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How to poke fun at people

How to put rude and unpleasant people in their place? How to tease your buddies in a fun, funny way, make witty jokes and be the life of the party?

Playing pranks on others (of course, if done right) is a great way to make friends with those who understand what sarcasm is, as well as put boring rude people in their place. We'll teach you how to tease your friends in a fun, friendly way, how to make witty jokes, and how to make conversation fun. Skip to the first part of the article and learn how to play pranks on your friends.

1. Teasing friends

1.1 Use sarcasm. Using the right sarcastic voice is the quickest way to make a joke. Sarcasm, as it were, implies that a person makes himself out to be a fool by the very fact that he asks this seemingly reasonable question. This technique is simple, and from time to time it can be used successfully. This is a fun and not rude way to play a trick on a person.

Say the opposite of what you mean when someone asks you a specific question: “Yeah, did brilliantly on a test. I'm a genius, don't you know? Next week I'm giving lectures at the Moscow Physics and Technology Institute.

Give obviously wrong answers to the questions. If someone asks where you've been, a good sarcastic response would be: “Sasha and I just came from the mountains, hunting rabbits, trading their skins for rocket fuel. Work is not sugar. But what about us, where have you been?

Exaggerate the answer. If someone says that you look bad today, answer him: “I apologize, teacher. Put me in chains. Can I bring you a glass of white semi-sweet?”

1.2 Understand the difference between funny and cruel. Joking is usually even more fun when you're laughing at something obviously made up. After all, you won’t make fun of a good friend who has received a bad grade - cruel jokes and extra attention to failure can hurt him; however, it will be fun to play a similar prank on someone who gets an A plus.

1.3 Tease someone for his intelligence. Making fun of someone's high intelligence can be quite fun and rewarding, as it is not the person's “sore point”:

“Are those all the words you know? I'm shocked".

“Now you can stop talking. We are dumbfounded."

"If I wanted to listen to some nonsense, I would turn on the TV."

"I agree to stick my hand to the wall, if only you would stop talking."

1.4 You can tease people about their appearance. Picking on someone's clothes or hairstyle is a great way to tease someone in a non-rude and funny way. Do not cling to weight or skin color - this can be a sensitive topic and cross the border with bullying. Try something like this:

“Nice shirt. Shopping in the shower department again?”

“You are dressed as my dentist. Only you are not so rich and have not done anything useful for me.

“It smells like you have mice in your hair again. Worth checking out."

"Where I come from, people who dress like that steal paint from the garage."

1.5 Use funny comparisons and metaphors. Release your inner Snowball Will and laugh at someone. Your jokes don't have to make sense. The more ridiculous and funny they are, the stronger the fits of laughter will be, in which you plunge others. Keep your comparisons casual and witty. Try something like this:

“You look like Mao Zedong at a beach party. Seriously".

"You look like my uncle when he's hungover from triple cologne."

"You're just a Michael Jordan with a grump."

"You smell like Hulk Hogan's shower."

1.6 Parody someone's characteristic. If your friend has a particular way of talking, walking, or doing something else, repeat it. Practice copying his behavior in a way that is as similar as possible. The next time your friend decides to show off in front of someone or makes an annoying unconvincing joke, perform your parody, causing a flurry of uncontrollable laughter. In fact, copying doesn't have to be super-accurate - let it be fun and exaggerated. A good parody might include an exaggerated version of the following:

Distinctive gesticulation.

Popular phrases that the person uses.

Walking style

Human accent and other features of speech.

1.7 Eye rolling. You can make someone laugh without saying a word. When your friend starts to say something, pretend that he said the dumbest thing in the world - do it artistically, with drama. Roll your eyes up, sigh loudly and drop your head forward, hitting it on the table. When everyone turns around and looks at you, raise your head and say: "Everyone who heard this has become a third more stupid."

1.8 Know how to choose the right moment. ​​When poking fun at someone, timing is very important. A good witty joke is distinguished from an evil and flat one by a skillfully chosen time. A sarcastic sigh and eye roll, played at the right moment, can be just as effective as long-winded cunning lines.

Comedians speak in a certain rhythm - between statements there is a pause equal in time to inhalation / exhalation in order to give people the opportunity to understand what was said. Your goal is to be funny, not run ahead of your own jokes.

2. Ridicule

2.1 Make fun of only friends. If you want to make fun of someone, you can only do it with friends. It is absolutely normal to tease friends, brothers and sisters with barbs, but aggressive ridicule of a person who is not very familiar will be regarded as bullying (aggressive bullying, offensive bullying). You cannot know in advance how he will behave, how he will feel, therefore, be friendly with strangers. Practice on your friends first.

2.2 Know when to stop. Even if you're just jokingly teasing, there is a danger of going too far. Make sure the person you are joking with understands that you are doing it with friendly intentions; stop if you see that a person takes all this to heart. Do not offend people by picking on the same person on the same issue - this is unpleasant and rude.

If you laugh at someone and see them start to pull away, apologize to them later. Explain that they were just joking; show your affection for him by refusing to joke about him for a while.

2.3 Redistribute your wits. Don't constantly make fun of the same person, otherwise he will feel that you are discriminating against him. Just in case, never make fun of the same person for more than a week in a row. Taunt your closest friends, and then change the jokes to kindness. Switch to someone else. If you want to remain on friendly terms with the person you are making fun of, you need to be equally kind and friendly towards him.

2.4 Be prepared to be ridiculed as well. If you're going to 'feather pluck' people around, be prepared to turn your tail on too. As long as you remain friends and make fun of each other, everything is fine. Don't take your jokes and attacks personally, as you will get more "credibility" when you joke back.

2.5 Avoid bullying (aggressive bullying) on ​​your part. Choose someone who is your equal physically and emotionally. Make sure the person can handle it; otherwise, your behavior will be regarded as bullying, which may be followed by punishment. This remark is especially true if you are in school. Let your little brother or sister take a break from you. They already have enough problems, do not add yourself to them.

Never touch on racial issues, sexual orientation and other areas that may be sensitive to a person. Each of us has our own difficulties in life. Be kind to people.

Tips for making fun of people

Pay attention to the feelings of the people you are making fun of. If he/she looks happy, great, you're both having fun. However, if a person is shy and starts to get upset - stop!

If you want to be successful at making fun of others, don't give up if your first attempt doesn't live up to expectations.

If you upset someone, explain that you just wanted to cheer them up and apologize for hurting their feelings.

Unusual, creative ridicule is better perceived and remembered.

If you make fun of someone, make sure you do it in a good-natured way. Your goal is to make them laugh, not offend.

Overly nasty comments are unlikely to benefit your social image; if you want to get close to a person, limit yourself to negative statements when you laugh at him. In other words, don't put people down.