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How to make people respect you

People will respect, fear and follow you if you become an authority in their eyes. How to get real respect? Gain respect from people and you will conquer the world.

Respect cannot be achieved overnight, and reputation building is a painstaking task. But having a reputation as a respected person is expensive. Earn respect from people. It will make you head and shoulders above the rest. Dear people always have what they want. How to make people respect you?

1. Respect yourself

Alexandre Dumas, in the adventure novel "The Count of Monte Cristo", argued: "Show that you respect yourself, and you will be respected." You can't make others respect you if you don't respect yourself. Do not associate with those who do not give you the proper respect and ignore them.

2. Don't ask for anything

An old prison proverb says: "Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask." The person who asks is perceived as weaker and very difficult to respect.

3. Be unpredictable

Dangerous people are respected. Maintain a reputation for being dangerous with unpredictability. Do not do what is expected of you or what you are pushed to do. An unpredictable person seems dangerous, because his actions cannot be predicted.

4. Don't show dependency

A needy person is by definition weak and looked down upon. Hide dependence on other people, relationships and bad habits. Don't underestimate your self respect.

5. Get strong

It's impossible not to respect Hafthor Bjornsson, who played Gregor Clegane in Game of Thrones. It's impossible not to respect Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor. People respect those who are wider in their shoulders, pumped up or are fond of martial arts. People around subconsciously respect those who can break them without any problems.

6. Keep your word

The ability to keep a given word in this rotten modern world is worth a lot. Keep your word, do not promise in vain and you will be respected.

7. Be special

Learn to do what others can't. Achieve what others can't. People admire those who have achieved a lot.

8. Choose a cool and dangerous hobby

Start doing martial arts, diving, climbing, parkour, shooting. People subconsciously respect people who do something dangerous, life-threatening.

9. Stand your ground

The ability to defend your opinion, interests and point of view is worthy of respect. Do not retreat and do not be afraid of circumstances.

10. Learn to lose

If the loser smiles, the winner loses the taste of victory. Most modern men do not know how to lose. Learn to behave with dignity even in defeat. This should be learned from the fighters in the ring.

11. Put in place

Sometimes impudent people show disrespect to you. Put in place presumptuous insolent words, ridicule and sarcasm, and if it is very necessary, then with your fists.

Do the people around you respect you?