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How to satisfy a woman in bed?

Once you find out what a satisfied woman can do in bed, you will never be able to stop when you yourself have reached the peak, you will certainly want to finish the job, absorb all the partner’s juices and feel all the colors of a woman’s orgasm.

There are two types of men: those who think only of their own satisfaction and those who care about a woman's pleasure as well as their own. Needless to say, how much the first lose, thinking only of themselves? In fact, they simply do not understand what sex should be like, what a riot of emotions they have never experienced, they lose. Such selfish men will not achieve anything good in communicating with girls, because you need to understand that sex is important not only for the male half, but also for the female. Why do the fair sex need a partner who does not even try to bring her pleasure? And then these men don't understand why their women avoid sex with them. Indeed, why? Let's fix the situation. I promise, after the tips that you will find in the article and try to apply them, not only you will be satisfied, but also your girlfriend.

Where to start?

In order to satisfy a woman in bed, you need to understand her psychology. Girls are subtle natures who are prone to self-flagellation, they are much more likely than men to feel awkward from their body: it seems to them that it is not thin enough, somewhere not tight enough, not smooth enough here, and the list goes on and on. In general, even the most beautiful girl who meets the generally accepted standards of beauty finds a bunch of “flaws” in herself and thinks that everyone around notices and condemns them.

Such a difficult psychology for the fair sex. Therefore, during sexual intercourse, they feel insecure, close, and do not stop thinking about what a good position to take in order to hide “shortcomings”, as assessed by their partner, etc. Now that you understand how busy the girl's mind is with other things that do not help her in getting pleasure during the process, do it right.

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Foreplay and foreplay

so that a romantic atmosphere reigned around you. This can be achieved with subdued lighting, a film in the background or calm romantic music, the smell of aromatic oils, etc. The atmosphere should be light, unobtrusive, but setting in a loving mood.

Offer to take a bubble bath together, like in the movies - girls love this and will definitely appreciate it. If the size of the bath does not allow for joint pastime, look after her while bathing her: massage your head, pay attention to foot massage - your caring actions will help the girl physically relax after a hard day.

2. Help the girl to relax internally

Your pleasant words will relax and liberate the girl. Do not be modest with compliments, let her know how beautiful she is, how much you desire her. Let her sexuality take over you - she will feel confident in her attractiveness. Subsequently, a fire of passion will ignite in her, which will be completely directed at you, and you will definitely be satisfied.

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3. Find out her secret desires

In achieving your goal - satisfying a woman in bed - it will greatly help you an open conversation with her about what she likes, what caresses excite, perhaps some role-playing games and much more.

4. Use all types of perception

A look full of desire to please a girl. Words about how she excites. Actions that ignite passion. This combo will allow you to disarm any woman, provoke and awaken every part of the body.

Girls need more time to get excited, so don't rush them, let them fully experience all the stages.

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Attention to erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are sensitive areas of our body with which we achieve erotic Feel. These zones are present in both men and women. Such a process should not be a random stroking "here and there." If you want to achieve the greatest effect in satisfying a girl, you need to approach intimate caresses wisely. Firstly, the sensitivity of these zones for each representative of the weaker sex is different, so you should pay attention to observing her feelings during caresses and note what you like more and what you don’t. Secondly, it would be a mistake if you start right away from the intimate area. Stimulation can be compared with provoking, the girl herself should want you to quickly proceed to the most cherished places. You need to start from less sensitive to more sensitive areas:

  • Pay attention to the neck and face. With soft movements of the hands wrap around her neck, bite her lip, kisses do not always have to be tender, add pepper;
  • Go down to the neckline. Treat your breasts carefully, as there is a large accumulation of nerve endings. However, do not be too gentle: with kisses go down to the lower abdomen, and here are the treasured places, the girl will already guide you herself, but not everything is so simple.
  • Take your attention to her wrists, caress them with kisses, run your fingertips and move up to her shoulders again.
  • Do not rough, gently pull the girl's hair, do not forget to kiss.
  • Gently massage from the outside of the thigh to the inside.
  • The peak of bliss. You will feel the girl begin to squirm and arch, lean more towards you - this is a good sign that you have teased her enough, she is literally ready to pounce on you. But do not miss the moment: too long caresses can tire. Proceed to gentle massaging of the labia and then to oral caresses of the most sensitive point of the female body - the clitoris.

Many men consider these activities a waste of time. This is a deep delusion, because a truly horny girl will give you unforgettable sex, which is definitely worth the time.

Sweet talk

Do not forget that the effect will increase if you caress the girl not only with your hands, but also with words. This does not mean that you need to talk about everything in the world during an intimate process. But whispering obscenity in your ear is not bad at all. Such conversations are also very exciting.

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What to do after sex?

Honest conversation

If you liked it, tell her about it, talk about the best moments. But also do not be afraid to discuss if you would like to change something, this will allow you to improve the quality of sexual intercourse each time.


Focus on what you liked about the girl's actions. Compliments and hugs are a good idea.

Offer to take a shower together

Taking a shower together brings you closer: you can hug, fool around, lather each other - enjoy each other.

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Mistakes men often make

  • Friction in one place does not excite;
  • An excessive dose of alcohol in your system can play a cruel joke;
  • Don't end a process a minute after it starts;
  • Stretching out pleasure for too long is also not worth it;
  • Take care of contraception in advance;
  • During sex, do not be distracted by extraneous things (phone, TV, etc.).