How to Make Friends: A Guide to Social Networking

The modern world has changed a lot compared to the last century. High technology, a catastrophic lack of time and social exclusion burst into our lives due to the increase in fraud cases. Yes, not too good people will not miss the opportunity to play on trust and good feelings for selfish purposes. But that doesn't mean you can't get close to anyone. Every person needs at least one reliable and understanding friend.

However, in modern realities, this seemingly simple task baffles even adults. Where and how to make friends without running into a wall of misunderstanding? If you, as an inveterate introvert, are concerned about this issue, I will give some really working tips that will help even the busiest person get rid of loneliness and social isolation.

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We meet by interests on the Internet

Social networks are both a salvation and a real scourge of our time. People stopped communicating live, disappearing into the abyss of sites. And all because talking and dating online is much safer and easier. There are no awkward pauses, intersections of glances, facial expressions and non-verbal gestures. On the Internet, you can be anyone without fear of judgment and misunderstanding. However, virtual communication can be quite easily translated into everyday life.

Now I will tell you how to quickly and easily get to know an interesting interlocutor and even a company using social networks. Almost everywhere, a personal profile contains an “interests” column or something similar. The Vkontakte resource allows its users to find people with the same information specified in this paragraph. Just click on it, and then the twins will drop out in a list. Set up a filter for your city. Here is a list of potential friends who listen to similar music, watch the same movies and are fans of your favorite actors.

Before starting a conversation, check their page. Sometimes a virtual account will give more information about a person than he himself directly in a live conversation. Do you see that the user often visits a particular cafe or other leisure place? This can be applied when choosing the location of the first meeting.

Another way to make friends online is to start chatting with people who are in the same groups as yourself. Start discussing an interesting and burning topic for everyone, and then offer to continue in private messages. Here is the real acquaintance by correspondence. If you live in the same city, then redeploying a virtual dialogue into real life is as easy as shelling pears.

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A few basic rules to help you understand how to make a friend through a social network:

  • Take your time to find out personal details and "digging" in a person. Now all people are extremely suspicious, and Internet scammers are on the alert. Will you be pleased if an unfamiliar person starts right off the bat to find out where you live, work and what you do in your free time? So the interlocutor, most likely, immediately alerted.
  • Do not forget about your own safety. It is worth reporting a mobile phone number only if you have been communicating with a person for more than a day. Do not click on unfamiliar third-party links if you do not want to lose money or acquire a computer parasite. Do not tell the exact address of residence and the time of your absence from home.
  • Always be prepared for the fact that the interlocutor is not what it seems at first glance. Behind a female account with a cute photo with kittens, there may well be a fat, sweaty man doing indecency right during a dialogue with you. Sounds gross? What to do, it's the Internet.
  • Do not take it personally if the person does not answer for a long time or does not go online. We are all working people and students, so everyone's free time must be respected. It is clearly not worth it to be offended by employment.
  • Do not be afraid to take the initiative in communication and meetings. Today, many are embarrassed to write first or offer to meet to chat live. As a result, everyone sits at home with their principles and is sad that no one needs them.
  • Do not impose personal views on life, leisure and interests. In order not to fall into conflict and instead of a friend not to acquire an enemy, try to communicate precisely by coincidences in interests. Entering a group with pop music fans in order to instill “good taste” in the inhabitants there is not the best way to make promising acquaintances.
  • Try to write correctly. Even if at school your grade in Russian did not exceed a stretched three, you should respect the interlocutor. The exception is such "literates" as yourself. Otherwise, your communication with the person-grammar-Nazi will itself come to naught.

Social networking is one of the most popular ways to make friends. If you are still watching funny videos and memes alone, not being able to share them with someone, feel free to start surfing the Internet in search of an interlocutor of interest.

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A highly cultural environment for dating

Exhibitions and museums have not lost their relevance among the most diverse social groups. When the city attends a temporary event dedicated to paintings, photography, or any other kind of visual art, you get a great chance to meet interesting new people.

