How to pump up the chest. Tips and exercises

Athletic chest is one of the most expressive ornaments of the male torso. Tips and exercises on how to pump up a powerful athletic chest.

Athletic chest is one of the most expressive ornaments of the male torso. Many people want to have developed muscles, although not everyone knows how to achieve the really desired results.

To begin with, it is worth knowing a little about their structure. The pectoral muscle consists of two sections: the pectoral and clavicular, therefore, for the development of each of the sections, different techniques and exercises are needed. A particularly important point that radically affects exercises for the development of chest muscles is the structure of the chest.

According to its structure, people can be divided into two groups.

In the first group, the chest is flat and if you look at the person from the side, you will not notice anything remarkable. However, if you look from the front, you will see rather broad shoulders and chest. Thanks to this, it will not be difficult to develop muscles, even without resorting to a lot of weight on the bench, but, unfortunately, it will be quite difficult to achieve high strength indicators due to anatomical features.

The second group of people have a convex chest, and it is these people who most often have problems with the development of the pectoral muscles. Although there are advantages: this type has an advantage in exercises such as the bench press due to the anatomical structure of the chest.

How to pump up the chest

Now let's turn our attention to the exercises themselves. For the development of the upper and clavicular section, exercises are mainly performed on an inclined bench in the prone position, and the angle should be from 10 to 80 degrees. One of the popular exercises is the pullover.

Many athletes believe that the chest muscle grows when doing this exercise, although this is not the case. With proper execution of the pullover, the latissimus dorsi and slightly triceps will work. Although it is worth noting that the chest expands significantly from this, especially if you perform it after heavy squats.

The next exercise is the workhorse of bodybuilding, which is the bench press. During the bench press, the upper and lower sections of the pectoral muscles, triceps and deltoid muscles are worked out. This exercise is one of the main disciplines in powerlifting and, in combination, one of the most effective.

If you use a lot of weight, then be sure to put a couple of people on the safety net. There is also one no less popular exercise, it is called “wiring”. First, it needs to be performed with a small weight for about a month in order to master the technique and get used to it. With the right approach, only the chest muscles work. Try to lift the weight of the dumbbell only due to their strength, this will allow you to most effectively develop the chest.

In conclusion, every month try to change the positions of the exercises, add something new and remove the old ones. Adjust the number of approaches and weight based on your fitness, and do not forget to eat right.

Photo: Marcel Steger's magazine MENSBY. COM