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How to marry a foreigner: life hacks for a successful acquaintance

Not all men in love prefer to support the "domestic producer". Some have already become disillusioned with the mentality of local ladies, while others simply want to move out for permanent residence in a more promising country. There is a third option: a fetish for a specific race (most often here we mean dark-skinned girls or Asians).

Marriage with a foreigner is not so bad. After all, you still need to get to know her somewhere. Also, you need to be interested. Women are always not just darkness, but a real dense forest. And even more so the residents of foreign countries. I will give you some useful tips to help you get acquainted with a foreigner. It is likely that everything will end with an altar. But first, some informative theory.

How do foreign women differ from the locals

It would seem, well, lady and lady, there shouldn't be anything new in theory. However, I recommend getting ready to open a real Pandora's box. Think carefully about whether you can live with such a wife. I will not long and tediously list all the differences, so I will limit myself to a list:

1. Mentality. Do not even think that all women are the same in this regard. The way of life of each state strongly influences the character of the lady. For example, European girls and Americans greatly honor independence and respect from the stronger sex. They all unanimously choose equality in relations, so forget about a single bill in a cafe. Such an act can really offend a woman. There are a lot of subtleties here, before you wonder how to marry a foreigner, carefully study the characteristics of each nation.

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2. Sexual appetites. There is no clear definition of cold and hot ladies. Everywhere there are those who need a man a maximum of once a month, as well as eternally hungry nymphomaniacs. But still, the sexual customs of different countries and peoples seriously differ from each other, as well as the temperament of potential brides. Familiarize yourself with their customs before inviting a girl to bed. And then you suddenly have a good half of the night around her naked with a tambourine at the ready to jump and Indian traditional chants to display.

3. Attitude towards the opposite sex. Here I want to focus more on Muslim countries. If you are interested in such a girl, be prepared for the fact that it is not customary for women to work for them. Only the husband brings money to the family. He is the king and God of all apartments. But if you are a lover of ladies with character, it will be incredibly boring in such a family. Washing your feet after work is easy. But to measure intelligence - by no means. By the way, education among women in such countries is also not highly respected. But this applies only to states in which the population respects Sharia law. Secular countries are closer to European traditions.

4. Family values. Yes, not everywhere women are aimed at giving birth to children and staying at home while the husband is a laborer at work and then has fun with friends (it’s good if they are also representatives of the same sex). There are countries where the concept of childfree has already become a model of family life. And vice versa, there are states in which it is not customary to give birth to less than 10 heirs. So be careful with such a bride. Uncontrolled reproduction can lead you to financial ruin and suicidal thoughts.

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5. Religion. For some, it becomes a real stumbling block, as you may be put in front of the need to change your religion. Not all foreign ladies agree to live happily ever after with a man who goes to another church.

6. External image and style in clothes. They say that our Russian girls can be seen from afar. It is they who go to the pool with makeup, and on the beach they manage to defile in heels. Foreign women most often relate to their appearance much easier. Let me take France as an example. Paris is the birthplace of high fashion and style icon. But the locals, as a rule, are all gray and nondescript compared to our smeared beauties.

7. Figure. That's a whole other issue, my friend. In some countries, thin girls are considered ugly. So there is a risk of stumbling upon a very curvaceous plump, which in her homeland is considered just a model (a model of a globe, apparently). In America, for example, obesity is the most common disease in general. Don't want to buy jeans for your beloved wife in the upholstery department? Then think carefully about who you are going to spend the rest of your days with.

Here's some food for thought. An alliance with a foreigner is like playing the lottery. You never know what will end up under the shaded box on the ticket. And not all foreign women understand us Russians. You tell her the word across, and the wife will call the police in response under the pretext that her husband is threatening to kill her. And most often, local cops take the side of the “victim”.

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Where to meet a foreigner

A very interesting topic. Far from everywhere, visiting beauties walk around on every corner, looking for a husband. If you are interested in knowing how to marry a foreigner, try the tips below.

