Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How to quickly achieve any goal? What prevents you from being happy and successful?

Why are successes, goals, and happiness in life hard to come by? Why do other people get their way quickly and you don't? 90% of people make one common mistake that prevents them from living a full life and quickly achieving what they want. How to quickly achieve any goal, from personal life to the implementation of your plans? Why can't you live the life you want? Why are all goals hard to come by and why does it take so long to reach them? The fact is that most people make one mistake over and over again. We rarely try.

We are afraid to try, make mistakes, and fail. After every failure, we decide that it's us and are afraid to try again. We make too long pauses between attempts and cowardly close to the shore.

Remember how your heart was broken, and you didn't date anyone for a long time. As after an unsuccessful tackle on a girl, you are embarrassed and afraid to approach a stranger next time. How after a failed relationship you avoid girls and are alone for a long time. It's not about the girls, it's about you. If you are not afraid of relationships, not afraid to meet girls and not afraid to communicate with them, then it is quite simple to establish a personal life.

The girl left, refused to meet or something else? Never mind. If you drive, you will definitely be unhappy and lonely. Why are bad boys and womanizers popular with girls? Why do they achieve their goal? They do not stop after the refusal of one girl and proceed to the next. They go with all the girls they like. Time after time, try after try. Is it worth saying that they are all right with their personal lives and sex?

Remember how you tried to go in for sports, pump up six pack abs, become stronger and sexier. But after some trying, you quit. So the next time I tried to get in shape only a year later. Too few attempts to make yourself a dream body. You tried little, rarely and too sluggishly.

Remember how you wanted to change your life and change your job. You searched a little, went to 5 interviews and gave up. The next time you tried in a couple of years, when the bitterness of failure was forgotten. Too long pauses between attempts to succeed in this.

So absolutely in everything. Fear of failure and few attempts to achieve goals.

How to quickly achieve absolutely any goal?

Every day, Moishe fervently prayed to the Lord to help him win the lottery. He led a righteous life and prayed to God for material well-being for 50 years. When Moishe got old, he got angry that God did not help him. Suddenly, the clouds parted, and the god appeared, exclaiming: “So give me at least one small chance! Finally buy at least one fucking lottery ticket, and I will help you!”

Why do other people get what they want and you don't? Why do they succeed and are they lucky? Luck favors only those who try a lot and are very persistent. Don't be Moisha, who only asks and waits, but doesn't try.

Don't be afraid to try and make mistakes! Too long pauses between attempts to achieve a dream. Successful people get things done just because they keep trying until they reach their goal. Edison performed 10,000 failed experiments when he finally invented the incandescent electric light bulb.

Some people make more attempts and trials in a year or even a month than the average person in a lifetime! Needless to say, they are getting what they want?

How quickly to achieve any goal? Don't be Moishe who only prays for 30 years but does nothing. Too soon you stop trying and give up. Try, try and try! Until you reach yours.