How to make the right decision in choosing and quickly

All our life we ​​are faced with the choice of something, and a lot can depend on these decisions. Often we make the wrong decision, or we think and hesitate for so long that we miss all the chances. How to make the right and quick decision in any choice?

Every day you make decisions. Decisions can be small or big, but don't underestimate the former. Sometimes small decisions have far-reaching consequences that affect the whole life. Decisions are often life-changing, life-changing, and therefore should be approached carefully.

What decisions are there

Sometimes you face some kind of choice in your life, and you should choose what to do in the future. The choice is either easy or awful. The choice is forced when you are forced by circumstances or other people, when you yourself, your soul and your heart want otherwise.

What decisions do we make every day? How to eat, what to wear, what to do, how to work, what to study, how to spend your free time, with whom to communicate, with whom to start relationships, where to live and how to live.

You make decisions, but not only a lot, but your whole life depends on them. How to make the right decision in choosing? It is difficult to decide and make a choice right away. For this reason, we are often afraid to make choices and hesitate. We break off decision-making, look for the perfect moment, wait for a sign from above and constantly wait for something. Sometimes we even wait and prepare all our lives.

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But you have to choose anyway. After all, if you do not choose anything, then this is also a choice. Sometimes we hesitate too long when choosing a hare to chase, and as a result, we miss all the hares.

Opportunities, luck, fortune and good chances do not wait, because it is not always possible to jump in the last carriage. For this reason, it is important to be able to make decisions quickly, but at the same time correctly. But how to do it, because often there is not enough time for reflection, or we doubt our choice too much?

Ideal you

How to make the right decision in choosing and quickly? There is such a cool method that allows you to make the right choice in the shortest possible time. Every time you face a difficult choice, think about what the person you want to become would do. How would that ideal you, to which you so aspire and want to imitate, act? What would your character in your novel do?

As soon as you ask yourself this question, other options, weaker, doubtful and rotten, immediately disappear. You immediately understand how to act, and instantly and more clearly. There is no more choice, because there is only the path that is important to you.

The ideal you would never compromise your goal or dream. The perfect you would never allow yourself to be treated disrespectfully and dismissively. The ideal you wouldn't work where he doesn't get paid well or doesn't like it. The ideal you would not be in a toxic relationship and would look for a good one. The ideal you would not react to envious people, critics and spiteful critics, but would rebuff enemies.

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Ideal you are completely different than you are now. The ideal you would not give up, back down, betray, or be lazy. The ideal you would fight for dreams and goals in such a way that pieces of obstacles and enemies would fly. Ideally, you would leave the outback for the capital or another country, find a job there, yourself, love and happiness.

Ideal you would build your life in accordance with desires, and not as it turned out in life. Ideal you would achieve everything you wanted. He would not do 80% of what you are doing now, because he has bigger balls than you have today.

The ideal you is a completely different person, but you need to strive for it precisely by making the right decisions. If every time you face a choice, you will ask this question, then life will radically change for the better.

How to make the right decision in choosing and quickly? What would the ideal you do? [thirty].