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How to shave dick and balls

To shave or not to shave, that is the question! A rather sensitive topic for the male is the grooming of the intimate zone. It's time to get used to the fact that the African jungle on the male body and below the waist has long gone out of fashion. According to research, most men have been getting rid of groin hair for a long time, and most women are delighted with this. This allows you to improve hygiene, give a presentable look and visually increase the size of the organ, which women like. How can a man properly shave his penis, balls, pubis and groin?

Let's not pretend to be innocent, because the days when sex was talked about only in whispers and behind garages are long gone. Let's leave the hypocrites the opportunity not to read this article if it excites them. The modern world is such that body care, including the intimate area, is no longer an exception, but rather an obligatory grooming rule. The world does not stand still, which means you need to walk with it so as not to turn into archaism.

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Shaved did men smell in antiquity?

Let's go back a little to antiquity to touch on such a delicate issue for many men. Hair removal began in ancient times, when there were no razors. How to shave a member and other parts of the body in antiquity, when there are no modern trimmers? People used shells, flint, and metal products to remove body hair, including the private area. They also used wax, resin and other means, making hair removal on the body.

In Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, people removed matters on the body. Grooming products were coarser, but this did not stop people from pampering the body. To have body hair was considered not very decent, and also rather the prerogative of the lower classes and savage tribes.

Hair was considered a carrier of disease, and such a procedure allowed maintaining better hygiene. Both men and women removed body hair. This allowed them to take better care of themselves and better maintain their health, which was important in those ancient times. In addition, in those days they knew a lot about love joys.

What do women think about shaving the intimate area of ​​men

The opinion of girls and women about shaving the inguinal region of men is positive. About 40% of women believe that a man should take care of the intimate area or at least regularly shorten them there, and not leave wild vegetation. About 50% of girls believe that men should remove all hair in the groin to zero, making everything there pleasant and perfectly smooth.

Only 10% of women believe that everything should be left as it is. For the most part, these are older women, when girls are more demanding in this matter. Probably, you should not upset them and scare them away with your wild vegetation in the intimate area. What happens the first time doesn't always happen the second.

If only the head of the penis peeps out of the jungle, then obviously this is not very sexy for the female gaze. By exposing the penis, you can significantly visually increase the size of the penis, making it more impressive in the eyes of the fair sex. Also, girls will more often deliver oral joy to a man if he regularly cares for the groin area. Few girls want to mess around in those wild jungles where even a monkey can jump out.

From all this it appears that it is best for a man or a guy to shave his groin: pubis, penis and testicles. Girls and women expect to see just that.

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Pros and cons of shaving penis and balls

Women have long begun to take care of their intimate area, that cannot please the stronger sex. Men held on longer, but also came to the conclusion that a neat groin brings more bonuses and prospects.

According to surveys, about 70% of modern men shave and care for the groin area, and young people do it more willingly. Men do it for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. Men who have a rich intimate life prefer to please women's eyes with a well-groomed intimate area.

Is it worth shaving a man's groin and penis? There are usually more pluses, and they are also more significant.

  • Shaving the intimate area removes unpleasant odors and improves hygiene.
  • Shaving the intimate area adds comfort to the groin area.
  • Shaving the penis visually enlarges it, pulling it out of dense vegetation.
  • Shaving the testicles and penis increases a woman's chances of oral sex.
  • Shaving the groin makes the male body more aesthetic and attractive.

It should be remembered that during the first 2-3 intimate haircuts, you may experience discomfort in the groin. After shaving, the penis and testicles prick and itch, but this problem disappears with time, with regular care. You should be careful when shaving intimate, because almost half of the man inflicted light cuts on himself when caring for the penis.

Shaving the groin area has rather become the norm. Some men are afraid to do so that their so-called masculinity would not suffer, but all this is rather prejudice. Shaving the armpits and groin area in men has become commonplace, and sometimes even a necessity. Few girls want to see a man with a jungle in his groin in bed with him.

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What exactly should a man shave in the groin: pubis, penis, testicles

Hair in men grows in the pubic area, penis and testicles. The largest amount of hair is on the pubis, which is very thick and dense. The pubis is the area above the penis where a lot of hair usually grows. It is the pubic area that is most important for care than the penis itself and the testicles, where there is much less intimate hair.

The African jungle in the pubic area serves as an additional breeding ground for bacteria and odor. With an active lifestyle and physical activity, sweat begins to be released from the apocrine sweat glands. Lingering on wet hair, bacteria bring itching and smell. To avoid this, the pubic area should be trimmed to zero, shortening to short hair or making an intimate hairstyle.

It is not always necessary to shave to zero the penis itself and the balls. Sometimes you can just shorten it a little, giving it a more attractive and representative look. But many men prefer to look after the entire groin area without exception.

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How to shave your cock, balls and pubis?

In such a responsible business as shaving the groin, experience and caution are important so that the whole process goes painlessly and pleasantly. Usually the first intimate haircuts take a lot of time, when later it becomes an automatic and rather quick routine.

1. Get a separate razor or intimate clipper

It should be remembered that it is better not to shave the intimate area and face with one razor, because it is better not to transfer bacteria to other areas. It is better to take a separate trimmer or razor to take care of your groin area without fear.

The best and most professional way out is to buy a special cordless intimate trimmer, with stencils for intimate haircuts. The latter are needed in order to make an interesting intimate hairstyle. The styler-trimmer-razor usually comes with overlays of 2, 4, 6 or more millimeters, depending on the desired length of the haircut in the groin of a man.

