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How to satisfy a girl in bed?

Often the root of relationship problems lies in the lack of sufficient quantity and quality of sex. Quality sex is the only way to harmonious relationships, strong love and a happy personal life. How to qualitatively satisfy and fry a girl in bed? If a girl arranges scandals and quarrels for you, then she moaned a little at night or stimulated an orgasm. How often does your half remain without an orgasm and how much sex do you have? The root of the problems in most relationships lies in bad and even weak sex. A good relationship without quality sex is impossible.

How to properly satisfy and fry a girl in bed?

Start sex with foreplay

Girls get turned on much longer than men. Act with a girl like a car in the cold, when you need to warm it up well. Girls need approximately 20 minutes for sex, including foreplay. If you can last 5 minutes in sex, then foreplay should be at least 15 minutes.

Chat with the girl and compliment her. Start with the girl from afar, gradually undressing and caressing her more insistently. Work on erogenous zones. Touch, caress, stroke, kiss, blow, tease and bite the girl. Be careful when petting. Caress not only the girl's breasts, but also numerous other parts of the body. Delay pleasure and do not start sex until the woman is on fire with arousal.

Qualitatively fry the girl in sex

After caresses, there comes a moment when both of you can no longer stop. Gently insert the penis and start progressive movements. Don't start rushing like a race car from the start. Be rhythmic and watch the girl's reaction. When you fry right, the girl will show her attitude towards sex. She will begin to moan louder, move towards, ask not to stop and breathe heavily.

In addition to rhythmic movements, you need to act more actively with your hands and lips. A girl may miss kisses on the lips, neck, shoulders and chest. Hands paw and smooth her buttocks. Touch your hair, but gently. Whisper sweet words in the girl's ear. Whispers are very exciting for women. You can compliment beauty as you want it or dirty dirty words. Many girls cum hard only with good stimulation of the clitoris with a man's body or hand.

When a girl approaches the finish line, don't change your posture, rhythm, or angle of entry. Do what you did before and don't stop. The girl will soon finish violently.

Behavior after sex

After a love fight, sex does not end. Cuddle with the girl after sex, stroke her, but don't ask how good it was. Talk heart to heart, take a shower together. So the girl will not feel used for the sake of satisfaction.

Quality sex is the foundation of a relationship with a girl. How good are you at sex?