How to meet a girl on the street? 160 examples of pickup phrases

We are all used to getting to know each other through the Internet, applications and dating sites, that we have forgotten how to act in a real situation. But how many beautiful strangers did he miss when he didn't use his chance to hit on a sultry babe?

Despite the fact that modern people prefer to meet on the Internet, dating in real life is often even better. After all, the most interesting girls are not even registered in dating apps. The nicest, most beautiful, wonderful and cool girls are found in real life, which you encounter on the street, transport and other public places.

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How to meet girls on the street?

Be confident. It is worth remembering that girls will not even look at what you say. They will analyze your behavior, appearance, manner of speaking and confidence. Girls easily read male body language, and therefore they will immediately notice fuss, fear or shyness. Behave freely, confidently and adequately.

People are met by their clothes, but they are escorted by their minds. Try to look better than 70% of the men around you to increase the chances of a successful acquaintance. Neatness, accuracy and style, but without fanaticism.

You will not have much time to please a girl, so try to get a phone number or a name on a social network as soon as possible to write off. Do not be afraid of rejection, because about 3 girls out of 10 will give you a phone. The whole secret of street dating lies in the approach to a large number of girls. You can even drive up to a dozen girls a day, collecting a crop of contacts of lovely creatures.

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How to meet a girl on the street?

When you notice a cute object with curvy curves and a pretty face, you should try. You just need to come up and say something that can make her laugh a little, interest or excite her.

But at this important moment, all pick-up phrases fly out that can be used to get to know a stranger you like. If you have difficulty with this, then we have prepared for you a long list of examples of the first phrases that you can approach any girl with. Save the list as a keepsake to use when a stunning girl approaches.

1. Hello! Have you been waiting for me for a long time? Let's go.

2. I couldn't come up with a phrase to get to know you, so let's pretend it was cool? Hey!

3. Girl, it's indecent to be late for your first date. But I'm not angry. Hey!

4. Wow, what a beauty! Are these your legs? So beautiful!

5. I don't know who you are, but I want to see you again.

6. Can you remind me what time we have a date tomorrow?

7. Hello! We don't know each other yet, but I intend to fix it.

8. This is a robbery! Give me your heart and phone number!

9. Girl, how did you know that I'm here? Hey!

10. Is it hot outside or did I see you?

11. Hello! I came from the future to continue your lineage. I need your phone number and your heart!

12. I immediately recognized you. We are the girl from my dreams.

13. Girl, be careful! Once again, look like this and our toothbrushes will stand next to each other.

14. Can you tell me what it's like to be the most beautiful girl in the world?

15. Girl, I noticed that you were staring at my ass. I'm ready to meet you.

16. You are so beautiful that I can't pass by without telling you about it.

17. Girl, do you remember me? I saw on a white horse in your dream.

18. Can you help me? One look from you was enough to make me forget where I was going.

19. Can you tell me where Paradise is? After all, you look like an angel.

20. Let's not rush things and start with the candy-bouquet period.

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21. Let me say hello to you. From whom? From my heart.

22. I've been looking for you for a long time, and here you are!


23. Now that the ice between us is broken, let's get to know each other.

24. Hello! You are so adorable that I forgot all my pickup lines and pickup lines taken from the internet.

25. I don't know my way around the area well. Can you tell me how to get to your heart?

26. I am from the service of happy relationships and love. Can you leave your phone number?

27. Which dragon must be defeated to win your heart?

28. I forgot my phone number. Can you borrow yours?

29. Hello! Have you been stolen yet? Great, then I'm first!

30. Girl, do you play bagpipes? Not? Me too, we have so much in common.

31. You are a very beautiful, unique and rare girl. These need to be protected and propagated.

32. Girl, I will make you happy. Come with me.

33. You have such a beautiful dress. Let's get acquainted.

34. Shame on you, girl? You stole my heart in front of everyone.

35. Hello! Recognized me? Not? I am the one! I am the man of your dreams!

36. In the ancient tribes, a guy who caught up with a girl was obliged to marry her. I caught up with you.

37. Can you tell me the secret of your beautiful smile?

38. We stared at each other that we forgot to get to know each other.

39. What feat does a modern man have to accomplish in order to take your phone number?

40. Let me flirt with you and steal your phone number.

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41. I can't remember your phone number. Can you give it again?

