How to seduce a girl for sex: working tips for promoting sex

For most girls, sexual contact is a rather serious step, which still needs to be “ripened”. It's all simple for you: you like it, I'm ready, let's go.

But you won't get far with this approach. Many guys sit without intimacy precisely because they do not know how to properly persuade the girl they like to have sex. In order for everything to be successful, and also to be a pleasure for both, the chosen one must experience certain feelings and trust.

In order to arouse sexual desire in a potential partner, it is necessary to work on yourself, not to miss the opportunity to make love and choose the right communication tactics.

Girls' attitudes towards sex

In order to understand how to seduce a girl for sex, you need to know how most of them feel about it. Fortunately (or unfortunately), almost all the girls are well-mannered, and ten minutes of “tested” pickup tips are indispensable here.

  1. They take sex seriously and perceive it as:
  2. An indicator of trust between partners.

A new stage in the relationship, which comes after communication and rapprochement.

  1. In order for a partner to consider the option of intimacy, she needs to:
  2. Be sure that she is attractive and she is sincerely wanted.
  3. Feel relaxed, calm and comfortable in the place where sex will take place.

It's good to get turned on after foreplay.

But remember that each girl is individual, and each needs her own approach. To sleep with a guy, she has her own set of requirements that she will not ignore.

Do not miss important moments

If you want to divorce a girl for sex, then do not miss the following points:

  • For women sex is just a logical development of events, a continuation of your communication. It's not just "put it in, took it out, and went" as for men. This is how female psychology works;
  • The most important thing is to make her want to have sex with you. Forcing is impossible. And persuasion is also not always realistic.
  • ​​

You can quickly persuade a partner to have sex only if she is in love or at least has tender feelings and sees you as a worthy candidate for intimacy. There are always exceptions: and these are, as a rule, girls who are not particularly picky about their connections. But here it will no longer be necessary to puzzle over how to seduce a girl for sex. The question is, do you need it.

Consider your status

Relationship with a girl is the first thing that plays a role in your rapprochement. And on who the potential partner is for a girl, her attitude to intimacy also depends.

A new acquaintance

Your advantage is that the girl still knows almost nothing about you, and there are many ways and opportunities to impress.


If you are in this status, it means that the necessary trust between you has already been established. But the only drawback is that a girl may not perceive you as a sexual object at all.

You can try to change this situation if:

  • You start to take better care of yourself, your appearance, manners;
  • You will say everything directly and be what will be. Her reaction will determine your next steps.

The very fact that you have warm feelings can make a girl melt and become more supportive. Then you need to continue to look after her, connecting all your male self-confidence.

But if the very desired reaction did not come from a friend, then there is no point in persisting. Back off and find another candidate.

Regular partner

When your “prey” is already trapped and sex continues between you for some time, it would seem, what is there to invent? But it happens that the lady of the heart, for some reason, began to refuse. Then you have to work here. Especially if you live together.

  • Show interest in her and her life, ask what worries and worries her. Tell what's on your mind. In this way, you will only strengthen the trust in the relationship and be able to find out why the sexual pause appeared;
  • Give all possible attention, care, help around the house, invite dates, make surprises and give gifts;
  • Always point out to her how sexy she is and remember the most vivid intimate dates;
  • Praise her thriftiness, and be sure to compliment her appearance.

If you are in a relationship enough already, then finding an approach may be easier. But, if nothing changes, then it makes sense to talk and, possibly, leave.

How you should behave

To win this game called "How to seduce a girl for sex", you need to become the man they want.

And for this you must:

  • Always look good, stylish, neat, smell good, and keep your hands and hair well-groomed;
  • Always be as calm and confident as possible;
  • Flirt, joke witty;
  • To be a stone wall, always ready to help, to be able to protect the girl, solve some minor problems;
  • Arouse her interest, sincerely talk about how you admire her, gently touch and look into her eyes.

Remember that you are a man, and a lot depends on you.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Sometimes a man can turn on a girl too quickly and want to get everything, all at once and as quickly as possible. And in 99% of cases, mistakes are inevitable that definitely do not contribute to rapprochement.

Here's what you shouldn't do to avoid being rejected:

1. Play yourself as someone you're not. You don't celebrate Builder's Day, do you? So don't try to be Dwayne Johnson or Zac Efron. You will lose instantly. Show yourself on the good side, be polite and tactful, but do not overdo it.

2. Show uncertainty. If you ask a lady “Are you sure you want to meet?”, “I didn’t look like a freak at all?”, Then you can send her sexual desire into deep hibernation. Neither in thoughts nor in communication do not allow the thought that something is wrong with you. Fully believe in your attractiveness, tune in to success, and your lady will also catch this wave.