Keep your own interests in mind. No matter how fashionable an event is, it should, first of all, be to your liking. Otherwise, instead of a pleasant and useful pastime, you will simply lose the evening without really talking to anyone. And in general, how to surprise friends if the reproductions of Van Gogh's paintings in the interpretation of the modern avant-garde artist, who paints with his own genitals, catch up with only yawns?

Getting acquainted at the exhibition is quite simple. You can unobtrusively squeeze into the conversation by correcting some inaccuracy or telling an unexpected fact about the author. True, here it is necessary to really have the necessary knowledge and show interest in art in life. Otherwise, you simply will not fit into the social circle.


Do not impose your presence on the big companies. Try to pay attention, first of all, to small groups of people, and better, to single visitors. In this case, the chance to start an interesting dialogue and make friends greatly increases.

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Additional courses or studies

As cliche as it sounds, but knowledge really unites. Firstly, people with the same desire have definitely gathered here - to comprehend something new. Secondly, in the learning process, you can consider each person in more detail, learn his habits and even a few character traits.

If we talk about an institute or advanced training courses, then in this case you can make friends simply by asking for help from your neighbor. Another option is to offer to train someone else. We assume that you combine business with pleasure.

You can also meet someone at dinner. According to many psychologists, while eating a person becomes more relaxed. And the local menu can be a good topic for the first dialogue. But here it is worth remembering that some individuals prefer to dine strictly alone, so do not be offended by the refusal to chat. The same person may well then come up first and start a conversation on their own initiative.

If we are talking about some creative circles, associations or courses that are not related to banal studies, then in this case it will be even easier to make a friend. As a rule, in such classes, people are not so strict about time, less tense and withdrawn. And yet, all creative people are somewhat similar. So don't be shy about being weird, you're an artist and you see it that way.

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How to make friends while traveling

Vacation is a real storehouse for new acquaintances. Even if you are going on a trip in splendid isolation, this does not mean that you will have to be left without company. Now I will tell you a couple of tricks that will help you make new friends for a long time.

Now there are a lot of sites and groups in social networks where people are looking for travel companions. Moreover, you can not only agree on everything in advance and go together, but even find a company already at the place of rest. You just indicate the chosen direction, wishes for a potential new friend, a few words about yourself and the budget of the trip. Interested people will write to you.

If this way of dating seems somehow unrealistic, believe me, not everyone travels exclusively with a husband, girlfriend, mother, second cousin and a dog. The modern world is most often a cluster of loners who do not know how to approach another person and establish communication. And a joint trip is a great way to save money, since a ticket for several vacationers is much more profitable for everyone than for one.

To find a fellow traveler, it is not at all necessary to have a huge budget and plan a vacation in hot tropical countries. Even a banal trip by car to another city can turn into a real adventure. The main thing is a clear understanding of who exactly you would like to find in this way and a detailed statement of your needs in the ad.

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Be sure to include your vacation budget split right away. Among potential fellow travelers, a couple of cunning girls will certainly appear (men rarely indulge in such things), who want to ride at someone else's expense. If you do not see yourself as a sponsor, be sure to note this fact in the ad. And be careful with candidates.

In order not to stumble upon a scammer instead of a friend, in no case transfer money to an unfamiliar friend. Arrange to meet and pay for the ticket together. If you are from different cities, it is better to see each other in advance, discuss everything and set the budget. Or you just pay for everything at your own place. After all, the main thing is the rest itself.

To avoid disappointment when traveling with a new friend, discuss the following aspects with him in advance:

  • whether you both smoke and how you feel about it in general (sometimes cigarette smoke becomes literally a stone stumbling blocks);
  • plans for alcohol (going somewhere with a convinced teetotaler in the absence of such views is a dubious pleasure);
  • party wishes (some people travel just for a change of scenery, sleep and good food);
  • the budget and who pays for what (so that it doesn’t turn out that your friend will be chic in the best restaurants, and you will live from doshik to poppy);
  • relationships on the trip (if you are planning a trip with a girl, both of you should think in advance whether this vacation promises romance and sex on the beach under the moon).

