How to seduce a girl?

Seduction, like flirting, is a true art that can be learned. Many men are already captivated by the word “temptation”, and mastering his technique is seen as something transcendent and even impossible. This opinion arises from the usual ignorance of the mechanisms that appear when interacting with the fair sex.

To learn how to charm girls, you first need to understand the seemingly impossible - how the female brain works. Here is the task! In fact, everything is easier. Read the article so that the girls not only say about you: “This man understands me,” but also pleasantly pleased you in bed.

Stages of seduction

Seduction can have different overtones. You need to decide on the purpose of your seduction: do you want to be a skilled seducer that no one can refuse, or do you plan to seduce one single girl, for example, to “get out of the friend zone”. The answer depends on how much knowledge you will need to learn about the female nature that is still “incomprehensible” to you. I think it’s not worth dwelling on this issue for a long time: if you want to be a womanizer of our days, you will need to completely build your personality for seduction, but if you don’t have such Napoleonic plans, you will get by with a couple of tips.

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1. Preparation

Pay attention to appearance. I think you agree with the opinion that a girl will not be interested in a groomed man. If you yourself can not properly draw attention to yourself, the girl will not do it all the more.

  • Take care of the cleanliness of hair, nails, etc.;
  • Pay attention to the clothes: they should not be expensive, but they must be neat (washed and ironed);
  • Don't forget what's on your feet. Believe me, the girl will definitely pay attention to the shoes, which should be polished and match the style of your image;
  • Keep in mind that the light, pleasant smell of toilet water will attract the attention of a girl, which is what you need.

2. Acquaintance

Make yourself known

Turn her gaze to yourself. Establish external contact. Make the girl want you.

Take, for example, the situation: at a party you liked a girl, walk next to her so that she notices you, look into your eyes and smile. If she smiles back, this is a good sign that she likes you. Most likely, you will exchange ambiguous views more than once.

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"Where is he?"

After the first step, do not rush to move on to more persistent actions. Disappear from her field of vision for a short time, "get lost in the crowd" - so you can get into the girl's head, and she will ask questions about where you are, where you disappeared to... She may even make attempts to find you, but this is not necessarily.

3. Reducing the distance

Only after you see the girl's interest in you, proceed to a closer continuation of the acquaintance. However, do not rush to “go on the attack” and immediately “reveal your cards”. Get closer gradually, make unobtrusive compliments to her appearance (girls, as you know, love with their ears, so your compliment will certainly be appreciated), but do not overdo it: you don’t need to let her know that she is too interested in her - the girl may lose all attraction to you.

How to seduce a girl? Joke, introduce elements of light flirting and, if you feel that the sympathy is mutual (the girl flirts, smiles and talks with you with interest), proceed to the next step.

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4. Romance

Invite the girl to chat in a more comfortable environment, for example, in a cafe. Take an interest in her life over a glass of wine, tell a little about yourself, take care of her. Such a dialogue will help win over the girl, earn trust. However, do not forget about flirting: he will turn you both on, give peppercorns to a conversation that will develop a fire of passion.

5. Competent touches

Men often begin this step with a gross mistake - they proceed to the epicenter of their desire, to the intimate zones. Do not forget that you are not an animal attacking the victim, such behavior will only repel a normal girl. But don't be too careful, don't ask her permission - find a middle ground.

Try to start with light touches on your companion's back. If she does not express signs that she does not like it, go to the neck, knees. In the meantime, stay tactful. Hints on the topic that concerns you, ask her: “Does she want to retire?” If the girl refuses, be as careful as possible, do not show your frustration and beat the table with your fist. This is an absolutely normal situation, many girls consider sex on a first date not the best idea. Therefore, a good option would be an offer to get to know your companion better. If the girl agreed to privacy, change the location.

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relax. Be courteous to her, offer a massage and proceed only with her approval. Remember that you don't always have to be the alpha male. If you do everything right, you will be successful.

Typical mistakes men make when seducing and tips on how to fix them

You are not the first who decided to learn how to seduce girls. Many men before you have made their attempts, some of them extremely unsuccessful. Let's analyze the typical mistakes that can be made when seducing the fair sex:

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Self-doubt. Seduction is a rather daring act, it implies a man's great confidence that he will be able to charm a companion with charisma, presentation, and conversations. It's no secret that most girls prefer strong-willed, confident men. Therefore, if you do not want to look stupid, say goodbye to the complexes, emphasize the dignity and go for it;

Talk about nothing. A girl can just chat with her friends. Empty conversations without flirting, without emotions will lead nowhere. And the game, throwing languid glances, sensitive topics will excite;

Excessive gratification. To indulge a girl in everything is a sign of a man's failure. This behavior again shows the uncertainty of the stronger sex that they can please just like that, and not for some kind of service. They live in hope that someday the day will come when girls will succumb to their temptation for fulfilling all their desires. Remember: girls do not like sex with "henpecked";

Rudeness. “Yes, who are you…and who am I? Yes, if I want, they will give me everything here. An example of not only incorrect behavior during temptation, but also a generally inadequate manner of behaving. A self-respecting man can distinguish between rudeness and authority;

Window dressing. Don't pretend to be something you're not. Firstly, you will lie (for a self-respecting man, this is already enough) and you can easily get confused in your own lies. Secondly, it will give rise to new complexes. Do you need it? Therefore, instead of portraying someone instead of yourself, it is better to emphasize your winning sides;

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How to seduce a girl? Now you have the knowledge that will allow you to take the first step in seducing girls. But they alone are not enough to be considered a master of charm. Practice, improve your personal beliefs, develop skills and then you can achieve great success.