How to make friends at university

The best thing about studying is having friends and girlfriends to have fun with. How to find friends and girlfriends in school? Search for buddies at university, college or school.

Whether you go to a small private school or a huge university on your first day of school, meeting new people can be a real challenge. If you want to make friends with fellow students, you need to remember that they are all just as nervous and scared as you are, so you need to integrate into society as quickly as possible before the class breaks into closed groups. If you want to know how to make college friends fast, check out our tips.

1. Be active

1.1 Sign up for one or two hobby groups. This is the easiest and most effective way to meet new people who have similar hobbies. Don't be afraid to go there on your own. This is the only way to get to know people better, especially if you study at a huge university. Small university colleges do not offer a large selection of circles. They are usually associated with a vocational program. During the first few weeks, each student goes to such classes on his own. If you join the club later, most people will still be happy to see you in class. You can choose a lesson to your liking or sign up at random.

Go to the college website, your classmates' Facebook accounts; look at the flyers handed out on school grounds. The name of the circle and the time of the meeting will be indicated on them. You can start your own circle.

In most colleges, extracurriculars begin in the second or third week of school. You don't have to be too sure to check it out. You can understand what kind of people attend this or that circle, even by talking with its representatives at the information stands.

1.2 Join a local sports team. Playing sports is a great way to make new friends. All team members are united by one goal. If you don't like intercollegiate team competition, you can sign up for a local team. A lot of your time will be spent on training, which will create a team spirit. During the game you will feel like a member of a huge family. If you don't like sports, take up theater or music.

If you gave your all to the tennis team in high school and then joined the hockey team, you won't be able to give your all to the game and team spirit. Although, in this way you can meet beautiful people.

1.3 Find a job. A position as a tour guide or bookstore clerk can help you make connections with colleagues that can lead to new acquaintances and save money. You can also look for work outside of college.

Choose a company that employs many students of your age. If you work at a kindergarten, you won't make as many friends as if you worked at a high school education center.

1.4 Sign up for extracurricular activities. Electives (especially lab-based) are a great way to make friends. If you're interested in music, enroll in a band or choir or music producer course. If you love art, sign up for art history. If you like sports, sign up for bowling or weightlifting. If you are interested in learning about healthcare, enroll in an elective in psychology or biology. Do not overdo it with the load - additional items should be associated with the main one.

You can choose objects of public interest. Classes, in which many aspects are discussed in groups, require communication with strangers. Such subjects are communication theory, sociology, psychology and political science.

1.5 Register on Facebook - now is not the time to be original. If you are not registered on Facebook, your new acquaintances may not remember you and completely stop communicating. You may not receive invitations to social events. In the modern era of the Internet, you need to add some classmates and fellow students on Facebook in order to make friends with them. This must be done immediately after the personal meeting. Join groups that suit your interests so you can make friends with new people.

If you are moderately active on Facebook and have made a few friends, keep up the good work. Do not spend more than 15-30 minutes a day on virtual communication, otherwise you will miss the time that could be spent on communication in the real world.

1.6 Become a volunteer. Volunteering at a local canteen or animal shelter will help you meet new people and make friends. Volunteer work will stand out positively on your resume and your chances of finding a job will increase. Volunteering from Circle K International or another company on campus will increase your chances of making friends.

1.7 Consider joining a student organization or sorority. The so-called "Greek Society" isn't for everyone, but don't give up thinking about it until you try it. On some college campuses, "Greek life" runs the society. If you ignore proactive action, you risk the opportunity to make lifelong friends just because of your skeptical attitude. At other colleges, student organizations include a small number of students. However, student organizations are a great way to make friends.

Participation in student organizations involves communication with people. It's very similar to speed dating. If the atmosphere of the student fraternity is alien to you, no one is forcing you to join it.

Even if you don't get settled in the student organization or sorority of your dreams, you still get a chance to make friends through active communication.

2. Be social

2.1 Attend social events. Nothing brings people together like a great game of football. If football is not one of your hobbies, poetry recitations, concerts, performances, dances, competitions and other events are also held on campus. Ask people around you about holding social events to start a conversation. If football isn't your thing, but you're a student at Ohio State University or Michigan State University, you might want to attend a game or two to understand why everyone is so interested in football. The point is not in the game, but in communicating with people.

Attend a fun or ridiculous event, such as a magic show or a belly dancing contest. Try to step outside your comfort zone and see what kind of people you can meet at such events.

