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How to please Woman: Effective Tips for Men

No one is born with the knowledge of how to win a beautiful girl. It's bad when you don't have a close friend to ask about it.

If you do not know how to please a woman, you will be helped by effective advice for men. They are based on personal experience, psychology and human nature. You are waiting for ideas and recommendations that will allow you to see your weaknesses, to achieve the most impregnable lady.

5 effective tips for men

I don’t want to talk about banal advice “be gallant”, “speak compliments”, “be yourself”. I will tell you about the main points that would make me personally pay attention to a man. I think most women will agree with me.

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why unkempt and untidy men do not like women. Who cares about a foul-smelling, beer-bellied guy in an alcoholic T-shirt, knee-high sweatpants, and flip-flops on his socks? It is interesting that the representatives of the stronger sex stubbornly continue to wear similar clothes and shoes. It is clear that not everyone can be fashionable...

Experienced pick-up artists know how to please a woman. Modern young ladies are ready to shoot their eyes at guys who are dressed attractively, neatly, stylishly and sexy. It is unlikely that your new sneakers from the market will arouse interest. But 100% effective:

  • snow-white smile;
  • inflated body;
  • fashionable tattoos;
  • confident look;
  • firm gait;
  • clean dark skin;
  • seductive perfume.

An updated wardrobe and a gym haven't hurt anyone yet.

2. By correspondence

If you had to communicate with a woman by correspondence, imagine that the dialogue is not virtual, but real. Do not neglect the points:

1. Study the page of the interlocutor and find out about her interests. Personal information will help to understand whether she has a lover or not. Maybe she has already become a mother.

2. Speak in an understandable language, even if you constantly use professional terms in your work. Not every lady will appreciate the dialogue, where there will be messages like "Today we released a new feature for production."

3. Do not rush to switch to “you”, otherwise “you and I haven’t drunk on brotherhood” will immediately fly in.

Once a guy sent me a message on social networks that began like this: “good times with ducks.” And it wasn't a joke. Do you think he interested me? I'm already silent about this ridiculous greeting. Don't have a smart phone with a watch? You just woke up and you're trying to figure out what time of day it is?

If you have problems with spelling and punctuation, you can use voice recordings. And do not get carried away with modern youth slang, otherwise the maiden will harshly swear after your zashkvar.

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silicone leg pads. They visually made his calves more inflated. What prevented him from going to the hall is unknown.

With these overlays, he became more courageous right before his eyes, that his shoulders straightened out like the wings of an eagle. I was embarrassed in front of other people when his artificial calves moved out or twisted. For this reason, Elisha was always the subject of ridicule. Despite his kindness and generosity, blue eyes and Hollywood smile, this strangeness of his put me on my guard.

A friend's ex-husband thought he was immortal. He knew how the world works and how to create weapons of mass destruction. He even tried to draw drawings, proving with foam at the mouth that he was the ghost of Nikola Tesla. I don’t know what it was: strangeness, jokes or bipolar disorder, but let me remind you that now he is an ex.

If you know about your unusualness in hobbies, actions and character, it is better not to show it right away. If you start to behave ridiculously from excitement and fear, learn to deal with them.

Is it worth talking about such a strange thing as exposing the body in front of other people? I know a couple of comrades who do not hesitate to take off their pants in front of everyone, thinking that it is very funny.

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who are by nature creepy womanizers. So, our entire office department was crazy about the young leader Evgeny. He always had company for the evening. He did not get close to the girls, did not promise them castles in the air, eternal love and a strong marriage until the end of his life. But each thought that she was the one who could conquer him.

In no case should you become a fatal male trying to arouse jealousy in her. But it is also impossible to be obsessed with the object of your adoration, not noticing anyone around. She will quickly get tired of excessive obsession, and talking about the fact that you want to marry her will quickly push her away. A woman may think that you are hanging noodles on her ears.

Your task is to be interesting to the fair sex. Do not try hard to single her out among the female team. A couple of compliments, a funny joke and a direct look is enough for the first time. After that, forget about her. And now she is already jealously looking at how you are talking with her friend.

5. How and when to joke?

Surprisingly, a lot of searches in search engines sound something like this: “how to be funny for a girl.” You don't have to be a clown. Be witty, well-read, erudite.