42. Having met you, I realized that there are no chance meetings.

43. Girl, you look beautiful, but hungry. May I serve you a meal?

44. I stared at you so much that I forgot to introduce myself. Hey!

45. I noticed how you stared at me. Let's get acquainted!

46. Didn't we meet in Paris in 2030?

47. You have the cutest smile I've ever seen. Let's get acquainted.

48. Girl! Are you interested in meeting a pretty girl right on the street? And I'm interested. Can you help me get to know you?

49. Can you help me find my pulse? When I saw you, my heart stopped.

50. I don't want to sound banal, but you are magnificently beautiful!

51. Hello! I do not have time to melt your eyes, but if you give me a phone number, I will definitely do it.

52. Can you help me? According to the constitution, a person does not have happiness.

53. I wanted to get acquainted with the words of Shakespeare, but I think it's too pretentious. Hey!

54. Are your parents not Nobel Prize winners? Otherwise, where did they get such a masterpiece like you?

55. Can you lend me your phone number?

56. Sorry. You can help? I have something with my eyes. I can't take it away from you!

57. You are the most charming thing that I have met on my life path. May I know your name?

58. Are you by any chance from the royal family? And you look so respectable.

59. Can you help me? I need to get out of the labyrinth of loneliness.

60. Girl, I will have to see you off, because it is dangerous for angels to be on earth.

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61. I don't meet on the street, but I'll make an exception for you. Hey!

62. Can you help me? One lovely stranger struck me with a look on the spot.

63. I have serious business with you. Will you agree to go on a date with me?

64. Sorry. You can help? What should a guy say to get to know you?

65. I was just looking for hit-and-runs with beautiful girls, but there was your picture.

66. Hello! I've been looking for you all my life!

67. A gypsy told me today that I would meet the girl of my dreams. It's you?

68. I don't want to fill your head with pick-up phrases. Let's just get to know each other?

69. May I offer you my hand so that you can lean on it?

70. Wow. I did not expect to see the girl of my dreams in reality.

71. Will you have a spare heart? You just stole mine.

72. Girl, do you know the new law? Liked guy and girl are required to exchange phone numbers.

73. You look so cool that you just need security. Allow me to guide you.

74. Can you tell me what time it is? Thank you, free?

75. Aren't you ashamed, girl, to outshine everyone around you with your beauty?

76. The only thing your eyes didn't say was your name.

77. I liked you so much that I want to share it with you.

78. Girl, let's celebrate. We finally found each other.

79. I have no idea how to meet girls on the street, so let's pretend we've known each other for a long time.

80. When will we stop ignoring each other and get to know each other?

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81. You can call a doctor, it seems my heart sank when I saw you.

82. You looked at me so that my heart melted. Hey!

83. Girl, you are so pretty that you can be kidnapped. Let me take you.

84. Can you help me? I seem to drown in your beautiful eyes.

85. Can you help me choose a girl?

86. I feel some kind of chemistry between us. Let's get acquainted!

87. Allow me to offer you a hand and a heart, but first a date.

88. Do you think we'll make a great couple?

89. Can you call an ambulance? Cupid just shot me.

90. I'll stand with you for a while so that all sorts of idiots do not pester.

91. Girl, will you go to Paris with me?

92. Tell me? How to meet a girl on the street so that she smiles and gives her phone number?

93. Are you looking for the perfect man by any chance?

94. The horoscope promised me today a meeting with a beautiful stranger, apparently, this is true.

95. I don't know how you do it, but I wanted to get to know you.

96. You have such a beautiful smile that I simply have to get acquainted in order to see her again.

97. Girl, I thought you hit me. It seemed? It's a pity. Let's get acquainted.

98. I saw you in the feed of our mutual friends. Who could it be? What is your name?

99. I don't want to fool around with abstruse phrases, so let's just get to know each other.

100. How about a light flirtation with the most serious intentions?

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101. Can you tell me why there are many monuments, but not a single one of your beauty?

