How to persuade a girl to have sex?

Acquaintance with a girl for many guys is a difficult and almost insurmountable task. In fact, everything is simple here, you just need to gain courage and confidence. The beginning of a relationship is the most emotional stage, but it will not bring proper pleasure without carnal pleasures. That is why the question constantly arises in your head about how to persuade a girl to have sex. Well, the work is not easy and requires some skill.

What is sex for a girl?

After reading most of the forums, one can come to the conclusion that for a girl, sex is a kind of sacrament and a process that means that she is only yours. Don't worry, it's far from it. It is worth considering that the answer to this question depends entirely on the character, and even more so on the age of your beloved.

Of course, young girls, on average, up to 23 years old, are more difficult to relate to this and attach some kind of cosmic significance to intimacy. But for us this is not a problem. With modest women, it is worth behaving intelligently, without sharp impulses of passion. For such representatives, we have other effective ways, which we will discuss below.

Girls after 25 are more relaxed about sex. For them, it is simply the satisfaction of personal needs. Some ladies are convinced that for a nightly rendezvous with breakfast, you don’t need to experience love feelings at all. To fail with this type of women, you need to be as unkempt and ill-mannered as possible.

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Yes, you got it right - upbringing plays an important role. If you are not very lucky with this, then imitate, not only women do this.

Characteristics also affect the result. If a representative of the Old Believer is standing in front of you, who keeps herself for the only prince on a white horse, run. But if you really want it, then you have to sweat.

The main thing to remember is that a woman cannot be persuaded to have sex. No “please” from you will help if she does not feel desired.

What will help you get sex?

There are several aspects without which it will not be possible to get what you want. Read attentively!


It should be said right away that it will be difficult for those who have just passed the dating phase. This feeling does not arise in a second, some couples cannot build it for years. But in order to move on to carnal pleasures, the girl needs:

  • To be sure that this relationship will not be the end of their relationship. Intimacy for her is a transition to a new stage.
  • To understand that in front of her is exactly the man who will become a real support and support for her.
  • To know that what happened will not become public knowledge, but will remain only between them.

These are the main points to be observed if you are dating a woman who is in awe of sexual relations. If your companion has become a girl of modern views, for whom sex without obligations is not a shame, then it is enough to comply with the last paragraph. You are not the last scoundrel who will tell everyone that she gave herself easily to you and did not even break?!

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Build trust:

  • Meeting friends. When you introduce her to your circle of friends, she becomes confident that everything is real with you, because you won’t introduce a girl to your friends for 1 evening?! Do not ignore meetings with her acquaintances, and you will get an extra point!
  • Take an interest in her life. Learn about hobbies and interests. Pay special attention to work and study. If you see that the lady is upset about something, try to find out what's the matter, cheer her up. Share all the joys and sorrows.
  • Start talking about a future together. No need to shoot phrases about family and children in the forehead, just tell her how great it would be if after a few years you would still be together, because you are made for each other.
  • Do not forget to tell about yourself. If you ask about her life and hide yours as much as possible, it will make her worry. And not in vain, because this is the behavior of a real maniac.
  • Stop lying! Girls feel lies for three miles, although sometimes they do not give a look. If you have been asked a question that you cannot truthfully answer, it is better to say that you are not ready to talk about it now.

If you do everything according to plan, but you still can't figure out how to persuade a girl to have sex, then you are making a major mistake. She is talking about the former. This topic is not acceptable in any form. Verbally lowering and humiliating an ex-girlfriend in the presence of a current one is like digging your own grave.

It's not worth talking about how good it was in past relationships, and especially that part about enchanting sex. This will only scare away your chosen one. If the woman herself started this topic, try to give the most neutral answers to her questions.

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How to behave on a date?

The classic version of a date, which will increase the chances of sex, is as follows:

  • When meeting a girl, dress neatly, use perfume, polish your shoes. During the greeting, hug her a little, but do not be impudent! Take an interest in her affairs, note her delightful appearance. It will be a big bonus if you come to the meeting with a bouquet of flowers. Do you hear? With a bouquet, not just one rose! Many girls have a negative attitude when they are given a single flower wrapped in cellophane.
  • If she's not interested in your life, she's probably shy. Briefly tell about yourself, if after that she shows interest, do not stop talking. Come off to her, she must see all of you from the inside.
  • Try to keep a positive attitude, even if before the date something spoiled your mood. Tell easy jokes, tell funny stories from life, make her smile.
  • Do not forget to use light phrases in your speech that will let her know that she beckons and attracts you, causing a storm of emotions.

During a date, do not miss the opportunity for tactile contact. Give a little hug, take your hand, and anything that can cause pleasant emotions. If you do everything right, then you will not have any difficulties with how to persuade a girl to have sex.

The end of a date does not depend on whether you had sex or not, it is the same. Women love long goodbyes with long kisses, sometimes it is at this moment that they are most inclined to have sex, of course, if the date went without unpleasant surprises. If you do not see her home, then be on the phone with her all the way. Be sure to ask how she got there, if there was no way to contact. Tell me how you look forward to your next date.

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Continue dating at her or your place

Psychologists have done research that says that 95% of women who invited a guy to their home after a date or came to visit him are ready for sexual relations, more precisely, they hope for a pleasant continuation of the evening.