2.2 Talk to people. You can't make friends sitting in a dark corner of the library. Of course, even in a dark corner of the library there may be people, but this is not suitable. Ask your classmates questions about the material covered. Even if you don't have questions, working together in class can break the ice. Topics such as upcoming events and holidays/holidays, sports, food, music, etc. are good conversation starters.

When you speak to a new person, remember his/her name. At the next meeting, address the interlocutor by name, and he will be pleasantly surprised.

Talk about the obvious. As a rule, at the table they talk about food, and while listening to music - about music.

When you meet a stranger, tell him something that will help him remember you next time. For example, you have twin sisters or you keep a snake at home as a pet. Help your interlocutor remember you.

2.3 Do not do homework in the dorm or in your room. Most student residences have a lobby or a special room that can be used. If you need to stay in the hostel, leave the doors open. Turn on the TV or music to attract people. If you are an extrovert, you can get hired outside of school. You will no longer have so much private space, but in return you will receive the support of others.

Try to do your homework on the other side of the campus. There are many public places on campus where you can study and meet friends.

2.4 Go to parties. At first, this idea may seem scary (loud music, drunk high school students, etc.), but in the end, you will make new friends. In college, you need to have fun (but don't forget about getting a diploma) to have some fun! If you do not like noisy parties, you can go to a school disco or dance. You can have a small quiet party if you don't like student get-togethers, like movie nights, bachelorette parties, or sports competitions.

Take care of your safety and walk with the group. In the first few weeks, students move in groups from one room to another. Try to keep up with them - at least you can take at least one friend with you.

Stay on topic. If it's a themed party, dress appropriately. Don't get separated from the team.

2.5 Find out what social events are happening in your city. Most students are constantly on campus and forget about the outside world and those events that take place off campus. If you are in a small school, there is a chance to meet new people both on and off school grounds. Find out the opening hours of the cinema, mall, bowling alley, festivals, fairs, performances and concerts. You can also go shopping. All of these options are great for meeting people of all ages, not just students at your establishment.

2.6 Use previous acquaintances. Perhaps you went to college with a girl you met in math or your cousin's best friend. Treat these people as valuable resources, even if you don't have much in common. It will be easier for you to adapt, and your acquaintances may have friends with whom you have a lot in common. You can also meet up with old school friends, but don't forget to get out of your corner from time to time and meet new people.

You never know when your old friend might become your best friend.

2.7 Let people near you. If you are a sociable person, it is easy to approach you and start a conversation. Try to show friendliness with all your appearance, instead of furiously clicking on your iPhone or rushing into the classroom at such a speed that you cannot be stopped and enjoy the charm of live communication. Be kind, keep doors open for others, help them with their homework. These small acts will help you make lasting connections.

In fact, you just need to smile at strangers so that they come up to you and start a conversation.

3. Successful dating

3.1 Try to make friends before the start of the school year. Some colleges offer additional classes that last until the start of the main classes. It can be a week-long volunteer trip or a camping trip. That's right, you and your future classmates can start a relationship that will last a very long time. Maybe your school has freshman meetings that take place before school starts. Come to these meetings with a big smile on your face. This advice may sound trite (it's like learning as much information as possible before starting school), but you will be rewarded for your efforts when it comes to dating. You may not meet your best friend at these events, but you will meet people with whom you can attend events. You will no longer be afraid to make new acquaintances. The more people you know, the more likely you are to meet someone who really likes you.

3.2 Start talking to people right away. As soon as you enter college, you will notice that all students are friendly; they want to shake your hand, take your phone number and talk heart to heart about your studies and college plans. This is a fact that cannot be disputed, but this mood lasts only a few weeks. If you've been missing home all this time, calling your best friend, or being seen in awkward situations, you've missed your chance to meet strangers at the cafeteria, classroom, or dorm.

If you exceed the waiting limit, people around you will start listening to the player, hanging out with the usual circle of friends and slamming doors on newcomers. This behavior may seem rude, but it's true.

When meeting a new person, don't be afraid to ask for their phone number. It doesn't matter if this person is your potential friend or boyfriend. At the beginning of an acquaintance, such behavior is acceptable to others, and is not considered impartial.

When you meet new people, you can discuss joint plans. Say something like: “Hi, are you going to the party tonight?” or “Do you want to see the choir perform? Interesting social events in most cases bring people together.

