How to make sex better? 7 tips for variety in sex

Sex is the foundation of any relationship. How to maintain tension in a relationship, diversify your personal life and get maximum pleasure? In sex, the worst thing is boredom, when enthusiasm, fantasy and vulgarity are welcome.

“Only a complete lack of sex can be considered a sexual deviation, everything else is a matter of taste” Sigmund Freud

A boring sex life, without orgasms and satisfaction, leads to separation. How to make sex better and relationships stronger? Try some of these intimate tips.

How to make sex better?

Change the scene for sex

Do you always have sex in bed at the same time? Bad idea. Try unexpected and unexplored places for love pleasures. Kitchen, bath, car, hotel, rooftop, nature, sauna or public place. The novelty or fear of being caught will increase the arousal. Girls love to be with men who show imagination and surprises.

Try new positions

Are you tired of the missionary position? Make your sex life better by introducing into it a vicious variety and disgrace from the Kama Sutra. Watch sex books or educational films. This will allow you to learn and try something new. Watching porn will help to remove inhibitions, as well as innocently hint at something interesting and vulgar that you have long wanted to try.

Use accessories

Vibrators, rings, strap-ons, clamps and other toys. Take a look at the sex shop together and buy something interesting. Sexy lingerie and various accessories will help you get a varied experience that you can really enjoy. New toys will freshen up your sex and make it unforgettable.

Play games in bed

More sex role play. Play the roles of a teacher and a student, a nurse and a patient, a boss and a subordinate, a criminal and a policeman, a rapist and a victim, a professor and a student. Role-playing games will allow you to feel yourself in a new look and a new role. This will bring intrigue and passion to sex. Here fantasy can last at least 100 years.

Talk during sex

Talking seems strange in sex, but it's only at first glance. Compliments of their appearance, passion and sexuality work great on girls. You can admire beauty or temperament. In sex, it can be interesting to use dirty and vulgar words. Many girls are driven to the point of insanity.

Foreplay in sex

The principle “I came, I saw, I conquered” does not work well in sex. Girls need time to get excited and get into the taste. Spend some time looking for erogenous zones and giving extra pleasure. When a girl is extremely excited, she just has a little to finish. But try to bring the girl to orgasm if she is still cold and dry. Foreplay in sex in 90% of cases is necessary. And do not forget about caressing the clitoris

Share fantasies with each other

The main mistake in sexual life is silence on the topic of sex. Everyone is having sex, but they are embarrassed to talk about it. People hide their fantasies for fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed. Tell each other your needs, desires and fantasies. The love relationship between you will become closer, and sex will improve significantly. You will discover a whole world of sexual possibilities.

Sex is the foundation of any relationship. And how are you with real orgasms in sex?