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How to plan your life so you don't go with the flow?

If you do not have a plan for success and wealth, then you have a plan for failure and poverty. Having a plan separates successful people from crowds of losers. Do you have a plan? Move towards the goal or go with the flow wasting your life in vain?

How to keep life under control, use your strength, time and potential to 100%? Your future is being laid today and you need a plan. Without a plan, most of life will be spent in idleness, laziness, mistakes and aimless throwing.

An adult and overripe person always makes clear plans in order to be as efficient as possible. What should be planned and how?

How to plan life so as not to go with the flow?

Short-term planning

I take one berry,I look at another,I note the third,

And the fourth is imagining.Cartoon "Pipe and jug"

At every moment in time and in any business, you need to have an action plan. The action plan should be two or three steps ahead. Now you will take the first step, for the second step you plan the next action, the third and fourth are approximately.

In most cases, planning much further is pointless. After all, the situation often changes during the day and a long plan with a large number of steps will be irrelevant.

Planning short-term activities for a day or a few hours is very important. Having a plan allows you not to take long pauses to determine the next task, allows you to be more efficient and gives you a vision of the future of the working day.

Medium-term planning

Plans for a couple of weeks or months are more solid. They describe the approximate direction and course that should be followed. What goals you need to achieve, things to do and what to do all this time. This allows you not to rush from side to side.

Long-term planning

Plans for several years allow you to see if you are going there at all. Sometimes a small deviation at the beginning can lead you far to the side if you do not clearly understand the end goal.

Try to develop a good and useful habit of planning things. This will allow you to do more, be efficient and go faster towards your goal.