Quite often, fellow travelers turn into reliable comrades, with whom you then not only ride around the world, but also chat and have a good time. I personally know several examples when, having met once, people can no longer refuse to communicate with each other.

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In sports

A passion for healthy lifestyle and fitness together can give you a whole company of reliable comrades. If you're in the gym, take a look at your surroundings. Surely there are interesting personalities with whom you can work out together, discuss the intricacies of a sports diet (“Wow, how did you dry out so cool?”) Or secure on the bench press.

Together is always more fun and interesting. If you have been thinking about purchasing a subscription to a fitness club for a long time, but you are afraid that you will quickly abandon this business due to lack of proper motivation, the time has come to finally decide. New friends in sports will help you not to deviate from the intended goal and will be a great example.

You can't afford a permanent subscription? Start jogging in the fresh air and at least pull yourself up on the horizontal bar. By the way, now in most city parks they have installed real strength training equipment, which are available to everyone who wants to pump up a little and get in shape after eating in quarantine. There you will surely meet like-minded people and learn how to make friends at no cost at all.

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Companions in the online game

If any sport is as far from you as a healthy lifestyle, and the best entertainment is virtual rpg and shooting games, catch a useful life hack for friendship. All games that bring participants together in real time, as a rule, have an active chat for communication and correspondence. It is there that many users make new friends. It can be members of the same team or just people who accidentally collided in the virtual world.

I have a girl at work who met her future husband in just such a simple way. What was originally a simple friendly communication of interests has grown into real family relationships. And before the guys even lived in completely different cities. Then they just wanted to see each other, as it was very interesting for both of them to communicate. As a result, the girl is now on maternity leave, and they are a happy young family united by an ordinary online game. This is how it happens. But they just came in to hang out.

By the way, many clans and teams like to gather in reality. So you have a chance to become part of a cool and friendly company. Who said gamers have to be avid sociopaths? They are quite sociable guys, just with a certain range of interests. So stop aimlessly sitting at the monitor all day long.

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Where you should not try to look for friends

There are ways that cannot be called successful for those who want to find a friend. Of course, there is an exception to any rule, but most often it only confirms the harsh reality. So, where you should not look for friends:

  • Dating site. Believe me, people who created a profile on such a resource clearly do not suffer from a lack of platonic chatter. Basically, these are men and women looking for their love for life (or a night, as it goes). It's just that no one wants to be friends there. And such sites are the abode of paid ladies who provide intimate services for money. By the way, many of them are also scammers, so look for friends elsewhere, okay?
  • Sites of free ads such as Avito or Yula. I am writing this from personal experience. I often buy or sell something on such resources and regularly encounter incomprehensible personalities who want to get to know each other or just chat. Seriously?! Dude, I'm selling an old chair and I'm obviously not looking for a friend here.
  • In the library. Fifty years ago, this might have worked. Now they go to real libraries only to get some rare book for a university or to study exclusive printed materials that cannot be found on the Internet. Please don't disturb the hard workers here, okay? Because... Silence should be in the library!!!
  • In a nightclub. In principle, you may well be lucky and instead of half-drunk girls hanging around your neck, this place will give you a real company of friends, with whom you can then hang out somewhere else, and just chat heart to heart. But most often in clubs people find fast sex, soft drugs, hangovers and problems. Agree that friendship in this list somehow does not smell very much?
  • At work. You can maintain quite a warm relationship with your colleagues and even go for a drink together on Friday after the end of a hard day at work. But it's definitely not worth making friends here. You will either miss the opportunity to climb the career ladder, or you will lose a comrade. And in general, what should you do at work? That's right - to work for the benefit of the company and your wallet, and not sharpen your folly.
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Basically, just be yourself. People appreciate openness and will definitely respond in kind. Do you like surrealism in painting, pulp fiction about maniacs and funny videos with kittens? Believe me, there will definitely be someone with whom your interests will completely coincide. This is what friendship is built on - on cockroaches of the same breed, dancing in the head. So good luck and don't be afraid to expand your social circle.