How to make dikpik? How to take a photo of a member?

Have you already sent girls a photo of your penis? What a boring life you are! Girls love to tease men with their hot photos, to which men love to respond with dikpeak. Let it be your unique style or one of the pickup methods. If you have already decided to "please" your girlfriend or stranger with a photo of your boyfriend, then do it right. How to make a beautiful dikpick and send it in a personal message to a pretty girl?

Dickpic in English means a photograph of the penis (dick pic). This is usually part of sexting, when couples in love or married exchange intimate messages. But girls do not always expect such attention and bold courage from men.

Why do men send a photo of the penis? This is the boy's first toy, which he certainly wants to share with his girlfriend. Often this is a form of a bold pickup truck, a drunken prank, an attempt to impress a girl, or a gesture of desperation.

In Euphoria, the girls determined how men should take beautiful pictures of their penis. Girls divided penis photos into two types: requested and unsolicited. But the former are only 1%, and the latter 99%. In turn, dikpicks are divided into three categories: creepy, terrible and acceptable. The first two categories differ in that there is no hygiene at all in the first.

What does an exquisite, sought-after and acceptable cock picture consist of? According to the girls from the series "Euphoria", they evaluate dikpik as follows. The penis should be a pleasant size for the eyes, if there is something to compare with in the photo. Good lighting. Tidy house and clean room. Everything is neat there. This is the perfect dick!

Should I send the girl a dikpick or not? That's the question!

Psychologists say that men are more excited by visual stimuli, and women by emotional ones. But this does not mean at all that the girl may not like the photo of your boyfriend. Girls may like photos of a man's penis not only for emotions, but also for physiological reasons. Women love good sex too, and it's all part of intimate play and sexting.

Many girls like photos of the male penis, but if she expects to see it in the message. Often couples exchange photos of frivolous content, using them as part of foreplay and communication.

Dikpik can help to feel the sexual intimacy of partners. Dickpick can help keep the sexual heat going between couples who can't be together at the moment or are far apart. The girl sends her erotic photos in seductive poses, in underwear, nude or naked. Men respond with photos of their penis.

What do the statistics say about penis photos? About 50% of women have received a photo of a man's penis at least once in their lives. Among them, almost 90% without warning and at the initiative of a man. 25% of men sent a photo of their boyfriend to a girl, while the woman herself initiated the request in 30% of cases.

How to take a beautiful photo of a penis?

Let's leave out the reasons why you decided to send a picture of your penis to a girl. But if you do something, then you have to do it well or excellently. Here the question is rather not how to send a photo, but how to take a beautiful photo of a member so that the girl likes it. Everyone can make a simple photo of a phallus, but your invisible hero is no longer sent in an unattractive form.

Here are the recommendations for the perfect dikpick, which consist of 21 tips, but all numerical matches are random.

1. The most important thing about dikpika is not to do it to your face. You never know where these photos will end up and who the girl will show them to. It can be all her girlfriends and friends, and sometimes the entire Internet. Therefore, it is best to take photos without a face and without obvious indicating signs (moles, scars).

2. The best time to send a photo of the penis is before bedtime, when the girl goes to bed and is almost naked. But sometimes a photo of a morning boner is a good option.

3. The last thing a girl likes is a photograph of a flaccid penis, and not in an aroused state. Send a photo in combat mode so that the girl appreciates your penis and firmness of intentions.

4. The penis should be clean and tidy so as not to cause a repulsive effect on the girl. Hands with nails should also be clean, like the body.

5. Choose suitable lighting, but not harsh flash or blue fluorescent lighting. Avoid excessive yellow or blue colors that make the texture of the skin unhealthy. The beauty of the dikpik depends on the lighting.

6. Some girls like photos of men's penis a little sideways and at an angle, so that the curve is better seen and a little bit in 3D.

7. The photo should show the male body, and not just the penis close-up in full screen. It can be hips, abs and a little of the body of a man. All this turns women on usually more than a photo of one penis. He's not as handsome as you think.

8. A photo of a penis looks best on a clean background with no junk in the background. Scattered things, rubbish and clutter will not impress anyone. You can focus on the penis so that the rest is a little blurry.

9. A photograph of the penis in a foggy mirror, where only show jumping is visible and outlines are guessed, will be very good. It looks hot when a man is wet and with a hazy hint of a penis. It's almost a win-win.

10. It's best never to take a photo of a penis in a toilet or in front of a toilet bowl, but it will look great in the bathroom or in the shower.

11. Many girls like it when a guy squeezes his boyfriend tightly, which looks cheeky and cheeky. Girls imagine that a man has fun thinking about them, and this turns women on.

12. A man's beautiful press decorates the dikpik, if there is one. In this case, the girl will most likely like the photo. In any case, pull in and tighten your stomach.

13. Pants or underwear can be removed, but often good photos are taken with the clothes loose. It's hot and sexy.

14. It is not necessary to completely get rid of hair in the groin area, but girls love a well-groomed area. Clean it up before you take a photo of the penis.

15. Notice the legs that are in the frame. Ridiculous holey socks, dirty nails or other interfering factors. Girls will definitely notice this, which will spoil even the most excellent photo of the penis.


16. It is better not to take a photo of a penis against the background of the TV, but to show more imagination. Girls prefer high-quality, but direct photos.

17. Take a sexy position, not a funny or ridiculous one. Girls rate dikpik by overall impression.

18. Try to be obvious in choosing a place for a dikpik. Your bedroom or bathroom will be the right choice, but it's not always appropriate outdoors. Although some chicks love risky guys. Taking pictures in bed, make it up and clean it up.

19. Dick-peak can be done in underwear or light pants. Girls love to guess the male boner through clothes. A photo of a standing penis that sticks out defiantly underwear almost always looks sexy.

20. You're not photographed for a passport, so let it be a high-quality sexting. The feeling of lightness, humor, flirting and eroticism of the penis photo is welcome.

21. If you send a dick to a girl in a personal, then think about why you are doing it. But if your heart has been sad for a long time or this is your inimitable tackle style, then act. Although this is not the best option for conquering a woman's heart.

How to take a photo of a penis so that a girl likes it? Try to get creative with this instead of sending a random dick shot. Try to send dikpicks to girls who expect you to see him. Although the effect will not be the same as from spontaneous. Have you ever sent girls a photo of your penis? What a boring life you are!

How do girls react to dikpick?

Everything will depend on what kind of relationship you are in, as well as on the degree of excitement of the girl. Some will take this as acceptable dirty flirting, while others will take it negatively.

  • Sometimes girls evaluate on a 10-point system, expressing their opinion about the beauty or ugliness of an organ.
  • Some girls send back the first organ they find on the Internet.
  • Someone says it's cute or interesting by engaging in this dirty flirting.
  • Other girls ask if your parents know that you send photos of your pip.
  • Someone teases a man, stating that it is probably for children.
  • Sometimes girls paint a muzzle on it and send it back.
  • Sometimes girls say that this is a strange act and looks strange.
  • The most playful girls send back photos of breasts or other nude photos.
  • Girls looking for sex ask how it is in business, hinting at sex, but this happens less often.

A song about dikpik from the rock band Kis-Kis called "Lichka", as well as women's thoughts about the reasons for such an act. Why do we send dick to girls in PM and what is the hidden meaning? We wholeheartedly share and brag about our favorite toy with a girl that we really liked.