A sense of humor can be developed by getting more information. Watching programs and videos will give you the opportunity to remember current jokes, keep abreast of the latest jokes and tricks.

Try to notice what kind of humor she likes: vulgar, black, childish, kind. Use facial expressions and gestures in your stories. They will help enhance the effect of jokes. The joke will be even funnier if it is said at the right time. Don't forget self-irony.

With the help of a sense of humor, one can easily get out of awkward situations and even resolve conflicts. The main thing is not to offend a woman with sarcasm or bad jokes about her appearance.

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What can get in the way of being liked

Learn about effective advice for men and the top three reasons that interfere with your personal life. Remember how to please a woman if you are overcome by fears.

1. You can't be so beautiful in the world

Among men, the fear that she is too good is quite common. The guy sees the object of sympathy, and his knees begin to give way. He is no longer able to think soberly and thinks: “How can you approach a beautiful girl if you don’t have press cubes, and a pimple has treacherously popped up on your forehead.”

At the time of the meeting, remember that she is also a person who sleeps, eats, goes to the toilet, rides the bus. Why can't you please her? Beauty is generally a relative concept. Maybe she considers herself the most ordinary girl and is not looking for a banker with canned biceps.

2. Men's cowardice

Men's fears are often associated with a stronger opponent. No woman will pay attention to a cowardly boyfriend. If the gentleman did not defend at the right time, this is not forgotten and not forgiven.

I do not blame timid men who are paralyzed with fear the moment danger strikes. Weakness of spirit - that's what repels me. No, you should not wave your fists at every step, proving your masculinity and strength. If the situation is serious, do not go on the rampage. But if you are ready for the meanness and betrayal of a woman to save your own skin, this is already cowardice.

It's disgusting to look at guys who constantly brag about stories of victories, and in an emergency they take back their words, try to frame another, hide behind their lady.

Be a man in any situation. Do not be silent if someone frankly offends the woman you like. Don't pretend you don't hear. Stand up for the female gender. She will definitely appreciate this behavior and look at you with different eyes.

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food delivery or road worker. The circle of interests and communication will be too different. A developing actor who has just started his career, or a talented athlete, has more chances. And don't let thousands of dollars lie in the safe.

If you are interested in a woman with a good financial condition, you must show her that you are able to develop and move forward. If the girl's feelings are mutual, she will not be interested in your wallet.

Let's turn to the horoscope

Often a woman asks on the first date: “Who are you according to your zodiac sign?”. And then, with the air of a wise astrologer, she continues: “I knew it was Scorpio! It's immediately noticeable." And God forbid you tell you the same zodiac sign under which her ex was born! You will immediately be blacklisted, because, for sure, you will turn out to be such a goat.

Women love to listen to horoscopes, read daily forecasts and involuntarily find moments in them that correspond to real events. Of particular interest is compatibility with the opposite sex.

The zodiacal circle has long taken care to find a pair of each creature. Therefore, catch effective advice for men on how to please a woman: match her ideal, with the support of the stars. Listen to the advice of astrologers and pay attention to the qualities of character that she wants to see in her chosen one:

1. If you want to win the heart of an Aries girl, be assertive and bold. She won't pay attention to a guy without fire in his eyes. Remember that a ram is also a ram in Africa. It is better not to argue with such a woman, it is easier to kill her.

2. A Taurus woman will trust a gentle and romantic gentleman with good earnings. This is exactly what my sister, born on May 9, chose. How do the stars know everything?

3. According to the horoscope I am Gemini. A man who can interest me should be enterprising, sociable and resourceful. Two-faced Gemini will have fun with the same fickle personalities as themselves.

4. A Cancer woman will fall in love with a modest guy who will spend most of his time at home.

5. Powerful Lionesses are drawn to independent and proud personalities. A man should be the leader in a relationship.

6. Don't know how to please a Pisces woman? Surround her with care, let her feel safe.

7. To win the favor of the Virgin, invite her to her usual place. Due to the isolation of the sign, it will not be easy for you to get the lady's sympathy.

8. The Aquarius woman loves to talk about everyday things, meets people by clothes and does not look at guys who constantly show off.

9. My friend Sagittarius will not tolerate if a man deceives her. The young man added her for a very long time. Finally, the female heart has submitted to honesty, strength and male support.