If you are lucky enough to meet such a woman, you do not need to attack her from the threshold. Prepare your beloved, ignite the fire of passion in her. Suitable for this:

  • Taking a bath together. Stock up on foam, scented candles and wine in advance. Turn on nice relaxing music, shower her with compliments. Be sure to note that you had an amazing evening, it was the best date in your life.
  • Massage. Persuade your partner for this, no matter what it costs you. During the massage, she will relax as much as possible and distract from excitement and worries. Start the procedure of light strokes of the back and arms. Gradually go down. Use more than just your hands, a wave of excitement will run through her body if you connect your lips. But do not rush, everything should be on time. First hands, then lips!
  • Watching a movie. This option is suitable if the girl did not agree to a bath and massage. Prepare a selection of romantic films containing erotic scenes in advance. The classic 50 Shades of Gray will do here, but if the girl is not a fan of this work, turn on the 1991 film Lover, then her underwear will certainly not remain dry.
  • Taking food from each other's hands. A banal strawberry with cream is suitable here. The recipe has been tested for years, why invent something? If it is not at hand, you can arrange fruit or cheese slices. Remember that food should not be heavy and it does not serve to saturate, but to excite.

These methods will help you get intimacy in no time. After several practices, you will stop thinking about how to persuade a girl to have sex, because you will work according to a knurled pattern.

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Importance of tactile contact

There is not a single girl in the world who does not like tactile contact. It is important both at the dating stage and during foreplay. During the walk, try to hug her more often, take her by the hand. If possible, run your hand over her face and hair.

When you are alone, you can go on the offensive. During the kiss, put your hands on your waist and lower them lower on your buttocks. Gently stroke them, and when the passion will splash out, squeeze them with your big and strong hands.

During foreplay, pay close attention to your back and chest. Gentle, barely perceptible strokes will cause in her a huge storm of emotions, which she is unable to resist. The most sensitive places for a woman are the inner part of the palms, forearms, and thighs. Don't forget about them, stay there longer. Use not only your hands, but also your lips. Did everything right? Congratulations, you are waiting for enchanting sex.

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What else is important in getting sex?

There are many nuances that can affect the outcome of a game. Let's analyze the most popular.


Even if you just met, the girl must be sure of your fidelity, that you are going to breathe only for her. On a date, do not talk about the girls from your environment, spontaneous jealousy on her part will cover all your plans with a copper basin.

If during the meeting you are often distracted by the phone, she will think that you are not interested in her, or communicate with other girls. Show with all your appearance that you are not interested in anyone like her. Stop staring at the passing beauties!

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Ready #1

See, you can do it right, the girl is already naked in your bed, but at some point everything breaks, and she leaves. The reason for this is your irresponsibility and lack of condoms.

Contraceptives are important for women not only as a remedy for unwanted pregnancy, but also as protection against sexually transmitted diseases. You can foam at the mouth to prove that you are clean and have never had an STD, but all this will be in vain, you did not exchange edits from the venereologist at the meeting.

You should always have a condom in your pocket or purse, and preferably several, who knows how things will go? Regularly monitor the expiration dates, otherwise the contraceptive may break at the most inopportune moment.

Think beyond yourself

This rule is especially important if you want to meet a girl more than once. During petting or ordinary petting, give her maximum attention, work so that no extraneous thoughts arise in her head, but there is only a wild desire.

Just because you got your way and there was intimacy doesn't mean you have to get up and walk away after the end or turn your back on her. It's time for hugs and pleasant conversations about what happened. Tell me how you enjoyed it, and you want to repeat it.

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Cleanliness of the house

Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly. If after a date you want to invite a companion to your house, you will have to get out. This may be a small cleaning, including picking up scattered clothes and socks. Do not be lazy, wash the floors and wipe the dust. All this will take no more than an hour.

If a girl comes to an apartment where chaos reigns, then I give you a 90% chance that she will avoid intimacy in all possible ways.


Yes, for some types of girls this is an important aspect. Currently, many girls are looking not for love, but for a sponsor for life. If your choice fell on such a woman, then there are two options.

Some girls just need to splurge. A nice suit, a cool watch, an expensive car, that's all you need. You don't have to own it all. Friends and a car rental agency will come to the rescue.

Others will be more difficult. They are waiting for expensive gifts from the first date. If your financial situation allows, buy a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, take her to an expensive restaurant, and then you can go for a little shopping in a lingerie store. And then invite her to your place to try on your gift and brag about it.

Remember that money is important only for a certain group of girls. For most, it is still important what feelings you kindle in her.


This is the meanest way to get a girl into bed, but, as practice shows, very effective. The point is that you need to say only what the chosen one wants to hear. Namely, conversations should be made up of your "beliefs" about your wonderful future together. The main thing here is not to go too far. Tell her how you would like to marry her and have several children who will be incredibly beautiful, just like her mother.

Try not to talk about your parents at all, but about your desire to introduce the girl to them. This fact scares off not only guys, but also girls.

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Here things are much simpler. Often, men do not care who they have sex with and they begin to write to all the girls on the Internet. If you are in this category, then follow these tips:

  • Greet the girl, note her exceptionally charming and seductive appearance.
  • Flirt and pay attention to her reaction. If it is positive, keep advancing.
  • Throw in some dirty jokes to lighten the mood.
  • In all your associations, show your desire for closer contact.

As a rule, after the last paragraph it becomes clear whether it is realistic to persuade a girl to have sex or not. If she doesn't mind, ask her out on a date or go straight to your place. With her consent, you can be sure that the evening will end exactly the way you want.

If during the correspondence a girl makes contact and shows by her communication that she is not against frolic, offer her to exchange intimate photos. This will ignite the fire of passion even more.

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Of course, during communication, you can immediately ask if she is interested in sex without commitment. However, this scares off most women, and even those who only counted on it. Such a question makes girls think that unremarkable dry sex awaits them. Everyone wants intimacy to be beautiful, even if without love.

Use the tips in this article and you will be successful on the sexual front. Remember that every woman is unique and requires an individual approach. Ready-made schemes from the Internet will not help. Feel your chosen one and be a gentleman to the end.