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How to spend the weekend with your family: 30 ideas how to spend time on the weekend

When weekends, vacations, or free time roll in, we begin to think about what to do and how to have fun. How interesting to spend a weekend with your family and what to do? Weekends are a small life! Don't let you get bored when there are so many interesting and exciting things to do.

What to do with your significant other, what to do with a large family, or what to do with children? Let's remember what we remember most from childhood or from adulthood? How we, together with our family or someone, went somewhere, rested or did something interesting.

Time to create pleasant memories in the circle of the closest people. How to spend a day off with your family so that everything is interesting, cool, exciting, unforgettable, easy and positive? Find activities that keep you entertained and connected. We have compiled a detailed list of activities for couples in love, family people and meetings of relatives with many children.

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How to spend a weekend with your family? List of family pastimes.

1. Go for a walk in the park, visit a museum, or get out into the city. Walk the streets, look into unfamiliar places, join an excursion, sit in a cafe and just have fun. 2. Film something for the internet. Do you want to become famous bloggers on YouTube or TikTok? Shoot something exciting, interesting and stunning with the whole company. Who knows, maybe it will become something more than just a hobby?

3. When the weather is bad or rainy, it's good to just stay at home. You can come up with different games and watch a movie together. The main thing in the event is a good mood, which will allow you to spend time with your family in a positive way.

4. Take new photos of your family to keep for a long time. You can hire a professional photographer to make the photo session perfect. But often independent photographs are no worse, because the main thing is the emotions and memories associated with this pastime.

5. Go for a bike, roller skate, skateboard or car ride. You can move anywhere to see new places and get a boost of energy.

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6. Go to the cinema to see the premiere of a new movie or cartoon that will be of interest to you all. Popcorn and other goodies are a must.

7. Visit an amusement park to ride the rides, shoot at the shooting range, take a walk and unwind. Eat ice cream, cotton candy and cakes.

8. How to spend time on the weekend to be really fun? Play different games for company, family, lovers or friends:

9. Throw a dinner or party. Spend an unforgettable romantic evening for two or a noisy family meeting.

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10. Take the family to a circus, zoo, theater, planetarium, aquarium, go-kart or other exciting place.

11. Arrange a friendly meeting. You can go to visit your friends or relatives, and sometimes invite them to your place. Come up with some kind of program so as not to be bored, but to have a great time on the weekend.

12. Go to any fast food, because it is always relevant. McDonald's, Burger King, KFS and other outlets are always good places to eat.

13. Go in for sports. You can arrange a sports pastime with the whole family anywhere. Go to the gym, play paintball, play sports: football, volleyball, basketball.

14. Go outdoors, hiking or picnicking. It is always great to spend time with your family in nature, because it is unusual and unforgettable. Fry barbecue and sit by the fire is unforgettable.

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15. Listen to music, or rather sing songs in karaoke that will not leave you indifferent. It's always fun and great, and emotions will overflow.

16. Stay at home and play computer games or fight on the console. It will be fun and exciting.

17. Order something tasty. It can be pizza, sushi, popcorn, soda and other goodies. Now have a belly party.

18. Go on a weekend tour. You can choose any direction where you have not been yet. Visit another city to explore local attractions and get a portion of new experiences.


19. How to spend the weekend with your family? Just relax for the weekend with your family to indulge in a little idleness and laziness. You can do whatever comes to mind.

20. Try new hobbies and interests. Go to a master class in drawing, dancing, modeling, needlework, woodworking, leatherworking.

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21. Stroll through the malls. There you can buy something, sit down to eat, leave the children in the children's corner.

22. Go to the dacha, summer house or rest home. Spend time in a pleasant family environment and take a break from your routine.

23. Arrange a culinary duel by preparing something tasty and unusual. Cook everything together to have a great time.

24. Play outdoors with a ball, take badminton rackets, leave the frisbee plate, throw a rugby ball. This is an active holiday, but always exciting.

25. Spending a weekend with water is always great. In summer, you can go to the beach on the river or lake. In cooler times, you can go to the bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool or water park. The latter is generally a very cool weekend activity for the family.

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26. How to spend time with family on weekends? Arrange your holiday if there is none today. It can be a party, a carnival, an extraordinary New Year or another party. Often the very preparation for the holiday is the holiday itself.

27. Read a book out loud together, which may be interesting and even useful.

28. Watch the sunset, sunrise or stars. To this you can add a picnic, card games and other activities.

29. Reminisce by looking at old photos or videos. Recall your loved ones, stories from the past, or other fun things.

30. Do stupid things, fool around, go for a walk aimlessly.

How else can you spend the weekend with your family? Choose anything that you have a soul for or have never tried at all. Be creative and don't just sit at home. Weekends are a small life that needs to be spent interestingly and brightly. After all, what could be more important than memories?