10. Do not try to mislead a Scorpio woman. Money can't buy a woman like that. The main thing is to establish emotional contact with her.

11. A Capricorn woman primarily pays attention to appearance. With such a lady you need to be patient, romantic. You must have a sense of humor.

12. A Libra girl will definitely notice a smiling, intelligent and sincere man. With her you need to be friendly, sociable and attentive.

I agree, the advice of astrologers is too vague and sometimes absurd. You can not believe in stellar clues, as well as in the theory of a big conspiracy. You can read about the preferences of a woman and her character, if only for the sake of interest.

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If you're married

I could never bring a woman home, at first because of my parents, now - because of his wife. This is about you? Tell me, why do you need effective advice for men on the topic “how to please a woman”? Are you dissatisfied with your beloved? Want new sensations?

It looks like the situation is standard. You are constantly arguing. Intimacy is very rare, she got fat after giving birth, feelings cooled. But that woman is not like that. She is slim, beautiful, well-groomed, with a sense of humor. And spit on the mortgage and the common child!

I hasten to warn you that that woman is likely to become just like your spouse. Having achieved it, you will begin to live together. The time will come for everyday problems, lack of finances, mutual claims. Then the boomerang will return in the form of a breakup, after which she will leave for another man.

Maybe you should help your wife get in shape? Sign up for a gym together, talk about pressing issues, spend time with your children in nature.

Think a hundred times before flirting with another woman. It is clear that life is one, and you need to trust your feelings. Throwing you will only gain hemorrhoids, and you will be left alone.

If you feel that you have fallen out of love, and are determined to achieve another, use effective advice for men, but do not forget to sincerely talk with your spouse and dot the “and”.

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If she is married

My most disliked question is “how to please a woman if she is married?”. Does it make sense to encroach on the role of her lover and destroy the family? Where is the confidence that you need a serious relationship?

I do not condemn such novels, I fear for the consequences. You need to be prepared for constant condemnation, gossip and sidelong glances. And remember the boomerang rule. In practice, this occurs very often. Recaptured a girl from a friend, expect her to fall in love with your friend.

If you are not afraid of cuffs and decide to act, then show your attitude towards her in deeds, not in words. When communicating with a married woman, do not touch on the topic of her spouse. No need to interfere in family problems and speak ill of her husband. Another mistake is to praise yourself and compare with him.

Try to take more care of the lady, but in any case do not push for a divorce. Start to be present in her life more often, learn more about her interests, which will unite in conversation.

You will have a much better chance if she is unhappy in her marriage and is already considering a divorce. Perhaps you will be able to reanimate her heart, exhausted by quarrels with her husband, household worries and troubles. At the same time, it is important to have serious plans and follow effective advice for men "how to please a woman."

How to please an older woman

To attract the attention of a lady who is older than you, consider some points:

1. It is important to meet her needs. Not every woman will agree to go with you to a local eatery or to a club party.

2. Soberly assess the situation. If she's a well-groomed and elegant businesswoman, check your wallet first.

3. Don't be ashamed of your age. Forget about the complexes and be confident.

4. Don't try to look older. Do not go headlong into the image of a wise and life-hardened person.

5. Show your serious intentions, the ability to care. Be caring and kind.

6. Intellectual equality plays a big role. If you are not able to make informed decisions, and development has stopped at the level of grade 10, then your attempts are doomed to failure.

A woman of any age can please a man. Don't look at the dates on your passport. Just keep in mind that an adult lady can lead in a pair, and then matriarchy will be built in the relationship.

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What's wrong with me?

Do not rush to give up. Try to find the reason for the lack of response and look into yourself. What's stopping you from liking a woman? Shyness, bad past relationships, sexual problems, stinginess or self-doubt? Maybe you just need to increase self-esteem and put your appearance in order?

Look around. How many nondescript guys consider themselves Johnny Depp and inspire women with this. Moreover, they run after them and pull them out of other people's beds. Therefore, you need to be more confident in yourself.

Sometimes a woman just isn't for you. If all attempts are in vain, try to accept it. Then you will be grateful to the woman for not being able to please her, because thanks to this you will meet the one with whom you will know absolute happiness.