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How to quickly achieve results? Get rid of excess

Do you feel like you're in a swamp that sucks everything you don't want into the abyss? Sometimes we do not know what to do in life and how to change it. Often what is needed is not so much effort as the rejection of everything that hinders you. How to quickly achieve results? Get rid of everything that is holding you back or holding you back.

We all set some goals for ourselves, but often stall, and progress is minimal. What is the reason for this slowdown? Each of us has a lot of anchors and excess ballast that prevents us from rising up. When you can't move forward, it's time to cut the ropes and throw everything you don't need overboard.

How to achieve quick results and success?

1. Find your bearings instead of being busy all the time

We are used to being busy all the time when we have a lot of things to do and everything is in the foam. But being busy and doing what needs to be done are two different things. Stop doing things that are just tinsel and don't matter to you. Cross out all the things and things that only waste your time in vain.

If a thing does not matter in 5 years or does not bring you closer to dreams, then today you do not need to take it on and spend even 5 minutes. Do only what is important, and do not imitate violent activity. Why deceive yourself?

You can quickly achieve results using the Pareto law. Throw away 80% of the excess, and take care of only 20% of the important. But these 20% of the important will give you 80% of the result.

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2. Stop trying to be perfect

Perfection is an illusion that no one can ever achieve. Stop trying to be perfect and great. The best has always been the enemy of the good. Under any circumstances, do your best, but do not strive for perfectionism.

Life is beautiful, but it is beautiful in its imperfection. Ideal to be too bland and boring. Stop trying to be perfect. It slows you down and takes away your strength. It is better to do well and on time than to do it perfectly but too late.

3. Get rid of self-criticism and love yourself

The most evil, sharp and toxic enemy is inside us. Treat yourself with dignity and respect. Do not criticize yourself, do not blame and do not undermine self-esteem. We don't always get what we want in life. But this does not mean that we are bad. It's just not always up to us.

Let go of self-criticism and love yourself. You've been criticizing and scolding yourself for years, but what good has come of it? Now try to praise yourself and approve. See what happens. The results will not keep you waiting.

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life? Comparison with other people. You don't have to be better than other people in everything. It's just not possible. There is always someone richer, smarter, better, more successful and more beautiful.

Comparing yourself to others is pointless. It's like judging all animals by their ability to climb trees. How to quickly make progress? Compete not with others, but with yourself. Compare your past successes with today's. So it's more correct.

5. Do not blame others, but take control into your own hands

Often we spend all our strength and emotions when we blame other people for our troubles and misfortunes. We feel like the victim and others the aggressors. But accusations are a waste of time. No one can destroy you unless you let yourself. You cannot always influence the situation, but only you choose how you will react.

Everyone has their own life, and it is best to focus on your own. Your future is the result of your choices today. Blaming others, we simply relieve ourselves of responsibility for what is happening. We shift the control of our lives to other people, unfortunate circumstances, bad government, and unhappy times. Take control. This will give you maximum control and results.

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6. Do not worry about the future in vain

We want to have a happy future and control everything in the world. But this is not always possible. Understand that in life you can not control everything, no matter how hard you try. Time will tell what will happen next.

You don't always get everything you want. But you can always find and try something else. New job, new specialty, new girl, new city, new try. Do not worry in vain about the future. Planning too long is rarely the right one. Everything happens at the right time. You just have to let it go sometimes. But it's still best to plan ahead. This will chart the course of movement and progress.

7. You do not have to follow the rules or other people's dreams

You do not need external confirmation of your desires. Someone else's approval, desires and gossip. Alien rules and alien dreams. Why should you care about all this? Take care of your needs and follow your heart.

Say no to what you don't want to do. You don't owe or owe anything to anyone. All our desires come from within us, and are not imposed from outside. You don't have to follow rules or other people's dreams. Follow your dreams and do what you think is right. So you will quickly get to your long-awaited goals.

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8. Don't chase happiness

How to quickly achieve results and progress? It is to be happy while you are on your way to what you want. But we have materialized our happiness too much. We believe that we will be happy when we get something we need. It will be a job, a second half, a car or a house. We will be happy when we get something meaningful and material, but not before. We look forward to weekends, vacations or vacations to enjoy life. As a result, we are very rarely happy. Rarely.

You don't have to wait for a new phone, a new job, or a car to enjoy life. Every day spent on the planet is already the best gift. Switch your attention from desires to what you already have. These are relatives, friendship, health, hobbies and pleasures. Don't chase happiness, but be happy.

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How to quickly get results? Get rid of excess. It's always easier to achieve what you want when you're light when there's nothing holding you back. Cut the ropes and go ahead. Fair wind and seven feet under the keel!

Why do they usually want a fair wind and seven feet under the keel? The draft of a ship of that period did not exceed 2 meters (seven feet). The captains of the ship tried to have at least 7 feet under the keel so that the ship would not run aground.

Cut the ropes. Fair wind and seven feet under the keel!