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How to relax, what to do and how to have fun? 12 traditional male entertainment

Have free time and want to have a good rest, but doubt the choice of entertainment? What popular and traditional male entertainment exist? How to have a good rest with friends and how to have a good time? Life without a good rest is boring and dull. You should always rest well so that you can work well later. How do men usually spend their free time, weekends and leisure? According to statistics, the most popular male entertainment are the following classes.

Traditional male entertainment. How to relax, what to do and how to have fun?

1. Drinking

One of the most popular activities for men is to have a good rest and take it on the chest. It is always fun to drink in the company, have sincere conversations, discuss life and make plans. Drinking helps to maintain friendships, relax carefree, have fun and move away from the routine. But you should follow the measure. Rock musician Jim Morrison said: "Drinking should be fun, not shit."

2. Sports

Together with friends, play football, ride bicycles, try volleyball, basketball, tennis. Sports will help you relax mentally, get distracted, stretch well and have fun.

3. Fishing

Going to the store and buying fish is too boring. Going fishing with friends with an overnight stay and tents is another matter. The main thing is not to take too much vodka, as well as not enough.

4. Billiards, bowling

Such games have been popular since the 90s, when men gather in a company. This is an opportunity to fight and find out the champion among you. In parallel with the game, you can drink, flirt with girls and have conversations.

5. Going to a bathhouse, sauna or water park

Gather in a male company in a bathhouse? This is a great activity since the days of Ancient Rome. Drink beer with crayfish or fish. Take courtesans and girls of not too strict views with you to the bath.

6. Extreme recreational activities

Go kayaking on a turbulent river. Climb garages or mountains. Skydive, play paintball, go to fight club. Men are always drawn to the extreme.


7. Sitting in the garage

You don't have to fix your car, but it's fun to sit in the garage. Especially if at home they try to load you with different things. Sit in the garage, play cards, drink beer and chat with your comrades.

8. Playing cards, poker and board games

Now these games are on the rise and are very popular among young people. Mathematical calculation and the excitement of games will help you get carried away with an interesting game.

9. Go hunting, camping or nature

Get together with friends and go hunting. You can just gather in the country. Get out into nature, make barbecue and chat. Sincere conversations, alcohol and fun pastime are provided.

10. Computer games

Gather with friends and play on the console. You can call and play online games in one team.

11. Go to a sports bar or stadium

Go out with a male company to watch a football or hockey match. Cheer for your team, drink beer, have fun and yell: “Ole-ole-ole, Russia is the champion!”

12. Meet girls

Walk down the street, go to a club or drive up in a bar. In a company it is always easier to frame girls. Meet pretty girls, take a walk together and take each one to his home.

This is the most popular and traditional male entertainment. How do you prefer to relax and have fun?