3. Try to please in everything. The male core can be easily lost if you try to please by any means. But it is the opportunity to see a man in you that girls like so much. Share the behavior of "gentleman" and "henpecked", and then success is guaranteed to you.

4. Sing about love. Even if your feelings have already become deeper than just attraction, then delay confessions as long as possible. Girls often relax when they realize that now you can twirl as you like. Also, do not talk about love, trying to impress her. In the early stages, such recognition sounds strange, not pleasant.

If you do not make these mistakes, then there will be no big problems with how to seduce a girl for sex.

Seduction of various girls

Women, in principle, are interesting and complex. Sometimes there are not quite standard situations that make you look for the same non-standard approaches.

It will be easier for you to approach a potential partner if you study the peculiarities of communication with women of different age and family (or social) status.

How to seduce a classmate or classmate

Tips for the youngest, but those who take their breath away from a desk mate. If you fail to seduce (due to your youth and shyness), then you will definitely attract her attention.

1. Take her home. Of course, classmates or classmates will start teasing you. And this is even good, because such rumors can contribute to the beginning of a real romance between you.

2. Help with homework and other assignments. Common difficulties and problems can unite you. Help her with some lab or let her cheat on a test. A sense of gratitude can contribute to a possible seduction.

3. Play around in PE class. The school gym is an excellent field for rapprochement. Here I put him on a rope, there he helped with a somersault, he succumbed to the hundred-meter race. In physical education, you can touch the girl of your dreams a lot and “legally” and enter her comfort zone.

4. Lower her vigilance. During non-binding chatter about school, lessons, unfair teachers, twist the phrases “you have such beautiful eyes”, “you laugh so melodiously” and other compliments. So your courtship will not be too intrusive, but will help win the heart of a classmate.

5. Spend time with her at recess. Discuss an annoying class teacher or difficult algebra homework with a girl. Shared joys or frustrations will bring you closer than anything.

You have every chance, so don't be afraid. And if a classmate does not give up, then do not worry: there are still many love and sexual victories ahead.

How to attract the attention of a beauty

A beautiful girl, no doubt, always arouses interest and desire. There are such not only on TV screens, but also in everyday life. How to seduce a girl who differs from others in her dazzling beauty?

1. Work on the image. Get a haircut that suits you, go for a manicure, update your wardrobe. Beauty needs to match.

2. Do not look into her mouth, otherwise you will not move beyond the circle of admirers. She is accustomed to admiration, and will not perceive you as a worthy boyfriend.

3. Let self-confidence come from you. You have to stand out from all those that curl around this lady.

4. Emphasize in communication not the appearance, but other qualities of the girl. Because she already knows that she is beautiful, and it is important for her to be seen and what she is inside.

5. Focus on developing your own skills. The ability to repair a faucet or outlet excites women more than a pumped up body.

6. Find common themes and interests. If your conversations don't revolve around her appearance, then you'll have a huge advantage.

7. Be confident and persistent. Don't leave any options to refuse you. “Today we are going for a walk. Be ready by 8."

Beautiful girls remain girls. And dancing with a tambourine to win her is not at all necessary, just like having the appearance of Apollo.

How to seduce your boss

Maybe you have a desire to have sex with your boss? Or a teacher at a university? What could be the reasons for this?

  • Possible career advancement or academic success;
  • She's just stunning.

In any case, your prey is not so easy. What to do?

1. Make eye contact with her. Look at your boss more often, and when she looks back, don't look away. Let her know that she is attractive to you.

2. Be confident. Women in power are used to being obeyed and a little afraid. But you have to behave with a little defiance. Because every woman wants to be conquered.

3. Study the tastes of your object of passion. Does she like books, coffee, sweets? What is her weakness? Having received such information, you will be armed, which means you will be able to show her a sign of attention at the right time.

4. Try to linger. Be the last to leave the classroom or stay at work if the boss is also in no hurry. Then there will be a good opportunity to exchange hints or interesting phrases.

5. Start a discussion on any academic or work issue. Show her that you have your own point of view. Just do it reasonably and wisely, and not inadequately splashing saliva. The leader will be outraged that someone dared to contradict her, but your dialogue will not go out of her head.

6. Corporate is your good friend. Many paths are opened for you by an informal atmosphere. You can invite the chosen one to dance, just sit down at the same table or go outside.

But remember that this game is really dangerous. It's like you're walking on a knife's edge, seducing the leader girl. If it fails, a good script is just a broken relationship. Bad - dismissal or problems with studies.

How to get close to a married woman

How to seduce a girl for sex if she already has her own family? First you need to think carefully about whether you like someone else's wife so much that you are ready to forget about male solidarity and destroy other people's relationships.

But if no problems scare you, and you want to get reciprocity, then the following tips can help you.