Go abroad to rest. This is the simplest one I can recommend. The easiest way to meet your future wife is in her natural habitat. Firstly, she is in her homeland, where she is purely morally more comfortable. A stranger doesn't bother me that much. Secondly, you will have a really wide choice.

If finances have long been singing romances and you can only dream of a trip, try your luck on social networks. Exclude only Odnoklassniki from the list. It is necessary to search where many foreign users live.

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If you take the VKontakte level, then you need a filter there. But it is better to immediately register on Twitter or Facebook. The audience there is 80% foreign. Just improve your level of English. In Russian, no one will communicate with you there, and the Aliexpress translator is not an option at all.

At home, it is also quite possible to find places where foreigners gather. Most often they can be found near famous sights. And do not think that foreign young ladies visit only Moscow. A large number of foreign tourists come to Russia to see the flavor of other cities. So everyone has a chance to meet a foreigner for further marriage.

Contact a marriage agency. Just to warn you, this is a scam. For access to the data of the profile of a potential bride, these cunning comrades can demand a lot of money, and all the information will turn out to be fake. The only way out is to turn to trusted professionals. There are very few such marriage services on the market, but word of mouth really works. And get ready to shell out some serious money if you plan to leave the country.

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Dating sites are a cheaper alternative to dating agencies. Here you can chat with real foreign ladies. Don't know how to marry a foreigner? Start with a simple heart-to-heart talk. But literacy is very important here. Ideally, you need to have at least basic knowledge of the dialect of a potential bride. Otherwise, it will simply be unpleasant for her to correspond with the interlocutor. Google is a good translator. There, the final texts at least do not look like a chaotic set of random words.

Cities stocked with international airports are usually filled with foreigners. It is there that you should look for new acquaintances with foreign brides. It is more relevant to offer to give the girl a lift instead of a taxi, showing the city at the same time and starting a pleasant conversation. Just be careful. Foreign women are not as gullible as local ladies. There is a risk of getting pepper spray in the face.

There is such a profession - to select brides. In other words, we are talking about matchmakers. If you want to know how to marry a foreigner, contact a real love affairs specialist. Surely she already has at least a few excellent candidates who want to get a Russian-speaking husband. But be careful. Do not pay a fee until you get real evidence of the work done. Otherwise, you will just be scammed for money.

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Pay attention to online video chats. There are many interlocutors living all over the world. Just by pressing a button and choosing the right opponent, you can meet your future spouse. By the way, there are often perverts of various formats. Do not worry if you regularly stumble upon an analogue of your intimate economy. This is in abundance on the Internet. Now do you understand what it's like for girls?

Visit various thematic forums more often. There are many sites of interest on which foreigners communicate. Choose what you like best: politics, pets, saving the world from global warming, crochet, etc. By the way, the first option may not lead to a wedding, but almost a virtual fight. Most foreign citizens are very sensitive to the policy of their state, so they are ready to defend their views to the last.

Sign up for any foreign language course. As a rule, they are led by native speakers of the dialect. But choose specifically the group in which the teacher will be a charming lady, and not a gray-haired, wise foreigner. Online learning would be ideal. There will not be a large number of people that interfere with building a relationship with the teacher. But do not rush to show your passion. Try to really get into the learning process. So the girl will not feel discomfort.

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How to behave when meeting a foreigner

Women living under the laws of another state are completely different refer to courtship and flirting by the opposite sex. You may not even understand what exactly hurt the girl and why she abruptly decided to stop your communication. To understand how to marry a foreigner, you need to take into account all sorts of nuances in the process of dating.

If your choice fell on an Englishwoman, then there will be no special problems here. Do not believe the generally accepted opinion that all residents of Foggy Albion have problems with excess weight, are ugly in appearance and do not know how to flirt at all. Among them there are a lot of pretty ladies. By the way, they are not averse to drinking strong alcohol, so it is convenient to get acquainted with them and establish communication in a bar. Do not be self-confident in your own abilities. Almost every Englishwoman can easily outdrink any Russian alcoholic with experience.

