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How to propose a girl to meet: 155 beautiful phrases

I liked a girl, but you don’t know how to approach her, how to please her and how to start dating? All girls require an individual approach, but the general techniques are about the same. How beautiful is it to invite a girl to meet so that she agrees? The first step should be taken by a man, because she herself will not throw herself into your arms.

We often like someone to the point of unconsciousness, but it can be difficult to take the first step and say something about something more. Usually we are stupid or too hasty, which reduces the chances of a positive answer. How to start dating your favorite baby?

When and how to propose dating a girl

Instagram)? When to make an offer? You can do this any time you want. You can offer to start dating together after 5 minutes of dating or after a few romantic dates.

Often people just ask for a date and then kiss there, which implies a thick hint at a future relationship. If you want to start from afar, you can first ask the girl on a date. If you want to clearly indicate your position and serious intentions, then you can immediately offer to meet.

The phrase can be anything, but it should be said at the right moment when she is in a good mood. You should avoid a situation where the girl is in a hurry, busy, or there are extra witnesses. Talk to a girl about a date or meeting in private so that she is comfortable. Remember that a girl can refuse, but if you do not ask, you will never know that you could be happy together.

How to ask a girl out. Sample phrases to go on a date.

The first step should be taken by a man, because she herself will not invite you on a date? Girls expect some humor and lightness in the proposal from you, because if you propose too seriously and boringly, then it may look a little affected.

Men are slower in making decisions, which means that a girl can expect your initiative for a long time. Here are examples of phrases with which you can call any beauty on a date or invite a girl to meet with you. Remember that if she likes you, then the words can be almost anything, because she also wants this very much. So be bolder, more confident and positive. Girls love bold, firm and confident men.

1. You're cool, let's date.

2. If you keep staring at me like that, I won't have a choice but to ask you out on a date.

3. Let's not waste time, and finally go on a date.

4. I can read your thoughts. Yes, I invite you on a date, as you wanted.

5. You are not married, I am single. Coincidence? I do not think.

6. Do you want to go on a date with me? Yes or yes?

7. If you look at me like that again, our toothbrushes will be next to each other.

8. You're too pretty for me to leave you in a frienddon. I'm going on a date.

9. I am too impatient to wait for your invitation to a date, and therefore I invite you to a meeting.

10. I'll ask you out on a date if you're good at kissing.

11. I offer you my hand and heart, because my hand is already tired.

12. You don't have to flirt anymore, I already want to date you.

13. If we continue to be stupid, then our children will not appear by themselves.

14. Congratulations, you won a date with me.

15. Going to watch a movie on the last kissing row for the weekend.

16. Friendship is great, but let's leave it to others and start dating.

17. Tomorrow evening we have a date at 20.00. Do not be late.

18. Will you join me at the weekend to go to the cinema?

19. I hope that you are a passionate girl, because I want to ask you on a date.

20. Hey babe, are you interested in a happy relationship with a great guy?

21. I can't promise that everything will be smooth and without quarrels, but it will be the best relationship in the world.

22. Let's meet. I will feed you cakes and cupcakes.

23. I like you. Going on a date so we can get to know each other better.

24. Let's go eat ice cream and walk tomorrow holding hands.

25. I have a crazy idea: we should be a guy and a girl.

26. We've been friends for too long. Let's take it to the next adult level.

27. Release your weekend plans, I'm taking you on the best date of my life.


28. You like me, I like you. Why should we hide it?

29. Our friends will be stunned if we start dating. How do you like the idea?

30. If you have no plans on Friday, then go on a date with me.

31. I like you and my job is to warn you. Let's meet.

32. I have never met such a delightful and unusual girl. I'm going on a date.

33. You're too pretty to just be friends with you. Let's meet.

34. I am an adult, and therefore I immediately invite you to meet.

35. We feel so good together. Why aren't we dating yet?

36. Between us already sparks. Let's start dating.

37. I want to date a beautiful, smart, amazing and wonderful girl. With you.

38. If you guess what my favorite place is, I will invite you there on a date.

39. Let's meet unfriendly. I want to kiss you.

40. I intend to go on a date today. In your company.

41. Do you want to start dating me before someone else does?

42. No more words. We're going on a date with you right now.

43. I can't understand why we haven't met yet?

44. I offer you a hand and a heart, but first a romantic date.

45. Something slipped or stood between us. I want to ask you out on a date.

46. Why should we be lonely when we can be together?

47. I like spending time with you. Let's meet?

48. I'm going to the movies, but I need company. Come on a date with me.

49. Can you tell me how to invite a girl to meet?

50. I like to flirt with you, it would be more interesting to start dating you.

51. Are you ready to change your status to "dating"?

52. We haven't had a date yet. What are we waiting for?

53. I noticed that you noticed that I like you. Let's go on a date.

54. We go on a date and you can't say no.

55. I believe in friendship between a man and a woman, but something more is going on between us.

56. I'm sure you're a good kisser. Let's go on a date and check it out.

57. I. You. Cinema. 20 hours.

58. Usually I don't make the first move, but I want to ask you out on a date.

59. I know that we would be the best couple in the world. Let's check?

60. What should I wear on a date? By the way, we have a date.

61. Let's go to a cafe tomorrow, I'll pay for dinner, and kiss you.

62. I'll tell you straight out that I really like you. I want you to be my girlfriend.

63. Can you decorate my evening with your presence this Saturday?

64. You are strange and I am strange. Let's unite.

65. I have serious plans for you. Let's meet as a man and a woman.

66. How to offer a girl a date in an original way if she is stunning? Will you help?

67. We act like we're already dating. Let's make this a reality.

68. Are you bored? Then I invite you to a date.

69. I was in search for a long time, but they ended. Be my girlfriend?

70. My dream is to start dating you before someone else does.

71. Let's go with you to one interesting place. I invite you on a date.

72. With you I become happy, and I want to make you happy. Let's meet.

73. I would love to be your boyfriend. Do you want to be my girl?

74. I dreamed that I asked you out on a date. But now I want to do it for real.

75. You don't have time and neither do I. Let's have a date so we don't waste time.

76. It makes no sense to hide the fact that there is nothing between us. Let's start dating.

Let's meet.

