How to stop being a naive person?

How often have you trusted people, opened your heart, fallen in love without looking back, relied on comrades, shared a secret, or showed other gullibility? Many times, but even more often you regretted doing so. Not all people are honest, decent and kind. There are many good people in the world, but there are no less crappy and rotten personalities. Take off your rose-colored glasses and stop being in the clouds, because it only hurts you.

Do you still have that child who believes to the last in integrity, honesty, truth, loyalty, correctness and other good qualities? There are many of us like that, but in the modern world it is rather your Achilles' heel, which you should get rid of as soon as possible.

In life, we love to flaunt rose-colored glasses of naivete, for the time being, until life hits us with a savory slap on the back of the head. At this moment, the rose-colored glasses abruptly fly off the head and break into a thousand pieces. That's when we begin to see clearly and see the world in a completely different way. Why have we been so gullible all this time and how can we stop being so naive?

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Childish naivety

some childish pure naivety that has let you down more than once? You treat people well, trust them and do not expect a dirty trick. But the world is not a place for naivete when many try to take advantage of your naivety and kindness. All this has been going on since childhood, when your parents tried to raise a good and right person in you.


Treat people the way you want them to treat you! You were brought up in patterns of kindness and decency that you expect from other people. You are kind, good, decent and a person, which is very good. Your parents did a great job, but in this world it played a bad joke on you when you met the bad guys in this movie. Good heroes often lose to bad ones for the reasons that the latter have no moral foundations, and the former are too naive and correct.

As children, we were gullible, that we believed everything. Gradually, we were taught by our parents not to trust strangers, other people, and even friends, in order to prepare us for adulthood. But we have not learned this lesson well. We gradually grew up, but for a long time we were unaware that this world is not good people, but bad people. The world is ruled by scoundrels, deceivers, traitors, liars, cunning and even scoundrels.

We grew up trusting and good people, but in this world it is so hard and difficult.

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How do people take advantage of your gullibility?

Naivety is a loose concept, but more it is similar to the excessive idealization of this world. There are many excellent features in naivety, which manifest themselves on the basis of the fact that in front of you is also a good person. But this is where we often go wrong. We show our best qualities to those people who are not worth it. We do not understand people well, which often idealizes them. But many people are not so decent and good.

Without sucker and life is bad. The world is based on fools. Loch is not a mammoth, he will not die out. Scoundrels consider decent, naive and gullible people weaklings. Good people are perceived as simpletons, suckers and fools, who are easily fooled. It's a shame? It's a shame.

Excessive gullibility played a bad joke on us. Many people take advantage of your naivety and kindness on purpose. Scoundrels cynically deceive you, use you for their own purposes, do not hold back communication, tell your secrets, let you down at the most inopportune moment, say bad things, betray behind your back, trip you up, talk behind your back, make mercantile friends, vilely deceive, spread rumors about you and they do shit.

Because of your childlike innocence, you often become a victim of other people. This creates problems that need to be addressed in the present. The time has come when you should learn how to stop being naive, gullible and kind to everyone. This hinders your success in many things, and also makes life extremely difficult. If you want happiness in your career, personal life and business, but it's time to take off the rose-colored glasses of naivety.

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How to stop being naive and gullible?

Naivety is not a bad thing. Kindness, friendliness, optimism, simplicity, innocence and conscientiousness. But all these qualities should not be shown to all people, but rather to the elect. How to learn to understand people, recognize scoundrels and not be so gullible? Here is a list of precautions that will change you and make you a more seasoned character in this life.

1. Be present in the situation

Why do situations happen to us when we are set up, betrayed or let down? The thing is that we often hover in an aura of kindness and pink clouds. When you don’t pay attention to what is happening, red flags, advice from friends, warning signs and the voice of reason, you very quickly regret it.

Carried away by emotions and thoughts, we ignore the harsh reality. So relationships with the opposite sex turn out to be completely different than I thought. You've hovered too much in the love clouds of naivety. There are similar circumstances in friendship, career and other matters. Be present in the situation, so that later again you will not regret the admitted simplicity.

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emotions. Before we speak or act, we do not analyze the situation from the adult side. We say or do the first thing that comes to mind. Without proper time to reflect on the situation, we make the wrong decisions at this stage of life.

You need to slow down the process of your words, emotions and actions. Before you say or do anything, take a short pause to analyze the situation. Skip control of your body through brain analysis. At first, it will slow down a little, but gradually you will learn how to instantly analyze and produce results. Use your intellect, and then you will not be afraid of anything.

