How to revenge former girl or wife?

It is only in romantic films that all relationships end in a happy ending, but in real life, more often than not, everything ends in a breakup. You part with an ex-girlfriend or wife as enemies who do not digest each other. At this moment, I want to take revenge on the former, settle accounts with her and do something to spite her. How to take revenge on the woman you broke up with?

Very often we are asked about how to behave after a difficult breakup and how to properly get revenge on your ex-girlfriend. Many men get stuck in the negative emotions associated with breakups and divorces, and often plan revenge out of a deep sense of resentment.

We may suffer for months, sometimes even years. We get stuck in old relationships, and then we start to destroy life and cannot find new love. Some become misogynists on this topic, because "all women are bad." But here the matter is different, because he could not bring the relationship to the final and could not take revenge, which left an unclosed gestalt with the former.

Why do we want to take revenge on an ex-girlfriend or wife?

Why do we want revenge? An ex-girlfriend or wife is most often the initiator of a breakup, and therefore you feel out of place. She broke your life story, your plans and your feelings, leaving you alone. You wanted to continue the relationship, but she did not give a damn about your feelings and desires. Bitch!

Often we are abandoned for someone better, rich, successful, handsome or young. It's annoying anyway, even if her next guy is worse than you. But if her new boyfriend is objectively better, then in general the melancholy is green, even howling. There are only one thoughts here, which are revenge and an attempt to prove to a woman that you are better.

Men rarely seek professional help when breaking up, and therefore get stuck in this state for a long time. Some begin to thump, stop taking care of themselves, drag out an unhappy lifestyle, fall into depression. Everything is bad, and nothing good is expected.

How to take revenge on an ex-love?

A fire of anger and hatred appears inside every man who is left by a loved one. You were dumped to be with someone better. So you are unworthy, bad and weak. You can look for answers at the bottom of the bottle, but this only exacerbates an already unpleasant situation.

In the depths of our souls, we always have some anger and a clot of energy that needs to be released. We are looking for options for revenge on the former so that she re-evaluates and regrets that she left. Sometimes you want to hurt your ex so that she, too, is unhappy and lonely.

But you won't show up on her doorstep looking so handsome, rich, happy and successful. All these are internal complexes and your feelings for her, which still control you. Do not try to do something to spite her or take revenge. You will not get better and better, but only worse and more unpleasant. Do you want revenge on your ex? Direct your energy in a positive direction, development and movement forward, not revenge.

Can you somehow get your ex back? It's like drinking from a glass of urine once and drinking again a day later with the hope that the former has changed. Find a new glass of juice or whiskey and cola instead.

What if you don't take revenge on your ex?

Use your inner strength to your advantage. Lead her into sports by making your body more athletic and beautiful. Direct your anger into career achievements, useful deeds, creativity, hobbies, travel and adventure. There are many interesting and cool things in the world that I have not tried yet.

Do you really want revenge, cruel and merciless? How to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend or wife? But is becoming better, stronger, more beautiful, more athletic, more successful, richer, happier and more joyful - this is not a good revenge on an ex-woman? Isn't forgetting her irrevocably a great revenge on your used girlfriend?

One of my acquaintances was left by a girl after a long relationship, having found a richer guy. For some, this would be a crushing blow when a person sits in a swamp and feels sorry for himself. But my friend quit his job and after a long study got into the field of IT. Five years later, he met her, but looked at her with different, no longer in love, eyes. It was an aunt with a dubious boyfriend, when everything was fine with him in business and personal life.

He was happy that she once left him, because otherwise he would have remained at the same level of development. Everything that is not done is for the better. It's the same with ex breakups, because there are a lot of better chicks out there.

Do something cool if you get dumped

Feeling sorry for yourself is stupid, but starting to do something important is cool. Take care of business, education, career, hobbies. Do now everything that you didn’t have time and energy to do before. Now you are not tied, and your hands are untied.

You can go anywhere, work hard, take risks, come in late, try new things. You are your own boss, and the former will not tryndet under the arm that you pay little attention to her. Put your money where you need it, not on your ex's clothes.

Do something cool if you get dumped. After all, it is at such moments that inspiration wakes up, desire appears and new thoughts are born. You now have grown wings, which means you need to use them. Catch the wind with your wings, and then move forward, not forgetting to have fun.

Find yourself a new girl or just taste them

What to do if a girl left you? When one bus leaves, the next will always come, or maybe you will catch a taxi or leave in a cool car. As one opportunity disappears, another opens up. Take a closer look at the street with other cute girls. They are not just a lot, but a lot.

You can hook up with any chick, because now you are free, not alone. Many men worry about being single. But I don't know a single man who wouldn't want to be a bachelor even for a day. You are now free and can meet different girls, and every night there can be a new and fresh baby.


Use the T10D method often used by pickup artists. It translates as "three... no 10 girls." After you do this, you will believe in yourself again, feel the joy of life and the beauty of young girlish bodies. And life is good and beautiful!

You haven't tried that cheerful blonde, that red-haired beast and that modest brunette yet. You haven't had fun and partyed with a lot of cool girls yet, they're just amazing. Let someone throw a stone at me who does not like to meet, meet, kiss and make love, and then choose a new baby again. It is the process of choosing a new love that will be the most intense and exciting moment in life.

Start a new life after breaking up

How to take revenge on an ex-girlfriend or wife? Start a new bright and happy life. Separation from an ex-girlfriend is a new life. After all, if you had not dispersed, then there would be nothing more interesting. Your relationship would fade away, and your ex would grow old and turn into an aunt. Boring, stupid and predictable life.

Have fun when you get dumped. Wives always get old, but depraved students never! I always found a new girl younger than the previous one and much better. You have already learned some mistakes from the relationship, which means you will be fine. Do not be afraid to move forward to meet something and someone new.

Make time for your friends to go out at night again, meet chicks and have fun to the fullest. Go on trips, visit new places, look into unknown corners and meet bright people.

When past relationships are over, the best revenge is moving forward. Forget your last old washcloth when you have so many cool things to do, pretty girls and a wonderful life. Be brighter, bolder, more confident, stronger and better. You have a new eye of life, and you yearn and think about revenge. I even envy you a little, because you have begun a new chapter in your life...