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How to realize yourself in life? How to find your place in life?

A person wants to find himself in this world, realize the potential of the individual and find happiness. Not everyone manages to realize themselves, and many remain slaves of circumstances. Each of us has many potential opportunities, but do we manage to use them? How to realize yourself in life?

“One of the things my parents taught me was to never listen to other people's expectations. You have to live your life and realize only your own expectations, and this is the only thing that really worries me. Tiger Woods

  • Why can't I fulfill myself in life?
  • I'm already 16-50 years old, but I still don't know what I want.
  • Who am I, what do I want, where do I go, and what do I live for?
  • I have a normal job, but it's not mine.
  • Everything in life is more or less good, but I am unhappy.
  • Why don't hobbies bring the desired income, but regular work sucks?
  • I am thrown from one extreme to another.
  • I did not realize myself in anything and did not take place.
  • My desires do not at all coincide with my possibilities.
  • I am not interested in anything and everything quickly gets boring.
  • How to realize your dream?

Often in life it is difficult to find harmony with oneself and find one's own path. In the nature of each of us lies the desire to realize ourselves, but this is difficult to do in reality. The American psychologist Abraham Harold compiled Maslow's pyramid of needs, where he indicated the basic needs and desires of a person.

Self-realization is the highest human need. If you are interested in this question, then you are an extraordinary person. How to realize yourself in life? Several factors hinder this.

In most cases, the problem of self-realization lies in the following situations:

  • A person himself does not know what he wants from life.
  • An unrealistic dream that is unlikely to be realized.
  • Inability to develop and overcome difficulties.

How to find your place in life? How to realize yourself in life?

1. What to do if you don't know what you want from life?

The path to self-realization is not easy. When you don't know what you want, you need to start looking for an answer. Stop doing what you don't like. Eliminate to the maximum from life everything that interferes and to which the soul does not lie. Cut off all excess. And then give yourself time to relax and gain strength.

When there is more energy and time, then there will be forces to something new. Then there will be an opportunity and a desire to search for something new. There will be a chance to try something interesting that I have long wanted.

Dive into life and observe your feelings. What is of interest, what is the soul, what do you want to do? Go beyond your usual limits more often. It is possible that your talents lie outside the plane of today's field of activity and lifestyle.

2. What to do if the dream is unlikely to be realizable and difficult to achieve?

Often we are driven by naive dreams from childhood, which we were forced into fairy tales or stupid films about the success of others. Become an astronaut, superstar, billionaire or legendary athlete?

Time to take off the rose colored glasses. Start small and you'll see. Do not chase unrealistic dreams, but look for real ones. The dream and goal must be achievable. Set a goal, make a plan, and take action. Step by step.

3. What to do if nothing works?

It is not necessary to collect problems, but to solve them. Not satisfied with the job - look for another. No friends - communicate more, and do not wait for them to appear themselves. Your personal life does not add up - start getting to know each other more often and look for those with whom it is really good. If you don't like your figure, start exercising. You need to stop being lazy and just start doing. Persistently, regularly and persistently. 100% of failed attempts will fail.

Life presents you with many potentialities and chances. The question is what you do and how you behave. Wake up!