Often men buy a beard trimmer but use it for trimming their private parts. You can use an old trimmer for the groin, and buy a new one for the beard. Sometimes you can buy a men's or even take a women's trimmer from your girlfriend, because the hair there is about the same.

Using scissors to cut pubic hair is not very convenient, so it's better to save money and buy a normal trimmer.

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what you need for a complete groin care. What do you need to buy for an intimate haircut for a man besides a trimmer?
  • Aftershave lotion, balm or cream (required);
  • Shaving foam (mandatory when cutting with a loom);
  • Shaving oil (optional);
  • Depilatory cream (optional);
  • Small mirror (preferably);
  • Hydrogen peroxide (preferably).

3. How to shave a man's pubis

Trim the hair in the intimate area, or cut off excess pubic hair with a trimmer. A trimmer simply removes excess hair, which is sometimes very much, unlike a razor. A man's pubis should be shaved once every two weeks or a month if the pubic hair grows rather slowly. You can make a pubic hairstyle almost to zero or leave it about 1 cm long. Sometimes you can show your imagination by making an intimate hairstyle in the groin.

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4. How to make a male intimate haircut

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend, wife, mistress or all together? Then make yourself an intimate hairstyle that will make you look more spicy and hot. Do you like women's intimate pubic haircuts? Girls also love men who are not afraid of experiments and take an active life position.

Types of men's haircuts are different, depending on preferences. You can order a stencil for an intimate haircut on Aliexpress or in another online store. List of the most popular intimate men's pubic haircuts:

  • Heart shape;
  • Pointer to penis;
  • Gentleman's butterfly;
  • The Queen of Spades;
  • Bermuda triangle (base up);
  • Mustache;
  • Crown;
  • Stripe;
  • Zero.

5. Take a shower before shaving your groin

The best time to shave your groin is when you shower or bathe first. This will steam the skin in the intimate area, making shaving more comfortable and enjoyable. It will also help to avoid injury to the skin and reduce the chance of itching. Do not neglect this point in order to achieve the highest quality result and leave a pleasant impression of the grooming of the intimate zone.

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makes the process more enjoyable. But this can be avoided if you do not have a special shaving oil. Then apply shaving cream to your penis and then let it work for a minute or two.

You can get a slight erection on your penis to make it easier to shave. The main thing is not to get too carried away with this intimate life hack, for a more comfortable shaving of the penis, without forgetting why you came to the bathroom.

Then grasp the tip of the penis and pull it tight. Get a trimmer or razor and then start shaving your penis starting at the base. Do not press the razor or trimmer, so as not to cut yourself and not damage the skin on the penis. Glide carefully, but from all sides of the penis, cutting off excess intimate hair. If you use a razor, then regularly rinse it in warm running water.

By squatting and spreading your legs, you can easily reach the desired parts of the body. You can lift your leg to get to some hard to reach areas. Use a small mirror to look at your work and correct movements. It is better not to use the front camera for this, so as not to accidentally call anyone via video link, arrange an online broadcast and not shock.

How to shave a member qualitatively, without leaving flaws? Pay attention to the folds on the penis and the hair in them. Stretch the skin of the penis or pubis to remove hair there. You should shave in the direction of hair growth, but if you do it against, you can achieve a smoother intimate haircut of the penis.

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. How to shave eggs? Before shaving the testicles, it is better to douse them a little with cold water or blow with cold air. Then the testicles are pressed against the body and you can gently shave them. The remaining hairs on the eggs can be shaved in a more relaxed state. You should take your time and be careful not to injure the skin. Sometimes you can just lightly walk with a trimmer, removing the longest, sticking out and wildest hair.

8. Safety precautions for intimate men's haircuts

Be careful when cutting intimately. Stock up on hydrogen peroxide to treat and disinfect likely wounds. You can simply rinse with cool water to reduce irritation and stop bleeding.

9. Shaving a man's anus

Shaving a man's anus can be done, but you can forget about it. It is in favor that going to the toilet will be easier when the hair does not interfere with walking on the big one and get confused there. It's also good for intimate life if you and your girlfriend love experiments. It is best to take a trimmer or razor and then carefully remove excess hair. You can use a mirror to better deal with excess hair. You can use a depilatory cream, but so that the anus does not burn, as if on fire, you must first test the effect of the cream on your wrist.

9. What to do after shaving the penis, testicles and pubis

When you have completely got rid of excess hair, you should rinse your pubis, penis and testicles with cool water. After that, you should apply a cream, lotion or balm to the skin where you processed or cut your hair. After-shave cosmetic will soothe disturbed skin and relieve irritation in the groin. Lotion with aloe extract or camphor will moisturize the skin of the penis.

10. Discomfort in the groin after shaving

Be prepared for discomfort after shaving the pubis, testicles or penis. What to do if it itches where you recently shaved yesterday? You can use the aftershave for a couple more days right after your shower to make your skin look healthier and also remove your tooth. If there is irritation and some unrest, then it is better to visit a dermatologist for a consultation.

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11. Enjoy life and well-groomed groin

To shave or not to shave, that is the question? William Shakespeare did not face this question, but it was a long time ago. The world does not stand still, and therefore to shave or not to shave a member is no longer a question. You have already learned how to shave a penis, now it remains to do it and enjoy the life of a modern man. Shaving the groin brings more benefits, especially in terms of hygiene and intimate life with a girl.

Do you shave your pubis, penis or testicles? Or maybe you leave everything in its wild original form? What do you think about intimate haircuts and shaving?