How to meet a girl on the street?

Today we will analyze one of the topics that excite men: “How to meet a girl on the street.” I will say right away that it is sometimes difficult to get to know each other on the street, and for shy men this is not the best way to get acquainted. However, circumstances sometimes develop in the best possible way and favor acquaintance, which can lead to a very strong union forever.

So, what are the ways of dating on the street? Firstly, I would like to note that there are different “initial data”, from which we will build today, considering different ways of dating on the street.

1. How to meet a girl on the street?

You are walking down the street and your eyes catch on a stunning beauty, from which it is simply impossible to take your eyes off. Of course, it’s not easy to come up and get to know each other right away, especially if you are not a womanizer. But, if the beauty is so stunning that walking by is just the height of recklessness, then go up to her and ask what time it is, or the way to the nearest flower shop.

If a lady is conducive to communication, she can jokingly say that you urgently needed a flower shop just because he met the most beautiful girl on the planet on his way. By the way, at this moment it would not hurt to smile meaningfully, looking intently and piercingly into her eyes!

If you are interested in her, she herself will want to continue the conversation, and you will start a conversation (if she has time and is not in a hurry, of course). If she's in a hurry, ask her for her phone number. As you can see, even if you are shy and shy, but the girl really liked, then here you have found a ready-made template that you can safely follow, conquering the girl's heart.

2. How to meet a girl in transport?

You are riding public transport, and SHE comes in at the bus stop - the Goddess, at the sight of which men are ready to turn their necks, and their lawful halves are also ready to turn their necks - only to their husbands.

What can be done here?

Try to look closely and carefully into her eyes! Let your look tell her that she struck you on the spot with her beauty. Look long and hard, as far as courage will allow.

And if you are not in a hurry, or the task of conquering her turned out to be more important than the tasks for which you, in fact, got on this bus, get off at her stop and try to strike up a neutral conversation with her. To do this, read the first paragraph! Remember that neutral questions should be accompanied by sparkling eyes and a satisfied smile. Let the lady know that you are looking for a way to get to know her.

3. Acquaintance between companies of men and girls

You and your company are walking along the embankment or in the park, where your company passes by a company of girls. Everything is easier here. People are tuned in to rest, to heartfelt conversations or fun. At such moments, the crowd gets acquainted with the crowd, in which couples are then determined by sympathy.

4. Acquaintance by car

You are driving a car, stopped at a crossroads and just stunned by a gorgeous beauty!

What to do? In order not to break the rules, you need to wait for the traffic light and continue driving so as not to interfere with other road users! No matter how trite it may sound! And then... And then you can leave the car in the nearest yard and run. Run after her, of course. Run to meet. And to get acquainted, you can use your own method (if you are a womanizer or don Juan), or try the method described in the first paragraph. And to be honest, when you, out of breath, tell her that you left the car, you don’t understand where and you don’t understand how, because she is gorgeous and he will never forgive himself if he misses such a girl, she will be pleased (even if she tries to hide it from you).

Remember that it is not so easy to get acquainted on the street, if only because people, as a rule, are in a hurry somewhere, following their goal, and most of them are not at all up to dating. Some men who are not ladies' men and don juans, having met a girl on the street, can simply exchange phone numbers with her.

First, it won't take long.

Secondly, you don't have to invent something in order to continue the conversation that started with great difficulty.

Thirdly, when people know absolutely nothing about each other, it is easier for them at first to use correspondence as a way of communication. This is the most advantageous option, if only because each of the parties has time to think about the answer, expressed in a text or voice message and colorfully supplemented with emoticons or gifs that reflect the desired emotion.

5. Helping a girl on the street

The most advantageous variant of acquaintance on the street is the situation in which the girl herself turns to you with some question or request. In this case, you do not need to invent anything, adapt to the girl's questions and be guided by the situation. At the end of the conversation, when she thanks you, focus on how beautiful she is (a compliment on a lady's appearance is always won, girls are very flattering about this). Note that I am very glad to help such a beauty. And then you can safely ask for a phone number.

6. Acquaintance with a girl in a stressful situation

The most advantageous dating option of all is when you get into a stressful or unexpected situation together. For example, it suddenly began to rain, and the lady did not have an umbrella. And now she stands so confused and sad, and then you roll up to her with a pretzel, holding out an umbrella to her in a gentlemanly way! And it’s better to stand with her under one umbrella, but closer! Stress and romance are things that are perfectly combined with each other and sometimes unexpectedly give birth to very strong unions!


If you are in a car, you can offer a girl a ride home. No vulgarity and hints of something more - just a normal reaction of a worthy man.

Here we can include other, more unpleasant stressful moments. For example, a petty hooligan attacked her and snatched her purse from her hands. You can, like a superhero, catch up with the scoundrel and return the stolen item to the mistress! She will appreciate your heroic deed, and, of course, will try to thank you. Inform her that you accept gratitude only in the form of a trip to a cafe or a movie, moreover, of course, you pay. It cannot be otherwise.

Accidents also belong to not very pleasant moments, which sometimes contribute to acquaintances. For example, a girl sprained her ankle. It hurts to walk, the mood is spoiled, and then you, like a gentleman, take her to the emergency room. The situation is certainly not pleasant. But, perhaps, it is this story of acquaintance that will be passed down from generation to generation, as the most amazing and brightest.

As you can see, there are many ways to meet a girl on the street. And situations in life are very different, and we are all different, and you always need to navigate only according to the situation. Some men, as well as women, find it difficult to meet on the street. Girls are distrustful of men who pester them on the street. An important role in this was played by the growing number of crimes (including cases of fraud). Therefore, if there is an opportunity to meet in other places - get acquainted. But if you liked a girl on the street who struck you at first sight, use all the methods and methods suggested to you in this article!

Perhaps your heart did not deceive you, and you finally met the one with whom you will live happily until the end of your days!