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How to start a holiday romance? Tips from girls

Girls expect not only the sea and the beach from their summer holidays, but also resort romances with sex. Most women are ready to have a holiday romance, even if they are in a relationship or married. Tips for girls on how to behave on vacation in order to seduce them faster.

Vacation is a small life of just a couple of weeks. When a person is on vacation, he wants to get the most out of him. Not so much rest as love emotions and sexual pleasure. Only in this case, "holidays" are considered successful. When you have something to tell a secret to your girlfriends.

About 80% of women have a positive attitude towards holiday romance, with 30% ready to party with a relationship or family. But who cares about morality and hypocrisy when you go on vacation? Everyone there is single, single and looking for a holiday bright romance. How to start a holiday romance?

What do girls pay attention to on vacation?

50% of women consider the face of a man to be the main thing, 20% - beautiful abs, 20% - buttocks, and the rest - other factors. Before going to the sea, a man should do a little work on himself in the gym to make it easier to seduce vacationing women. Be sure to visit a hairdresser and dentist.

What kind of swimming trunks is better to choose to please the girls on the beach?

Girls look not so much at the bulge as at the style of a man's swimwear. About 45% of girls voted for swimming trunks - boxers, 30% of resort girls for swimming trunks - shorts, 20% of women prefer classic swimming trunks.

Go on vacation with a friend or alone?

Girls are always more positive about pair dating. It is best to go to the sea with a friend - a partner who will help seduce girls. If there is no one, then you can get to know someone, and then hunt hot chicks together. As partners, you need to choose not someone who will look like a fat bore or sucker. Healthy competition is better, then the women will be better quality.

What scares the girls at the resort?

Dirty nails, unhealthy teeth, stories about former women, boredom, the habit of complaining about life and low wages. It also infuriates girls when a man, at the right time, does not have a condom. Don't disappoint both of you.

How to recognize girls who want to meet?

Such girls are the majority, but you can pay attention to bright girls. Who laugh a lot, use makeup, dress provocatively, behave provocatively, sunbathe topless or naked. But in any case, it's better to drop by, say hello and try, than to sleep in a room alone. Girls themselves are waiting for the attention of men, so go ahead. The chances of casual sex or holiday romance are high.

How to please girls on vacation?

The main thing is to be original and be able to interest yourself. A little sense of humor and light-hearted fun. The girls came to rest and have fun. Be proactive, don't be shy, be confident, but don't be pushy. Most of the girls spoke out for these qualities in a man with whom they will have a holiday romance. Nothing complicated.

How to seduce girls on vacation?

For the seduction of a girl, an interesting pastime and entertainment is good. Do not be shy about compliments and even flattery. A little sweet but strong alcohol will remove the last prohibitions from the girl. Alcohol is always rolled to pick up women, and especially in resorts.

Women come to the sea for vivid impressions, new sexual experiences, complete emancipation and love entertainment. Don't disappoint them. Bolder.