1. Before launching a full-scale war, test the soil. To seduce a married madam, care must be taken. Start approaching her gradually and when she is alone. And until contact is established, it is better not to use electronic means of communication.

2. Assess the situation. Find out what a lady lacks in a relationship with her husband. As a rule, romance disappears from long-term relationships: gifts, flowers, compliments. Give her everything. Let's take this breath of fresh air.

3. Take your time, but be persistent. Perhaps your potential lady herself has long wanted to have an affair on the side, but she has not yet had such an experience. Take the initiative yourself and let her know that she is really desirable, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

4. Don't try to end the first date in bed. Let your passion get used to the new role of a mistress for her. And then start seducing with all your might.

If you have succeeded in attracting a married girl into your network, then decide whether this was a one-time entertainment, or you intend to continue. The status of a lover is interesting, but at the same time it can cause a lot of trouble.

How to seduce an older woman

When you have no problem seducing a girl for sex, you may want to try a sweeter “berry”. Namely, a mature woman.

If you are no longer interested in women of the same age, then here are some tricks to conquer older ladies.

1. Never talk about age! Although, this is the most obvious. Especially such conversations are unacceptable at first. No matter how gorgeous a beauty a woman is, she will never be satisfied that she is as old as she is now. Therefore, even if you have to answer the question “how much do I look like?” Answer: “5+”.

2. Be generous with compliments. Any girl, and especially an adult, wants to know that she is delighted and hear about it. Learn to express admiration for its virtues in words, and the shortcomings, if any, should not be mentioned. For example, if your lady is no longer pleasing to the eye with revealing outfits, you can always emphasize that she looks super elegant.

3. Be a man. The woman is older than you, but she is still a woman. The object of your passion, not your mother. Therefore, you are the male here: behave accordingly. Take initiative and show confidence.

4. Joke. Everyone loves to laugh. Older women may often not have this opportunity, because the routine and life experience do not allow you to relax. Make her laugh heartily, always be positive and energetic, charge her with your youth, and she will definitely seriously consider your candidacy.

5. Be honest and open about your desires. An adult and experienced woman does not want to drag out romance for a long time and will not. If she let you get closer and agreed to a date, then she wants sex too. But that doesn't give you a reason to flunk her right in a restaurant. But on the second date, you can already make specifics.

6. Be a gentleman. How the older generation likes to grumble: well, the youth has gone, they don’t respect anyone at all. Yes, manners are getting worse every year. But, older ladies still appreciate the manifestation of a "truly masculine" upbringing. Give her your hand, open the door, help her put on her coat. She will be very flattered by such attention.

Show a grown lady all the benefits of associating with a hot, intelligent and full of energy man. But behave accordingly, and not like a chick that has fallen out of the nest and lost its mother.

The perfect date

And finally, the final, but the most important stage in the quest "how to seduce a girl for sex" is your date, which will determine whether you will receive the main prize today or not.

This is what a date looks like that should end in sex.

1. Proper greeting

  • Show up at the meeting with a pleasant surprise;
  • In every possible way demonstrate how glad you are to meet you, smile;
  • Sincerely admire her appearance;
  • To say that you missed her (if you have already met before), or that you dreamed of meeting her as soon as you saw her;
  • Hold her and kiss her on the cheek.

2. Be interested in her affairs

Be sure to find out how her day went, what interesting things happened, what mood she is in. If the girl did not ask in response, then tell about your affairs yourself, but briefly and to the point. And if she showed interest, then do not hesitate to tell more.

3. Go to the main part

You need to:

  • It's appropriate to joke;
  • Compliment her, especially paying attention to the figure;
  • Be positive, don't whine, complain or judge others;
  • Do not avoid physical contact: take the hand, gently touch, hug, kiss. But do not forget to follow the reaction in order to understand whether she likes such a manifestation of attention or not;
  • Hint to her that she is very attractive and awakens in you all kinds of feelings and desires.

4. Don't block the climax

Here it's better to be alone with the object of passion. As sensually as possible and on your own initiative, hug her, kiss her, stroke her and say nice things in her ear. After such violent manifestations of feelings, sex is quite possible.

5. Proper parting

All girls like it when parting takes a long time. They savor the situation in which a man does not want to part with her for a long time. Therefore, if before parting you hug for a long time, kiss, you call her as soon as you disappear around the corner of the house, then this is what you need.

Such moments are of particular value if sex between you has already happened. The girl gains self-confidence, and next time the probability of intimacy will be very high.

Now you are savvy in how to capture the heart of the girl you like, and through the heart already gain access to the body. Make your desire to have sex not just physical education, but turn it into a full-fledged hunt, which, if successful, will bring much more moral and physical satisfaction. And if it doesn’t work out with one victim, then it doesn’t matter - you will find another. The main thing is to be confident in yourself.