78. I lost a friend recently. The moment I fell in love with you.

79. I don't know if you've been told, but we have a real date in you today.

80. You are an important person in my life. Let's get closer to each other.

81. Today I woke up and realized what I was missing. I'm going on a date.

82. Would you like a drink on Friday? This will be a date.

83. Our friends think that we will make a great couple. Let's prove them right.

84. I want to ask you out on a date. Can you help me do this?

85. We would be good friends and make a great couple.

86. Coffee from me, and delicious kisses from you. How do you like the idea?

87. Are you hungry? I invite you on a date.

88. I thought I wasn't ready for a relationship, but you turned my world upside down. Let's meet.

89. If you don't mind, I will introduce you to everyone as my girlfriend.

90. I would like to spend all my time with you. Let's start dating today.

91. I plan to ask you out on a date, but I'm afraid of your reaction. How do you like the idea?

92. I'm in a good mood today, so I want to share it with you on a date today.

93. If I promise to invite you on a date, then kiss you.

94. Friendship with you is not enough for me.

95. I liked you at first sight. Let's meet like adults.

96. I understood two things: I am ready for a serious relationship, for a relationship with you.

97. Girl, we forgot to ask me out.

98. You are a very wonderful and beautiful girl. I want to ask you out on a date.

99. We are made for each other, and if we start dating, we will be convinced of this.

100. There's something about you that I've never seen before. I invite you on a date.

101. If I asked you out on a date, would you say yes? Well, hypothetically?

102. I see the future. You are my girlfriend and I am your boyfriend. How do you like my prophecy?

103. You need a boyfriend, I need a girl. And I have a great idea.

104. I believe that we are made for each other.

105. I can't think of a better weekend pastime than asking you out on a date.

106. I am 100% sure that our relationship will be harmonious and happy.

107. We got so close that I can't imagine life without you. Let's meet.

108. I'm going to introduce you to my friends as a girl.

109. There is something unusual and magical about you. Be my girlfriend?

110. I want to be your boyfriend and you are my girlfriend. Am I reading your mind correctly?

111. Yes, you can ask me out.

112. Can you skate? Let's go on a date and I'll teach you.

113. I invite you there as a girl.

114. You look like a sorceress. When I see you, others disappear. I'm going on a date.

115. Not another word. I'm going on a date.

116. I can't wait for our date. Oops. Have I invited you yet?

117. I don't want to go on a date alone. Can you come with me to a rendezvous?

118. We feel good together and there is chemistry between us. We are a great couple.

119. I'm in a great mood to tell you what I've wanted to say for a long time. Go meet.

120. I can no longer hide. I like you.

121. Do you want to watch a movie with me and go on a date?

122. You deserve the best, and I will put this world at your feet. I'm going on a date.

123. I don't want to be too pushy, but we're going on a date with you today.

124. How to invite a girl to meet if she is very beautiful?

125. Let's bet a kiss that I like you.

126. We are so different and so the same. Let's start dating.

127. Do you believe in love at first sight or should we first go on a date?

128. There is only one thing I want to change in you - your last name. Go on a date with me.

129. You look so good, I have to ask you out on a date.

130. It's time to start a new countdown. This is the start of our relationship.

131. I feel like we should be together. How do you like the idea?

132. I'm sorry, but I can't be your friend. I will be your boyfriend.

133. I'm not a photographer, but I can perfectly imagine us together.

134. I may look stupid, but I still want to ask you out on a date.

135. Do you want to ask me out or should I do it myself?

136. You don't look like the girl I want to be friends with. I would like to meet with you.

137. I want to sing a serenade under your window. How do you like the idea?

138. You have very pretty cheeks. I want to date and kiss you.

139. We look at life in one direction. Let's meet and go on dates.

140. I plan to meet with you. I just want to warn you.

141. Everyone says that we would be a great couple. Need to check.

142. I want to fall asleep and wake up with you. Lets be together.

143. If you have no one to kiss, then I offer my candidacy.

144. You are a very chic and delightful girl. Let's hang out together.

145. I have waited too long for this meeting. Let's start dating right now.

146. I feel more than just sympathy for you. Let's meet, pretty girl.


147. When we start dating, I will do everything to make you happy.

148. Do you want to go to the park with me as a girl?

149. Is it so hot in here or is it you? They took me on a date.

150. This is a robbery. Give your heart or be destroyed.

151. Be my girlfriend!

152. Either you agree to go on a date with me, or we immediately go to the registry office.

153. If we were socks, we would be a great couple. How do you like the idea?

154. This is old fashioned, but I'm going to suggest you start dating.

155. I'm sure you look like my next girlfriend and my future wife.

Still struggling with how to propose to a girl for a nice and original date? Say whatever comes to mind, but from the heart. The girl must agree if you are cute and interesting to her. A girl can refuse, but who said that among 6 billion people there are no beauties who will happily exclaim “yes” to you.