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How to pump up the pectoral muscles with your weight

Today we will talk about outdoor training in winter, because even in such an extreme situation, you can comfortably and effectively exercise. Features of training in the cold.

In winter, it is almost impossible to meet sportsmen on sports grounds. With the onset of cold weather, some of the guys go to the gyms, and some completely refuse to train. Of course, it is much more comfortable to work out in the gym in the winter, but you should not give up training. Moreover, there are life circumstances when you can’t even visit the gym, it’s at such moments that outdoor training will help out.

Today let's talk about outdoor training in winter, because even in such an extreme situation, you can comfortably and effectively exercise.

Before exercising outdoors in sub-zero temperatures, take care of your clothing. It should be light, comfortable, protect the trainee from the cold and remove excess temperature from the body. At first, until you warm up, until your body warms up, you should practice in a winter jacket, but in the future you can remove it. Watch your feelings, you should not be cool and should not be hot.

Now for the training, today we will analyze the training of the pectoral muscles, which can be worked out not only in the gym, but also in the street. In general, you need to understand that for a full-fledged training of this muscle, attention should be paid to its upper, middle and lower parts.

To train the upper part of the chest muscles, it is necessary to position the body so that the legs are above the ground. In this position, it is very important to maintain a straight line of the legs and torso, the pelvis should not fall through and should not rise up.

It is good to load the middle part of the chest with push-ups from the ground, and depending on the width of the placed hands, this load will be different - either on the inside of the chest or on the outside.

As for the lower part of the pectoral muscles, the best exercise for this is push-ups on the uneven bars.

And another important point is the load. It must be understood that the growth of muscle mass and strength is possible only with a constant increase in these very loads. Of course, at the initial stage, especially for beginners, it is enough to deal with the weight of your own body, but in the future this becomes not enough. No need to worry, you can increase the load with the help of additional burdens, for example, a backpack with books, dumbbells or water bottles. In the end, special weight vests are sold, they allow you to create an additional load for those involved.