102. Girl, do you like theater? I just want to invite you there, but I don't know if you'll like it.

103. When I saw you, I thanked God that I had not yet been married.

104. Finally we met! Hey!

105. Let's not tempt fate, because there may not be a second chance, but let's get to know each other right now.

106. I am from the employment service. Can you tell me where you will spend tonight and the next 100 years?

107. Let's skip the official part of the introduction and get to know each other right away?

108. You seemed to me a very interesting girl. Let's get acquainted.

109. Today I promised the cat that I would meet the coolest girl on the street.

110. You are very similar to my first and only wife, although I have not yet been married.

111. There is a lot of injustice in this world. For example, we just met.

112. Hello! I liked your smile. Let's get acquainted!

113. I have a cat, and he says that I need to find his mother. Is your heart free?

114. Girl, you dropped something. It was your lovely smile. Hey!

115. Do you know how to meet a girl on the street to melt her heart?

116. I noticed that you noticed that I noticed you. Let's get acquainted.

117. You can call an ambulance for me. I just got Cupid in my heart.

118. You have very beautiful and unusual eyes, especially the left one.

119. Were you looking for a prince? I'm here!

120. Hello! People like you only exist in books.

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121. Kiss me if I'm wrong, but your name is Aphrodite the Beautiful?

122. Allow me to guard your piece for a while so that you are safe.

123. I felt a suit run between us. What is your name?

124. Girl, you can take your hand, otherwise your stunning appearance makes my legs give way.

125. Let's get acquainted not through the Internet, but in the old fashioned way on the street.

126. May I know your name? I want to try it on for my last name.

127. Can you tell me what you plan to do for the rest of your life? And I have big plans for you.

128. In the morning I made a wish, and seeing you I understand that it came true.

129. Hey! You are very like a crash.

130. You shouldn't look at me like that, because now I just have to get to know you.

131. Can you help me? I need help in the company of eating cake and drinking coffee.

132. I didn't believe in love at first sight before I met you.

133. Girl, what are you wearing? Oh this is my lustful look.

134. Let me accompany you to cheer you up a little.

135. Hello! Can you help me spend my paycheck, I can't do it by myself.

136. Have you already gone to the premiere of the film “…”, can you join me?

137. If you are embarrassed to start a conversation with me, then I am ready to start first.

138. You are so delightful that I forgot all the nice words for meeting a girl on the street.

139. I am a distributor of happy relationships. Is your heart free?

140. Girl, are you interested in free and strong men?

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141. Do you happen to work at the lighthouse? After all, your beauty can be seen from afar.

142. Haven't you been broken by a piece of my heart? If not, can you help me?

143. Girl, I called the cops on you because you stole my heart.

144. I don't want to distract you, but can angels be on earth?

145. Hello! Do you remember we used to live next to each other? But not before, but in the future.

146. Why are you just standing there? You see that I am drowning in your eyes.

147. I am from the charity service. Can I donate a cup of coffee to my company?

148. I think you're bored. Let me keep you company.

149. Girl, be careful. You just almost missed the opportunity to meet me.

150. I stared at you so much that I forgot to introduce myself. Hey!

151. I didn't know what the girls of my dreams should look like until I met you.

152. If you are here, then who rules the heavens now?

153. They say that you should follow your dream. Can I have your Instagram?

154. If you were a taser, you would be on the “stun” mark.

155. I don't know your name, but I think it's cute, just like you.

156. Can you pinch me? You are so beautiful that I must be sleeping.

157. You are so hot that I forgot what I wanted to tell you.

158. I believe that honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. So I can honestly say that I like you.

159. Believe me, I'm not drunk, but drunk with you.

160. Do you have a name or can I call you my girlfriend?

How to meet a girl on the street? Use any phrase from the pickup examples, but the more important thing is how loose she is and how much she likes it. In any case, with regular training, the success of dating girls on the street will increase. Remember that the girl will not throw herself on your neck, which means that without initiative you will not have a rich personal life and a beautiful girlfriend.