How to make a man's voice rough and hoarse?

There is nothing more unpleasant and repulsive than the high, piercing or squeaky voice of a man. Think of famous singers or actors who have a hoarse voice. A real man began to have a male voice with notes of brutality, rudeness and hoarseness. Others will be taken more seriously, and girls will melt at the first sound of your voice. How to set yourself a real beautiful male voice after a week of training?

We rarely love our voice on audio recordings, and often we don't even recognize it. He seems funny and ridiculous. But it's even worse when a guy or an adult man has a half-childish voice. It is difficult to imagine a representative, brutal, strong, successful, attractive, hot, brave and courageous man with a thin voice. The voice is like appearance and is the hallmark of every person.

A sonorous, shrill, gentle, childish or squeaky voice always distorts the impression of what was said. As a result, the bearer of such a voice faces certain difficulties when he is not always taken seriously. What to do and how to fix it? Train your voice, making it more masculine and exciting. The voice can be developed, deepened and made more beautiful for hearing.

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Real low and brutal male voice

Remember the voice of the singer Vladimir Vysotsky or the announcer Yuri Levitan. In real life, nature does not give such a cool voice to all men, but this is fixable. You should make the voice lower, velvety and brutal. When the voice changes and becomes more hoarse, people's attitude towards you will change. All girls and women will be yours, and others will listen more carefully to your words. Do you want to change your voice once and for all? You have come to the right address.

What will give a lower and velvety voice? The following positive qualities are attributed to the holders of such a voice:

  • confidence;
  • masculinity;
  • leadership;
  • self-sufficiency;
  • hardness;
  • attractiveness;
  • brutality;
  • composure.
  • ​​

So many positive qualities just by changing the voice? Absolutely right. People are always guided and subconsciously note the voice of the interlocutor. Some people have a very beautiful and deep voice, which makes a person more interesting. Women love men with deep and promising voices.

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Dubious ways to change voice

There are many ways to make the voice rougher. These include surgery that can resolve issues with the vocal cords. But are you ready to go under the surgeon's knife in order to change your voice? This is a waste of money, and surgery is not always a good solution.

You can take male hormones, but they are not always predictable. Smoking and alcohol also make the voice rougher, but what about the fact that this spoils health and appearance? Regular visits to your favorite sports team and team chants work. You can go to rock concerts more often and sing along to the maximum. But often you will not be able to walk as often as required for regular training.

All these methods are doubtful, but there are real working methods where one does not need to be subjected to such hardships. You can make your voice lower at home, for free and most importantly forever. To give the voice notes of velvety, brutality and hardness, you need to train. How to work on the voice to make it masculine, rough, velvety and brutal?

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How can a man make his voice coarser and deeper?

Training for a silkier, rougher and deeper voice will be every day, but it will bear fruit very soon. This will break through the resonator and allow you to speak more deeply. It is required to train every day for 5-15 minutes. Gradually, the voice will begin to transform, and you will feel the change in a week. Record each workout on the voice recorder on your phone to analyze voice changes. This will allow you to hear your voice from the side and adjust it in the right direction. How can a man make his voice rough and hoarse? Instructions for changing the voice.

1. Learn to breathe correctly with your stomach

Professional voice actors recommend that everyone breathe not with their chest, but with their stomach. Breathing is the basis of all our speech. If we breathe through the chest, then this pinches the pectoral ligaments and makes them more sonorous. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Now breathe in and out. The stomach should move, not the chest itself. Now speak as you breathe out with your belly. You will notice how the voice becomes deeper and more beautiful. If you speak only with your head and breathe through your chest, then your voice will be high.

2. Sing a falling vowel

Take any vowel from the alphabet. If you have already forgotten what it is from the school curriculum, then these are letters: a, o, i, e, e, e, s, u, u, i. But you can use the letter "m". Sing the letters at a moderate volume, but gradually lower the pitch lower and lower. Get to the lowest note you can, and then go up.

Gradually you will expand the dynamic range of your voice into the lower octaves. Your voice will change from tenor (highest) to baritone and bass (lowest). Lower yourself to the highest possible note each time. With practice, the voice will sound lower and deeper. So you will feel that you can speak not only in high tones, but also in lower ones, which are becoming more accessible with every day of training.

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be very quiet. Pronounce the sound "m" with a gradual increase in sound. At the end, open your mouth, as if opening, and make the sound as loud as possible. So the voice will not only go down and coarsen, but also become louder. A quiet voice in a man is undignified and not very attractive.

4. Whispering

Whispering quite heavily loads the ligaments, and therefore coarsens it. Read any text or book in a whisper. As a result, you will begin to have notes of hoarseness in your voice, which will make it more beautiful. This whisper will come in handy when you whisper gentle compliments or words of seduction into the ear of a beautiful girl.

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5. Let go and raise your chin

With the head down, the voice is lower, and with the head up, the voice is higher. Put your head on your chin and make a sound: “iiiiii”. During this process, slowly lower and raise your head to tighten the ligaments, exercising them. When you raise your head, the sound becomes louder. Try to keep your voice low regardless of where your chin is. You won't be able to equalize your voice completely, but offer some resistance while keeping your voice low.

6. Read books in a rough voice

Start reading a book out loud in your normal voice. Then reread the same paragraph in a lower voice. Gradually lower the key down until it becomes quite difficult to read. This exercise will train the ligaments, making them more powerful, rough and strong. In addition, reading books is useful.

7. Roar like a tiger

Make a “rrrrrr” sound like a tiger. First, growl in a normal voice, and then lower it. Such a growl will coarsen the voice and make it more masculine and powerful. Feel like a beast and a male. Growling will help instill some confidence in yourself, in addition to training your voice.

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8. Speak in a heroic voice

Remember how heroes say in films: “eeeeeeh”. Emphasize at the end of the word, as if exhaling with force.

9. Sing rude songs

Choose from your repertoire of favorite songs those where the vocalist has a deep and velvety voice. Now sing all of his songs using karaoke sites to help you. By adopting the way and manner of performance, you will train your voice for lower tones. Gradually, the voice will be lower, deeper, velvety and pleasant. You can take the guitar and songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. This will come in handy for those moments when you sing songs on the guitar at parties or on hikes. Your deep voice will move the hearts of listeners, friends and beautiful women.

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10. Speak slower

The faster you speak, the higher the voice register. Reduce your speech speed and speak more slowly. This will allow you to have a lower and more beautiful voice. Never rush when saying something. Otherwise, the voice will go up, and you don't need it. Speak slowly, calmly and thoroughly. It is not required for a man to speak like a hurry, swallowing words and hurrying. Learn to speak lower and more slowly.

A man's voice is a man's weapon. With it, you can intimidate malicious enemies, inspire confidence in real friends and seduce beautiful women. How can a man make his voice rough and hoarse? Train for 5-15 minutes just once a day, and after a week you will notice the first changes.

We never think about how the voice affects our lives. Get yourself a real masculine, brutal, rough, velvety, hoarse, confident and exciting voice. It's worth it. People will see you as a strong person, friends as a great friend, and women as an attractive man. How does your voice sound on the recorder? Are you sure you don't want to change your voice to a deeper, velvety, brutal and courageous one?