The main thing that these girls pay attention to is the good manners of the interlocutor. Be a real gentleman and demonstrate your knowledge of all the rules of a worthy gentleman. English women are very fond of heart to heart chat, so an interesting conversation can be the beginning of something more. Take the lady home or offer her to call a taxi. If the companion does not mind, the car can be paid. This is a good sign that a relationship has begun. In case of refusal, do not insist, otherwise this meeting will be the last.

French women have long been tired of local cutesy gentlemen. Most of these foreign women secretly think about a strong shoulder, a reliable arm and a strong male... character. So with them you will have to demonstrate all your maleness and brutality. But keep in mind that French girls are very cautious in terms of dating. Do not go too far so as not to frighten off a potential bride.

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It's good to start a conversation with them at some street concerts or other public events. If it happens in the cold season, I recommend offering the girl a cup of hot tea or coffee. You can even invite a lady for good champagne, why not.

American girls are extremely independent and enterprising people. It is best to choose the most inviting club or bar and just stand around and sip your drink. These girls easily fit first. But any sign of attention from a guy can be regarded as sexual harassment. They know exactly what they want from life, so if an American has set out to get married, you don’t have to do anything at all. Just don't be late for the registry office.

Among the Germans you can meet charming natural blondes with blue eyes, who are more like Russian young ladies than our girls. They are also very romantic and often hope that sooner or later a horse will neigh under the windows, on which the prince in love will sit. Such ladies practically do not use cosmetics, so you don’t have to worry that a completely different person will be in bed in the morning.

If you have already gone through all the ways to marry a foreigner, but there is no result yet, do not despair. The best way to meet Germans is on the Internet. It will be much easier for you to find the right words there. These girls greatly honor good education and intelligence. If you can captivate such a lady with a non-trivial mindset, you will soon lead her down the aisle.

How to win the heart of a woman from Asian countries? Everything is pretty simple. Show her that she is unique and inimitable. This is what such ladies sometimes lack in their homeland, where a woman is not a full-fledged member of society. And Asian women become very interesting companions and devoted friends. They are accustomed to care for their chosen one and actually idolize in exchange for mutual feelings.

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Most ladies living in Asian countries do not like short-term romances. If you want to marry her, immediately tell about your intentions and do not treat the lady solely as a sexual object.

To connect your fate with a Scandinavian beauty, you need to become the complete opposite of boring and melancholy local men. Show a good sense of humor, shine with positive emotions and charge with solar energy. Do not forget about ardent feminism, which is especially pronounced among the inhabitants of Scandinavia.

It is best to get acquainted with them in the club, and just before closing. These girls drink well, so towards evening they will certainly begin to show signs of attention. It is very important for you to be polite and courteous so as not to fall under the definition of harassment.

What about hot Spanish, Italian and Latin American women? Yes, these ladies are distinguished by passion in bed and loud accompaniment of each intercourse. They prefer lavish weddings with a touch of luxury, so you need to have enough money to get married. These girls know their worth, so they prefer to start relationships only with non-poor men.

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They are easy to meet even on the street. Russian guys are held in high esteem there, as they are known as excellent lovers (don't lose your prestige). Passionate beauties really “love with their ears”, so you need to take care of them romantically and say a lot of compliments. You will be much more likely to make a promising acquaintance for a subsequent marriage if you pay attention to the style of clothing and the presence of perfume.

In fact, any girl can be taken down the aisle if she really likes a man. You should not enter into marriages only for convenience. Not in every state then it will be possible to get a divorce without consequences. My advice to you is just love the lady. Choose exactly a life partner, and not a flatmate for a couple of years.

Another useful tip. Almost all countries can boast of a high standard of living. If even by Russian standards you are not distinguished by a decent income, then it will also be difficult to count on the attention of a foreign beauty. Every girl wants to see in her fiancé a worthy master of the house and a protector. Always show respect and show that you treat your interlocutor as an equal. Good luck in the love field!