow” ". You wait and doubt because you are afraid that your actions will not produce the desired result. The only sure way to overcome the fear of failure is to simply take action and do everything possible to achieve success.

Fear of success

Although you want to succeed, part of you fears big changes or the prospect of becoming a different person. You feel comfortable in your current life and are afraid that you will have to adapt to new conditions and changes.

Not enough reasons to complete a task or achieve a goal

When you don’t have enough important reasons to succeed, you can go astray and abandon your goals. You lose the motivation to keep going and only notice difficulties and obstacles.

Someone else's goals

Everything you have planned or started to do should relate only to your own desires and needs. If your actions are aimed at satisfying the desires of another person, you can stop acting when that person ceases to be an object of desire.

Unwillingness to change

To create something new, it is necessary to get rid of the old: habits, attitude, behavior and way of thinking. As they say, doing the same thing, you will get the same result.

Doubt, insecurity, indifference and laziness

Doubt, indifference, insecurity and ordinary laziness are also reasons why people put things off until later.

Negative associations

If you think of achieving success as a difficult, time-consuming and effortful path, then you will feel the same way. You will feel overwhelmed, and doubt the possibility of a successful outcome. Ideas of failure will also contribute to postponing the decision to take action.

Tips on how to overcome procrastination

Determine goals and reasons

Whether you want to lose weight or quit smoking, you must have a clear reason for doing so. Ask yourself "why?" Find as many answers as possible. These reasons will inspire, motivate and motivate you to take action. By knowing what you want and who you want to become, you will set your brain to work and get a positive result. Break your goals into parts

Break your goal into short, well-planned actions. Write down what needs to be done first, second, and so on, even if it's very small steps. And then act. When you divide a big task into many small ones, you will have more control over the situation, and you will feel much lighter.

Write a list of things you want to do

A list of things to do will actually help you accomplish different tasks. For example, if you want to lose weight today, eliminate fatty foods from your diet and go for a walk, continue to do this daily. Don't put it off until tomorrow or next month. Get disciplined.

Associate your goals with positive feelings

Imagine that you have achieved your goal, turn on all your senses of perception and transfer yourself to this image. The completed picture and the success achieved will push your mind to action.

Reprogram your brain

It is very difficult to break the old way of thinking. If you’ve been “putting off until tomorrow” your whole life, it will seem difficult for you to write down your reasons, goals, and take action. Visualization and affirmations will help you with this, with the help of these simple exercises you will get rid of the old way of thinking, old habits, wrong attitude and succeed in self-development and personal growth.