How to meet a good girl who is not familiar with clubs and dating sites?

The best girls do not sit on dating sites, and even more so do not walk in clubs, which you yourself perfectly understand. Catch your chance on the street, in transport and in any other normal place. How to find a good girl who has her own goals in life, besides hunting for men? There are many ways to meet a girl using dating sites and apps. It's even easier to pick up a chick in a club or bar. But the best girls don't sit there. They are engaged in completely different things, far from this. They have work, hobbies, hobbies and travel in priority, and not hunting for men.

Why shouldn't you meet on dating sites and apps?

There are good girls on dating sites, but they are quickly taken apart as soon as they appear there. But capricious, picky, mercantile, stupid and windy girls hang there for years, if not decades. They can't find a "dream prince in a white Bentley". If a girl is so good, would she stay on a dating site for a long time? The question is rhetorical.

Why not meet in bars, clubs and restaurants?

Good girls appear in such places rarely and only surrounded by girlfriends who are celebrating something. 95% of the inhabitants of hot places are far from the first grade, even if they look great. These are chicks, battered by life and men, on which the stigma of “kept woman” or “slut” is difficult to wash off. Some of these heifers went hunting for rich and successful men. Other chicks want to have fun by walking at someone else's expense and paying with their bodies. Broshenki, divorcees and the third grade of women are looking for a potential husband there. None of these girls will make you happy. But the poor, unfortunate and with branched horns easily.

Where to meet a good girl?

Meet girls on the street, in transport, shops, concerts, exhibitions and other similar places. The less prestigious and cool place, the lower the chance of running into a predator. Adequately evaluate girls, and do not react only to bright and half-naked girls.

How to meet a good girl live?

Afraid you won't find the right words to pick up on a girl? Behavior is more important than cunning and complex words from pick-up artists. All it takes is a friendly smile, a "hello" and the start of a conversation appropriate to the setting. A couple of good examples of phrases for dating a girl you like:

- Can you help? I have lost my phone number. Could you tell me yours? - Did you say something? Not? So we can start a conversation.

- Is it so hot in here or is it because of you? “Now that the ice is broken, may I know your name?” Girl, you're breaking the law. It's illegal to look as good as you. You look so much like Google! You have everything I ever looked for.

Be confident and at ease. Women respond positively to men who feel comfortable in life and in dealing with the fair sex. Did the meeting take place on the street, in transport or in places that involve short communication? Pick up her phone almost immediately so as not to create an awkward situation and promise to call back later.

Meet nice girls who are not familiar with clubs and dating sites. You won't regret...