3. Listen carefully and tell less

How not to be such a gullible simpleton? Try to get to know people better so as not to be deceived by them again. Learn more about people by asking about them, but don't rush to share your secrets good-naturedly.

How many times have you regretted being too honest and frank with others? One knows - one knows, two know - twenty-two know. Listen carefully and talk less about yourself. Learn to keep your mouth shut, because this is a great quality. You will never regret it.

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4. Be careful

How to stop being a naive person? First of all, you should treat all people with extreme caution. You can be friendly and cordial, but be on the alert. Make being attuned to people your normal state until you get to know them better.

Always be careful and understand that your shirt is closer to the body. Many close people, relatives and friends can let you down in a certain situation. Try not to trust anyone without looking back, so as not to be disappointed in people again.

5. Don't make a decision and stay away

Very often we are asked to make a decision or take sides. But if you do not rush to solve the situation, but look at it from the outside? Why rush, act and do something? Sometimes a neutral attitude towards a situation, a person or two sides of the conflict will be better. If it's none of your business, or you don't want to show your cards, then why get involved in the situation? It's none of your business, so you don't need to be dragged into it.

6. Check and check again

Analyze and investigate, and do not trust without looking back. You can only trust people who have been repeatedly tested, but even then with some caution. If you are well informed, then you are much more difficult to deceive and cheat. Study the people, the situation, the circumstances, the reasons. Life gives us many lessons, but it is important to learn how to check before trusting and being naive. Check and check again.

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7. Learn to read deception

As we age, it becomes harder to deceive us because we learn to read deception. Learn to read body language and subconsciously analyze what is happening. Watch how the person keeps their eyes or looks away. How the interlocutor is nervous, clears his throat or stumbles. Experienced liars can hardly give themselves away, so be careful. Read books on sign language and communication psychology. It will come in handy for sure, but in general reading is a great thing.

8. Communicate more with people

Often naivety is the reason for a closed life in a limited circle of people. You grew up in good conditions and with good people, but not everyone is as lucky as you. Be open to more people. Go out to new companies, meet new people and communicate more. This will give you the experience of communication when you begin to better understand people, their thoughts and desires. It will make you less trusting, simple and naive.

9. Trust the right people

Being less naive does not mean not trusting anyone. People are trustworthy until they prove otherwise. Let this be your default function. But this does not mean being naive and gullible. This means the presence of prudence and the ability to read between the lines. Trust the right people, but verify. Be vigilant in communication, because after being burned in milk, they blow on the water.

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10. Get out of your comfort zone

Try to spice up your life and find something different in it. Recognize all the facets of your personality and the many characters of other people. Change direction in life to try something new and unfamiliar. This will help expand your understanding of life, which will make you less naive.

11. Do not try to correct people

Often the naivete is that we try to correct an incorrigible deceiver, a womanizer, a spender, a scoundrel or a fool. Some people are bad, and correcting them is extremely naive and stupid. You will not change a person and you do not need to save him. Very often in relationships and love this happens, but it always ends equally badly. Do not try to correct people, but simply avoid negative characters.

12. Refrain from impulsiveness

Naivety and kindness fail when you were too impulsive. Don't let emotions, passion, love and other impulses make mistakes. At such moments, you are very vulnerable, and many will try to take advantage of this situation. Try to control your impulses, otherwise you will suffer needlessly many times.

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13. Listen to your gut and intuition

What can be in paragraph 13? Of course, something strange and unusual. What can you say about your intuition? Sometimes the gut does not deceive us, unlike the mind. We are naive and gullible, but subconsciously we feel a catch. Learn to trust your intuition and its warning signals. Intuition is a subconscious analysis of the situation by the mind, which then tells us the right decisions. Do not ignore the voice of reason and intuition, so as not to fall victim to your excessive gullibility.

14. Gain life experience

Why is it easy to fool us in youth, but much more difficult in adulthood? With age, we cease to be naive simpletons. It's all about the narrow worldview, the experience of communication and the experience of life. Naivety is inherent in people without a good life experience. Get to know the world, look from a different point of view to try to understand it.

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15. Believe in yourself

Even if you're a little naive, it's not that bad. It is important to be self-confident and be able to take action to change the situation. Take risks and be able to take responsibility for what happens. Believe in yourself and your strengths, not allowing others to manipulate or use you. Accept the world as they are, but always believe in yourself.

Do you want to stop being a naive person? Look at the world in an adult way. The world is not bad, but you need to learn to analyze and think more often, and not trust everyone. Don't let other people take advantage of you.