How to overcome greed?

What is the most unpleasant trait in people that the stronger sex does not digest and women despise? Greed. Such people are called goons and krokhoborov. Nobody loves them, and others bypass them, but that's not so bad. Greed deprives a person of the opportunity to achieve more, to become more successful, richer and happier. How to overcome greed?

"I'm not greedy, I'm homey!" - said the famous fairy-tale and cartoon character brownie Kuzya. Many people do not consider themselves greedy, but perceive themselves as frugal, frugal and homely. Denying the problem is the first problem. If you never share anything with anyone, save all the time, count every penny and regret giving anything to the closest people, then you are a greedy person.

The problem of human greed

Greed is a vice that speaks of a person's inability to interact with the outside world and people. Do you hold on to money, afraid to spend it and constantly save? Has anyone received gifts or anything of value from you? You look suspiciously like a miser, who in the future is waiting only for poverty, loneliness and need.

A greedy person is constantly engaged in accumulation, like the fictional character Plyushkin from the poem "Dead Souls". Plyushkin is the standard of greed, stinginess, hoarding and pettiness. If you don’t remember how it all ended, then Stepan Plyushkin lost all the money accumulated by miserliness at cards.

Greed is a deformation of the personality, when a person turns into a laughingstock, mean-spirited and redneck. Pathological hoarding and greed only interfere with life. What are the disadvantages of being greedy? A greedy person rarely has friends, no one loves him, the opposite sex ignores him, his family despises him, and life itself is mediocre.

The ability to share with others is very important. This launches energy into the universe, allowing you to return in a larger size, multiplying and developing. Resource cycling is important when stagnation leads to decline, misery, poverty and want. The problem of human greed will lead to the fact that it must be fought before it destroys your life.

How to overcome your greed?

1. Realize greed as a vice

Often people who have spent a lot of time in need become greedy, and therefore save. Greedy are people who are not accustomed to sharing. Greedy are people who save up for no reason.

Greed does not lead to well-being, as people believe. The saved money, things and resources will not bring the long-awaited prosperity. Greed is a vice that does not lead to happiness, prevents you from enjoying life and deprives loved ones.

2. Please yourself beloved

Why do we need goods, things, money and other resources? To implement some plans, buy something for yourself and give pleasure. Unnecessarily greedy people are afraid to buy new clothes or something that will help them feel better. A greedy person will not buy the necessary things, will save on food, will not please himself with various trifles. What if you please yourself? You will feel better and happier. Greed prevents you from enjoying the moments of life.

3. Give yourself the potential for the future

Afraid to buy a cup of aromatic coffee to save as much as N rubles? The same per month will cost 30 times N rubles! Do not buy yourself normal clothes, a normal phone or other necessary thing? But how to calculate the joy, pleasure and happiness that these things will bring? By spending a few resources, we will get a better mood, achieve more and realize dreams. Saving 50 kopecks, we lose more. We are wasting our potential. Spending money can be invested in mood, luck, opportunity and happiness.

4. Launch good into the universe

How to overcome pathological greed? There is a boomerang principle in the universe, when the neglected good and blessings return in multiple sizes. If you share a little of your resources with those who need it, then everything will return multiplied. Do good and good things without expecting anything in return. Just help someone, share with loved ones or strangers. This does not mean that you need to give away the last shirt or the last ruble. Share as much as possible, and do not be greedy, like the last miser on earth.

5. Choose those with whom you share

You decide who and how much to help, and where to pass by. There is no need to give and help everyone. Too much generosity and kindness will be perceived as weakness. They will sit on your neck if you spread yourself too much or please others. Help your worthy, good or weak. You yourself decide what the heart tells you, and it rarely makes mistakes.

6. Realize the value of material things

We often overthink material things. Consumerism did not make anyone happy, just like the race for money. Why are people greedy? For the reason that they attach great importance to material things. Money is the dust that will be blown away by the next gust of wind. There are things more important.

7. Help close people

There are always a lot of people around us who are close to us by blood or spirit. Give gifts to parents, relatives and close relatives, because you will not lose. Pamper your soul mate and make her happy. Present gifts to relatives, friends and those whom you want. A gift gives attention and care, which are much more important than its price.

8. You can't take anything with you

Some people save their whole lives for no one knows what, and then a crisis, depreciation, unfortunate events or death. As a result, a person saved, saved, saved, was greedy and stingy all his life, but was not happy. Greedy people are not loved and despised. Greed prevents you from spending, sharing and enjoying life in peace. To be the richest man in the graveyard? A dubious and pointless achievement. You can’t take anything with you, so don’t get attached to things, money and other tinsel. Give people more often so that your things or money do not go with you. Remain in the memory of people as a glorious fellow, and not as a miser and redneck. Leave behind warmth and joy.

How to get rid of greed? Think about the fact that there are much more important things in life. Think about the fact that life is much shorter than it seems at first glance.