How to meet in a cafe or fast food restaurant: 31 pickup phrases

Pay attention to the fact that the cafe, bar or fast food restaurant has the most attractive people? Often it is in such places that good, young, positive, bright and direct personalities gather. How to meet in places where they eat or drink something? The best funny and funny phrases for pickup in food places.

We all often drop by for a bite to eat somewhere or just to drink coffee. It can be McDonald's, KFC, Burger King or another similar place where you can satisfy your hunger. But have you ever thought that this is a great place to meet cool people?

How to meet in a cafe, bar or fast food restaurant

We all regularly eat fast food, choosing suitable nearby places, but looked around. Pay attention to how many attractive, bright, wonderful and interesting people of the opposite sex are around? Such places are visited not by pathos or mercantile people, but by the most ordinary and good ones.

You should eat or drink now, which means you are in a great high spirits. Therefore, in such a place, all the people around are open, cheerful, satisfied, and also not averse to getting to know each other. It's like at a watering hole in Africa, when all the animals feel safe, so here.

You can meet in line for food, ask to sit next to you, or just exchange phrases between tables where a person you like is sitting. Do you urgently need a list of phrases for dating in public places where they eat? It is worth remembering that the main goal of these phrases is to make you smile and melt the ice between you, and then everything depends on the circumstances and your charm.

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Phrases for dating in a fast food restaurant or an ordinary cafe will not be intricate, but they will be relevant. In such places, the phrases to start a conversation should always be based on where you are now. Then the conversation itself and the conversation will go smoothly, and the guy will be able to find a common language with a pretty girl.

Older men and women also go to fast food restaurants, but sometimes they prefer cafes or bars, depending on taste. There, too, you can get acquainted in a similar way, using our tackles.

A list of phrases for dating in a cafe or fast food restaurant

This list is universal. Girls will be able to meet a guy, and guys can drive up to a girl. What to say in a cafe or fast food restaurant to make an acquaintance? We have compiled a great list of phrases for dating or pickup, so that you can find a common language with the person you like.

1. You are also a bad cook, like me, and that's why you came to eat here?

2. You are as beautiful and delicious as this triple cheeseburger. Let's get acquainted.

3. I think that eating alone is not as fun as eating together. Let me keep you company.

4. My parents told me to choose a girl who has a healthy appetite. Hey!

5. Your name is Coca-Cola, isn't it? Because I love her.

6. If you don't know how to cook and therefore eat here, I can cook dinner and breakfast for us in bed.

7. You can steal my burgher and also my heart.

8. It is dangerous to eat in this place. Cupid just hit me with an arrow through the heart.

9. I like this hamburger, but not like you. What is your name?

10. You look like a king five cheeseburger, and I look like a king ten burger. You and I have so much in common.

11. They say that food is 10 times tastier if you do it in a pleasant company. Let's make it tastier, and at the same time get to know each other.

12. I think that this burgher did not suspect that he would bring us together.

13. This sauce is less spicy and scalding than you think.

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14. You and I have the same gastronomic tastes. Coincidence? I do not think.

15. I kept thinking what was missing in this cocktail. I think they forgot one ingredient - your smile.

16. You ordered so much food, so my phone number is a gift to you.

17. Your eyes are very hungry, let me order you something.

18. Do you like hot pizza? You are definitely what you eat. Hot!

19. I noticed that you noticed me, that I noticed you.

20. Let's cook a burger together. I'll bring the pickled cucumber, and you'll bring your buns.

21. There is nothing better than to eat, by the way, I invite you to do it together next time.

22. I'd love to make you various personal sandwiches, if you'd like.


23. Did you steal my burgher? I mean heart!

24. I think we would make a great double cheeseburger.

25. Can you tell me what is delicious on the menu today?

26. Do you like Latte, Americano or Cappuccino? I want to know what to serve you in the morning in bed in the future.

27. I bet that if you were on the menu, I would only order you.

28. Your eyes are as sparkling and invigorating as this cola.

30. You look like this donut. The same sweet and with a hole.

31. We will tell our children that we were brought together by the love of eating.

You can get acquainted in a cafe, bar or fast food restaurant in the usual way by choosing a standard pickup or pickup phrase. But the proposed options for a tackle and dating will be more effective. Bon appetit and successful acquaintances with appetizing people!