How to make a member more and thicker. Girls love exactly such

Girls will remember you with an embarrassed smile and spread their arms wide, demonstrating your virtues. Working ways to make a penis big and fat. Girls love you know what.

Most men worry about the size of their penis. Member is a source of pride, anxiety or fear. Is it big enough? Does a girl like your size? How much less or more than other men? What do girls think about your penis when they are in bed? What do girls tell their girlfriends about your penis?

Penis enlargement. Unsuccessful Enlargement Methods

The average vaginal depth of women is about 10 cm, which is less than the average penis size. But men still worry about the size of their boyfriend. Many men rush to try different risky things that the Internet offers them.

Pills, supplements, creams, and testosterone injections can temporarily increase penis size, but the risks are not worth it. Pumps and penis extenders are also a ridiculous idea. Many men spend their money on questionable penis enlargement methods and then become frustrated or have erection problems.

Let's choose the methods that really work. There are quite effective ways to increase the penis in length and thickness. There are excellent methods for at home and surgical methods that should be done last.

How to make a penis big and fat?

Do Kegel exercises for 100% penis volume

Kegel exercises help all men. The penis will be filled with blood by 100%, which will allow you to have an iron erection, and the size of the penis will become larger in volume. Kegel exercises are workouts. Tighten your cock as if you are trying to hold back urination. Hold the penis tension for 5-20 seconds and do 10-30 sets. Kegel exercises should be performed 3 times a day. This can be done at any place and time. Train when you go by transport somewhere. No one will notice that you are rocking your erection.

Go in for sports to get inches of fat out of the penis

This penis enlargement method is suitable for overweight men and those who have a beer or small belly. Losing weight helps not only to lose weight, but also eliminates belly fat. By losing weight, you can increase the size of the penis up to 2 cm.

Jelqing for penis enlargement

Girls like not so much long as thick penises. The jelqing technique can increase the size of the penis and its thickness by about 20-30%. How is the penis enlargement jelqing exercise done? Workouts take place at home, free of charge and running registration.

  • Take a warm shower.
  • Achieve 50% erection.
  • Wrap your penis in a warm towel or washcloth for 5-10 minutes.
  • Apply sex lube to your penis and make sure you get 50% erection.
  • Make an OK finger sign as the thumb and forefinger interlock.
  • With one hand, hold the penis at the base of the penis.
  • With the other hand, start from the base of the penis to move your hand to the head, as if stretching or milking it.
  • The entire jelq movement should be slow and take at least 2-3 seconds.
  • After that, with the hand at the base of the penis, begin to move towards the glans, and with your free hand grasp at the base.
  • Alternately changing hands, stretch the penis from the base to the head 50-100 times.
  • Pay attention to the fact that the erection should not be 100%, but only 50%.
  • After jelqing, wash the penis with warm water.
  • ​​
  • Wrap your penis in a warm towel or washcloth for 5-10 minutes.
  • Do the exercise 2-3 times a week or every time after a shower.
  • Train and jelq for 3-9 months. This will add the desired volume to the penis. Checked.

Penis Extender

This device is designed for penis enlargement at home. How does a penis extender called an extender work? Remember how in Africa they stretch their necks, earlobes or lips. The action of the extender is based on the activation of cell growth in tissues.

The device has two attachment points between which the penis is stretched. This effect increases the size of the penis in length and thickness. You need to wear the extender at home for 3-9 months. This will increase the length of the penis by 20-30%, and the thickness by 15-20%. Another extender corrects the curvature of the penis, which many men suffer from. This will add centimeters of pleasure for the girls.

Penis lengthening surgery

Penis lengthening surgeries are being performed now. The operation is called a ligamentotomy. It lies in the fact that they cross the supporting ligament of the penis. The operation is performed with a penis size of less than 9 cm. After the operation, the penis is stretched by 3-5 cm with an extender. The operation takes 15 minutes, and the rehabilitation lasts for several days.

Penis enlargement surgery

Women often like thicker rather than longer penises. For this, the operation of lipofilling of the penis is performed. The volume of the penis is increased by transplanting one's own fat cells along the shaft of the penis. Lipofilling lasts almost a lifetime, and the thickness of the penis is preserved. The operation takes one day, and the recovery is about a month.

How to make a penis bigger and thicker? Use penis enlargement methods at home, and if it doesn’t help, then only try surgery.

Girls love big and fat…