How to meet a girl on the Internet?

Our life does not stand still for a day, it is in constant motion, for which we are trying to keep up so as not to be left on the sidelines of life. Men feel this especially sharply: the modern world dictates harsh conditions to them - such as: "If you do not move quickly, if you do not get into the stream at the right time, then you become a loser." Therefore, men try their best to survive in this never-ending rush: to succeed in all areas and stay afloat. But how?

Online dating makes life easier

The frantic pace of life where you have to work, keep yourself in physical fitness, develop, communicate with friends and work again draws you in like a whirlpool. All this is very exhausting, so many men don’t even think about building relationships, because they don’t understand where to get the time to get to know each other? How to start a chat? And what can you talk about when you don’t know a girl personally? In this case, online dating is a great way to simplify your life.

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Features of Internet dating

Internet dating has a number of differences from dating in real life. Here you cannot see the instant reaction of a person and notice the slightest mood swings. Therefore, in order to start correspondence on the Web, you need to know some features that can be both positive and negative.

1. Huge selection. Most modern girls, if not registered on special dating sites, simply have a personal profile on social networks;

2. Saving time to find "the one". The search system allows using a huge number of parameters to select a girl from eye color to preferences in bed.

3. On the Internet, we behave more cheekily. With a real acquaintance, confidence is important, it is much easier to show it by correspondence.

4. Retreat. In the process of dating on the Web, you can more easily stop communicating if something seemed repulsive to you.

5. Online dating includes not only pluses, but also minuses.

6. "Oh... another one with typical tackles." It's pretty hard to please a girl who gets texted by guys every day using hackneyed phrases from the Internet. Therefore, ordinary tackles are unlikely to be of interest, you need to act smarter.

7. “Is that what you are???”. You need to be prepared for the fact that often the picture from the profile picture does not match what we see in real life. Therefore, be careful: anyone can hide behind a cute photo on the Web.

8. “What a good weather…”. A serious problem can be the transition from virtual to real communication. Tune in that someday you will meet a girl in person, so it’s better to leave talking about the weather and stop being shy.

If the disadvantages of dating on the Internet did not repel you, let's turn to sites where you can start correspondence on the Web.

Where can I meet online?

Special applications for dating on the Internet

Independent applications aimed at helping in finding soulmates are gaining popularity significantly. Let's give some examples.


1. Badoo is a huge dating network that allows you to chat, talk over video calls, look for doubles in photos, see the geographical location of those girls who are next to you.

2. Tinder is also for romantic dating. In fact, this is a mini-social network where guys and girls have the opportunity to mark whether they like the proposed profile or not. In case of a positive answer, a chat opens between them, in which they can continue personal correspondence. It should be noted that the application is partially paid.

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Dating sites

The world wide web includes a huge number of dating sites where many girls are registered for every taste and color. However, there you will have to face serious competition. In order to hook a girl, you will need to pay more attention to filling out the questionnaire in the profile. There will be little time for the girl to pay attention to you, so think in advance about a high-quality photo, about an interesting description of yourself.

Consider the most popular dating sites:

1. is the most famous dating site in Russia and the CIS. The audience of the site is diverse: there you can find both a girl for a serious relationship, and ladies for a one-night stand.

2. - ranks second in terms of the number of registered people. The disadvantage of this site is that it includes a division into VIP accounts and regular ones. So the site forces you to invest in your account.

Social networks

Remember how often you hang on the phone. You probably spend most of your time on social networks: Instagram, Vkontakte, Twitter, etc. I suggest you combine business with pleasure and try to get acquainted on the expanses of social networks. What you need to know in order to interest a girl, for example, on Vkontakte.

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Step by step guide: how to meet a girl online?

Think about the appearance of your profile

1. Photo (avatar). Girls, like men, first of all pay attention to appearance when they meet. You should correct the situation if you have some football player instead of your photos. Your photo must be of good quality, so it is best to use the services of a professional photographer who can highlight your best features.

2. About myself. In the “About Me” column, you don’t need to describe your entire life from kindergarten to the present day. It is better to indicate information about preferences in music, cinema, etc. Remember that brevity is the sister of talent. You can discuss more details in private messages.

3. Communities. You will not be in the best light if a girl clicks on your profile, interested in photography, and sees some bacchanalia in the form of porn and stupid humor in groups.

4. Albums. It has long been outdated to create ten albums with titles: “My friend”, “I am in Turkey”, “Zhenya's wedding”, etc. It is better if there are few photos, but all of them will be of high quality and interesting.

5. Wall. The times when people communicated not in private messages, but on the “wall” are gone, so I advise you to clean it from old posts, outdated contests and similar unnecessary information.

So, after the profile is prepared, you can proceed to the next step.

Study the page of the girl you like

which she signed, leaf through the "Wall". Such actions can help you find interests similar to yours, and this will make it more interesting to start acquaintance.

Get Interested

This step is not mandatory, but girls often use it themselves. Try to like (not all photos - it looks weird) on the main photo and send a friend request. The fact that you liked the photo will interest her and, most likely, she will go to your profile to see who you are. If your profile is pleasant, the chances that she will accept the application are doubled.

Start a conversation

It is best to refrain from hackneyed phrases from the Internet. It only seems to be something original, but in fact it looks stupid and unnatural. Therefore, you can start your acquaintance with a greeting. Continue the conversation - find out what kind of music she likes (if you have the same tastes, leave your favorite songs), ask what she likes. But don't be too pushy.

When the beginning is made, and you see that the girl answers quickly and in detail, it is important to properly maintain further communication.

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Be honest

Don't pretend to be someone else. Everything hidden always becomes clear. It is not worth lying that you are an intellectual devouring three books a week, it is better to draw the attention of the girl to your real advantages. For example, you are good at movies. Recommend the girl to watch the movie. And then offer to discuss it. This is how communication will start.

Thus, there are a lot of ways to get acquainted on the Internet. The most important thing is to adequately understand your capabilities when meeting, to be an interesting interlocutor and remain easy to communicate without annoying tricky questions and unnecessary vulgarities. Online dating is a skill, develop it and go for it!