How to show a stranger that you are not a maniac, not a rapist, not a robber or a murderer?

When you walk home, down a dark alley, do girls shy away and speed up their steps? When you ride with a stranger in an elevator, does she press against the wall in fear? Unfamiliar girls look at with apprehension when you approach them? How to show a girl that you are not a maniac, not a rapist and not a murderer?

There is such an eternal male problem that you are always mistaken for the aggressor. This is especially noticeable in the evening, at night or in a confined space with an unfamiliar girl. All women without exception look at men with apprehension. They speed up the pace if you are on your way home. They avoid you in transport, elevators and other places.

Such behavior of women irritates almost all men. At one forum, a man asked what needs to be done so that they do not take him for a maniac, murderer, robber or rapist? Other men who also experience this have given different advice. What should be done so that the girls do not think that you can harm them?

How to show a stranger that you are not a maniac, not a rapist, not a robber or a murderer?

I just always ignore girls on the street so they don't get scared. This is the best way to show that you don't care about them.

One day I yelled, "I'm not going to hurt you, I just live here." But the girl ran away sparkling with her heels.

Once I tried to talk to a girl on the street, wanting to see her off at night. But my eyes watered for a long time from the jet of pepper spray.

I usually walk home in the evening. At such a time, young girls are often with me along the way. Usually they get scared and start walking very fast. I try to walk very slowly so as not to overtake them. Although they usually speed up their pace themselves, and once a girl ran away from me screaming.

So that the girl does not worry when you walk by, you can suddenly stop and whisper: “I'm not going to kill you! I'm not a killer, trust me!"

I always wear sneakers and therefore my steps are silent. Girls get very scared when I suddenly appear behind them. Therefore, I try to get the keys so that they ring. That way they don't have to constantly turn around in fear to see where I'm going. They hear the tapping of keys in a predictable rhythm and make less fuss.

I overtake and pass very quickly so that the girls do not think that they are my target. Let them think that if I want to kill someone, then obviously not them.

I usually want to tell the girls I'm on the road with that I'm very tired after work and just want to go home. But if you try to talk to them, they will definitely get scared.

I look very stern and scary, and therefore I encounter this constantly. The girls are frightened and almost run. A lot of people clutch their purses convulsively, as if I want to rob them. It's annoying, but I try to ignore them. I just look, nod and smile. Smiling often helps to show your good nature.

I recently read a crime study. You can look at the clock as if you are in a hurry somewhere. It calms the girls down. It is known about one serial maniac who gave a ride to students. He looked at his watch and the girls thought that he had some kind of meeting, and therefore they were not afraid to get into his car. Look at the clock.

I often walk at night, walking my dog. I usually talk to the dog: "Soon, Baby, we'll be home." It makes me less intimidating for girls. Men with dogs look like they have better things to do than rob and rape. But once he said so out of habit, when the dog was not with me. The girl turned away from me.

It is not our task to convince girls that we are not rapists or maniacs. If they have the wrong idea about all men, then that's their problem.

Catch up with the girl, take her by the shoulders and say: "I'm not going to rape you, I'm just a passerby."

You don't have to say anything to a girl. Don't even look in her direction. You can go to the other side of the road so that the girl is not afraid and overtake her there.

It happens that a girl is afraid of me and almost runs away from me. And if you shout to her to ask her to stop, will that help?

In such a situation, you can talk to someone on the phone. This will help show that you do not care about the girl and go about your business.

It's not my job to make girls feel safe. It's not my fault that we're on our way. Even if the girl is walking in front, I just go at the speed with which I am comfortable. If she is afraid, she can run away. It turns out that I'm just helping her get home faster.

And what do you do when you go home and you are on the way with a stranger?