How to meet a girl on the street

You noticed a girl of unearthly beauty, grace, charm on the street and almost fell in love with her. How to meet a girl on the street, what to say, how to behave. How to meet a girl on the street

Acquaintance is one of the most important moments in a relationship. Actually, there can be no relationship without dating at all. We can get acquainted ourselves or with someone's help, in a company or alone, in a club or at an institute. There are thousands of ways to meet, but many girls naively believe that guys should look for an individual approach to each of them.

So, you met her, but don't know how to meet a girl on the street? What words to choose? What if she refuses? How to leave if, upon meeting you, you realized that she does not suit you? This article will help you resolve such issues.

Recommendations: how to meet a girl on the street

1. For First, consider concerns. What can you expect if you go up to her and ask her name? Never mind. In the worst case, she will say "I'm in a hurry" and this will stop your communication. Not the best option. But still.

A woman perceives any attempt to get to know her as the best compliment to herself. If you approach first, most likely, she will decide that she is so attractive that she captivated you and prompted you to do something. Therefore, she will be pleased in any case. This means that she is already disposed to communication, especially if this communication is about her person. The main thing here is not to get confused and keep up the conversation, and when necessary, turning its course at your discretion. By the way, most girls are not at all against dating on the street. And most of all, according to polls, they sympathize with guys who begin acquaintance with a harmless cute joke or compliment.

2. Also, preference is given to guys who are neatly dressed. You don't have to be trendy or fancy dressed like a parrot. You are not in kindergarten. Such “fashionistas”, as a rule, repel, because a woman is a woman in order to be more beautiful than a man. By the way, according to statistics, girls usually choose not the most beautiful guys for themselves in order to look like beautiful princesses next to them.

3. Although the first impression is sometimes deceptive, it must be positive. Therefore, always be ready, do not make sudden movements, do not use vulgar or offensive expressions, smile more. By the way, no one has canceled the phrase “they are greeted by clothes, they are escorted by mind”, do not forget about that too. In general, just be nice and attentive, then she will reach out to you.

4. The easiest way to get to know each other is to approach and ask something. For example, how to get to the library or where is the nearest ATM. Most importantly, ask about finding any known objects that she probably knows. Then she, firstly, will stop, and secondly, she will speak to you. Then, after asking a few questions, you can understand if she is right for you and if she is ready to get to know you.

5. An effective way is to deceive. Frivolous but sweet lies will help you. For example, come up and say that you lost a bet to a friend and now you have to meet a girl on the street (you can also say that you should meet the cutest one). Firstly, you attracted her, and secondly, you also made a compliment.

6. And also, you can try this option - come up and say that you don’t know how to get acquainted and now you are just learning and ask her yourself how to get acquainted with a girl. At first she will not believe, then she will smile, and then, feeling like a great psychologist, she will lecture you on seduction. You listen carefully, ask questions, and in the meantime, memorize and analyze. After all, she does not talk about anyone, but about herself, about her expectations, about her wishes, etc. As a rule, such acquaintances flow into long conversations. Therefore, do not waste time and invite her to take a walk or dine in a cafe.

7. If you manage to impress her with some frivolous act, for example, just passing by the flower row, you will take it and buy her a bouquet - she will be delighted. Because at the first meeting you spend money on her, which means everything is serious.

How to meet a girl on the street, phrases that will help you, while you yourself have not yet learned to improvise them.

Phrases on how to meet a girl on the street

  • Damn, I completely forgot how to get acquainted!
  • Girls do not pass by, then the men are even worse.
  • I want to meet you and I can't figure out how. Save the situation!
  • It's strange that I've never met you (actually in megacities)
  • Let me admire you
  • Let's tell me your name, and I'll treat you to ice cream
  • In general, I never get to know each other on the street, but you hooked me so much that I couldn’t help but do it. There is something in you that is not in the rest. I can't figure out what. I think after our next meeting, I will be able to reveal this secret.
  • Hello, where can I find a raccoon factory here? (here she becomes confused), and you tell her: "Dmitry, it's very nice"

Girls like it when they are told that they are funny. For example, "You wrinkle your nose so funny", or "You straighten your hair so funny."Pay attention to her appearance, if she has freckles, pay attention to it, say “How can you not love summer if the sun loves you?” In general, treat her like a child, they love it, but don’t get too carried away, you don’t want to adopt her.