3.3 Forget about any relationship at a distance. Without a doubt, only one long-distance relationship out of a thousand has proven its viability. Don't pretend that nothing is happening. You are only 18, or at most 22, and you need to spend time meeting new people, discovering your possibilities and having fun. You can't be on the phone all the time when your boyfriend is planning his fourth visit in a month. Nothing can protect you from potential friends, otherwise loneliness will take over you much faster than you think.

There is no guarantee that you will meet the love of your life in college. Most likely, this will not happen. If you close in on yourself, you stop all searches and stop being a sociable person.

If you are truly attached to close people who live far away, talk to them relatively briefly on the phone and make a few visits in the first months of school (if possible).

3.4 Break away from your neighbors from time to time if you don't get along with them. Without a doubt, your neighbor seems to you an adequate and pleasant person. Does this mean you have to live with him for the next four years? Probably not. Your roommate is a great person to hang out with in the first weeks of school and is a great way to meet new people. But if you don't feel like you're friends in spirit, stop using your neighbor as support.

It is not necessary to completely and completely refuse to communicate with your roommate. Be prepared to leave him at home and mind your own business instead of following him around.

Sometimes it's even better if you and your roommate have normal friendships, but you're not close friends. This approach will save you from embarrassing situations in the future when you begin to discuss the possibility of living together.

3.5 Find a friend who is naturally more outgoing than you. Your college has a myriad of people. Some of them are very shy, and the rest will be even more shy (like Justin Bieber!). You need to pay attention to everyone, but at the same time choose one or more people who are really sociable, enthusiastic to meet new people and always open to exciting ideas.

Having a sociable friend will increase your chances of meeting many new people along the way and finding those who will mean a lot to you.

3.6 Do not humiliate yourself. College is a time of mistakes and bad decisions that you will regret. You can't be a laughing stock for everyone. Have fun, fool around, dance wildly with friends at the disco, but don't turn into a girl who is sick after a party or who has fun with three guys at the same time on the first night. Unfortunately, you will be remembered for your mistakes, but not for your advantages.

Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. But at the same time, you need to try to avoid unpleasant conversations about yourself.

After watching a lot of movies, you might think that making love in a hostel is a very glamorous activity. In fact, it can ruin your college performance. Don't forget about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancy and fatal outcome. If you are mentally prepared for this, do not forget to protect yourself. However, you do so at your own risk.

3.7 Don't give up if you fail. The first course is full of changes, so many give up their intentions and give up. Most freshmen at heart still have not left their nest and have not survived the separation from close friends, brothers and sisters and parents. A change of scenery can pose certain difficulties for you. As a rule, this happens to those students who live far from home. Don't let this happen to you. It may take a whole year before you start to really connect with people. Some students who do not participate in sports, music and theater activities and do not participate in a vocational program cannot make friends until the second or even third year of study!

One thing to understand is that once you have a goal (technical program or profession), you will meet some people who have the same schedule.

Attending the same classes makes it much easier to find friends. If you are studying general education subjects, try to delve into the main subject as well. You will be able to meet people with whom you will have common interests and goals.

Tips for making friends

Don't judge people.

Be yourself. All students cook in the same pot, so there is no need to break a comedy. You will be considered a liar, and no one likes this kind of people. Look at the types of "rogues" and "villagers" on TV.

Don't be a jerk. Nobody likes weak people. Try to compliment people. Say: "Beautiful skirt!" or "I like your dorm room." Don't say "I don't like the color of your skirt" or "You look terrible." Remember that if you are bullying, no one will like you!

If you live near your hometown, you can keep in touch with old friends. You can also use Myspace, Twitter and Facebook to communicate with them.

If you live in a hostel, leave the doors of your room open as often as possible. Try to spend as much time as possible in social meeting rooms and on campus.

If you are in a two-year community college, try to act like an adult to make friends with people.

Don't play dumb to get attention. This behavior will damage your reputation.

Do not engage in hazing. If you are drawn into illegal activities, can you consider the instigator as your friend? This often happens during the first year of study. Get ready for "freshman initiation".

Be careful when leaving room doors open. Theft is often recorded in the college, so if you decide to leave the doors open for friends, do not forget to hide all valuables in the safe.

Don't pester your friends with your requests. Nobody likes parasites!

Avoid drug trafficking, gangs, gambling, criminal activities, foolish pranks, and unprotected sex. These things will change your future in the blink of an eye.